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    Dog Cum!


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    Short clip of a great creampie! We see the dog's cock slide out of the woman's well fucked pussy, and then his cum leaks out of her.

    Uploaded by Satyrboy · Rating: 4.1 (284 votes) · 70106 views


    love to help her clean up that mess

    pussysoak2012, posted


    whatafak, posted

    amazing pussy

    wetpetpussy, posted

    How the man resists eating that creampie,I dont know. I would lovr to clean it upespcially if she is menstruating.

    skraeling23, posted

    What a nice looking pussy

    tmbed, posted

    Not bad. Gooey and oozy and no farts.


    Nice big loose flappy cunt! She did take a nice load of dog cum and seemed to enjoy it! I know my wife always does!

    Bigeightincher, posted


    tonktaf, posted

    An amazing video, More of the closeup fucking wudve been nice

    hornydan, posted

    Mmm, its good even without the audio.

    jayko, posted

    beautiful beautiful video

    246748ajacs, posted

    wow! this great i love it. five stars*****loved your comment morgan_faye!

    esparzascc, posted

    Lovek9knot is right; most of girls would love to hold it a while. . . let our K9 lover's load "steep: (for lack of a better word) deep in us and then let it slowly seep out sometime latter. I love to please my dog first thing in the AM. . .then go to work and by lunch, when I go to the bathroom and pull down my panties--I can smell and taste his dog semen on me. . . that makes afternoon's far more enjoyable!!!

    morgan_faye, posted

    Oh, My, My, My now this is an excellent clip, I had to watch it four times and made myself cum after each time I watched it. The Lovely cock pulling out of that delicious Pink pussy, I am trying to type this but keep thinking about the cum pouring out her pussy and was so disappointed my mouth wasn't there to catch it all along with her sweet juices. My second regret was I didn't get to plunge my face inside those luscious pink lips spreading to take in her fingers, as the cum and her juices ran freely over them as she drove them in and out of her. This was very erotic to watch but I am going to have to go back to watch it a few more times, Truly a fantastic piece of work Thank You for sharing this with us

    julie969, posted

    WOW I would have loved to eat her after and then fuck her myself

    needfull, posted

    The woman has received a good dose of semen, is contracting in flushes her vagina, but it will keep its full semen uterus because the dog has done what it takes to inseminate it.

    frany1953, posted

    seeing that dog cum dripping out of her is what made me squirt all over the place. highly pleasurable video..!!

    shunga69, posted

    Nice close-up. Wow, four fingers in. I'd like to see her take on a bigger knot.

    KgRyan, posted


    hbjst, posted

    her nails looked dirty ...

    jasminevanilla, posted

    Oh, too eat that juicy creampie he left her, then to fuck her myself for another tasty creampie. Love to suck on her clit hard and feel her orgasm. What a gorgeous pussy.

    JJames80, posted

    dog jiz dripping out just wish i was there to lick it out of her ver hot

    prs00050, posted

    hot cum :D bring it to me

    Hondenmeisje, posted

    awsome, love that

    evanstien, posted

    Would love to have that cum in me!

    lovek9knot, posted

    wow! big load big dog

    jorgo345, posted

    Geil... und jetzt will ich ran;)

    chang1, posted

    I need/love to eat dog cum

    beontop, posted

    That cunt has a beautiful puffy pussy!

    different, posted

    Nice puffy looking cunt, good seed shots, loved the fingering Mmmm

    flop, posted

    Wouldn't mind having her sit on my face as the cum comes gushing out of her juciy cunt :)

    CumDrinkingSlut, posted

    u have a very large pusy find a horse to fuck with

    pulainbeci, posted


    hbjst, posted


    cuntslave, posted


    coocacasa, posted

    AHHHHHHHHH!! Just what I like to see.....a HAPPY wet pussy

    Buzz6182, posted

    I love how k9 cum drips out so easy. I love it in me.

    julieluvsit, posted

    .... sloppy pussy isn't my favorite :/

    thebeastlybard, posted

    Nice puffy looking cunt, good seed shots, loved the fingering Mmmm

    cannibal69, posted

    mmm, very very tasty!!

    Girl4doginSFL, posted

    hmmm, i would like to lick her clean

    Abadago, posted

    Great capture of a load. Pretty, plump pussy. Very nice!

    chopper73guy, posted

    thats not a lot of cum....

    zndxxx, posted


    greenseed, posted

    how do you download it

    feebster, posted

    BEAUTIFUL - lovely soaked pussy

    Bashing_bishop, posted

    nice cum shot and pink cunt. I would like to lick that cunt clean giving it that orgasm that Bitch deserves.

    moresa44c, posted


    xanadu, posted

    I love a cum blasted pussy but when she diggs the sperm from her pussy and her pussy drools cum thats hot!

    mehoff, posted

    I would love to lick those fingers.

    Benny, posted

    perfect shot

    Wakiza, posted

    wow great shots of the dog cock leaving her very wet pussy,not only does she push out the dog cum but then starts to play with the juices.YUMMY

    shanet9, posted

    she took a load for sure!

    mehoff, posted


    bossess, posted

    excellent vid

    chestervi, posted

    Great video, love any videos with dog sperm!

    Nickalias1, posted

    I came so hard watching the doggie cum squirting out of her hot and juicy pussy. It was so highly erotic watching the cum just flowing out and I didnt think it was going to stop. It made my pussy squirt. Nothing is more hot than seeing a sexy lady's pussy filled up with dog cum and watching it flowing out just like it did here. Then seeing her start to play with her pussy as the juices were still flowing out of her sweet doggie cum filled pussy is so amazing. I highly recommend you watch this extremely juicy movie. Although it is not a long clip it is one that you will most likely replay over and over while you masturbate and make yourself cum. I don't know what is more exciting watching the cum drain or seeing her almost fist herself. Don't pass this one up you wont regret watching this. Hope you enjoy ;)

    foxilady13, posted

    Highly erotic!! Nice and close and mostly well focussed. I especially liked the woman tensing her muscles to force more dog semen out of her cunt I also liked her rubbing and penetrating herself with her fingers (getting them soaked with the dog's cum!) and then spreading her pussy lips to show her vaginal opening. One major criticism is that there was no sound track! If the film maker had that capability and didn't use it he lost a major opportunity. The liquid sounds of the dog's withdrawal, her fingers in her pussy plus any sounds that the woman make would have added immensely to the erotic temperature. A couple of minor points. I know in some cultures women wear their wedding rings on their right hand and in others they wear their rings on the left hand. It would be a bonus if film makers adopted the practice of having married women use the hand with the rings as much as possible and ensured they are clearly visible to make it obvious that they are attached. This clip would have been much improved with a few extra seconds at the start to show the dog's cock (and knot?) plopping out of the woman's pussy (especially with sound!).

    gbin269, posted
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