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    Dog Lick


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    dog lick hairy girl

    Uploaded by tomten · Rating: 4.3 (254 votes) · 86883 views


    सो नाईस...

    thenawnitkumar, posted

    Im up for anything girls! Skype me - jackjones807 I can also promise you im different hehe xx

    jackjoneshere, posted

    I'm searching for some girl that want to share her passion with mine.. 24, italian

    fritzfratz20, posted

    The noises are so fucking hot... hearing all of her juices being sucked up by that dog.. I am so fucking horny... where's my dog, I need this NOW

    jamicatkite, posted

    OH YEAH!! ^_^

    kitten2, posted

    I'd love to be the one being devoured by that dog ... so hot

    gloree, posted

    @Gamestar01 I must admit I don't like hair on girl's either. But this video is so fucking sexy I just don't give a damn about the hair. By the way I used bing translation for your comment.

    beebee12345678, posted

    my panties r already wet..planning 2 masterbate now

    cresida, posted

    Gets me wet every time, Hearing her moan and the dog drink all her juices,gets me horny! The fact that you can see the dog enjoy licking that tasty pussy is amazing! Gawd!! i wan't this dog between my legs, NOW!

    Starsdelightx, posted

    I can believe I am looking at this, but its so interesting

    sasha166, posted

    My dogf'll do the samet hing to any ladies in pittsburgh :P

    dman0649, posted

    very hot

    isaiahr, posted

    Widerlich ... der arme Hund! Der würgt abends bestimmt immer Haarknäuel hoch!

    gamestar01, posted

    Mmmm!! Looking for someone with a well trained pup..!!

    drtygrl82, posted

    I want a turn with this dog

    superdog417, posted


    Granger342, posted


    xell35, posted

    I'd love to have been there..I would have wanked and got the dog to lick up my cum.

    beastieboy99, posted

    how lucky this puppy...

    klukshan, posted

    nice dog

    jackthelad67, posted

    MY pussy got real wet.... wish i was her

    COTTONLUV, posted

    Hot as. The noise turns me on so mcuh

    amitee, posted

    yeah..dis video has made me supper wet..total horny

    cresida, posted

    Wow does thar video make me sooooo wet!!! Mmmm her moaning and oh! The sound of the dog licking her juices yum! Oh baby! I'm so horny!

    salt6969, posted

    such a good video

    kabbages, posted

    wish i was her

    twiztid333, posted

    shewas getting so horny leting that dog lap her!!

    boybig123, posted

    wow that was hot... wish i was her and the dog... gettin to lick that pussy....

    jesse2010, posted

    this was so hot,you could hear the dog licking the juices out of her cunt.

    firstpage, posted

    oh what a beautiful pussy in heat...and this dog loved it!...many tnx fr posting.

    fredog51M, posted

    Owie, owie? Is she in pain at the end? Kind of a strange way to come...

    HuskieZZ, posted

    mmmm that is so nice, my hubby loves seeing our dog do that to me too.

    JessiMom, posted

    ohh nice vidoes nice one.. i really love it u make me horny as well and well im goign to fuck my pets again and actually i have german pit bull k9 and snake. im sorry coz i cant upload my pics here and vidoes the fact that this is a public site coz i promise to my self that i can give it over in YM just add me leahhotdizon at yawhow that come alright and u can see it as long as u want :) lolz..

    maria123, posted

    i got so hot watching mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm love it

    sweetthong, posted

    wowoowow very gud licking i wish you have suck my pussy

    nillu, posted

    mmmmmmmmmm There is nothing better than a good licking ........ well perhaps a good fucking x

    Belinda402007, posted

    Spread those legs. mmmmmmm love that

    Mmmnice, posted

    Hearing her getting lapped up gets me so wet and ready for my licking.

    jenn5780, posted

    I love hearing a woman orgasm!!!

    Dawg56, posted

    wow. wish that was my pussy. Very delicious moaning too~

    xivoryx, posted

    god that looks so good. i wish i had a dog to do that to me

    sexybeastchic86, posted

    my god!!!!! this was deep

    juniorgb, posted

    Ooh yes Berries, I totally agree with you. I actually think my clit started throbbing watching this. .the sound effects are mind blowing. Not just the dog lapping her up,the slurping sounds. . but her reaction is so arousing. I watch some of these movies and I gotta tell you I"m amazed at the lack of reaction while a dog is totally licking you. .I mean really a big, long, rough tongue lapping you up and no moan, no nothing. That's why this video is so hot you hear the dog and then you're listening to her enjoying it so much. .

    cclay40, posted

    I love this video. Love listening to his/her tongue going inside her and licking her. Love watching her reaction to it. Seems the deeper and harder he licks the louder she moans. Nothing better then a true amateur licking. I got so wet watching this. Nothing like the feeling of a dog tongue going deep inside your pussy. I love how she builds up to a really hard orgasm and the dog keeps licking her juice up. Listening to her climax is so hot because you can tell its real and you can almost feel here clit throbing as the dog tongue licks her to the final orgasm. I would love to watch this in person close up.

    berries, posted
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