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    Teen With A Dog


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    teen with a dog

    Uploaded by tzemach · Rating: 3.5 (264 votes) · 72780 views


    that was so sexy hot!

    CherriesD, posted

    nice knot but the camera shots could have been better

    fredpotts, posted

    TEEEEEN!!!! You must'a been really fucked-up and hallucinating when you named this one<*>_<*>

    abl72lok, posted

    like the vid but camera work could b better

    louthanal, posted

    like the vid but camera work could b better

    louthanal, posted

    Ok, gotta agree with the shakiness of the camera work, but overall a real turn on. I think she's sexy as shit and the cameraperson does a good job of catching those great shots. I'm glad they didnt just focus only on close ups that dont include the surrounding areas.

    oral_pleasures, posted

    Great little clip well worth it and he stands well afterwards too not trying to turn thanks for this

    mikiyrogers, posted

    god i wish my boy would do that he does everything except fuck me :/ (he is neuterd sadly)

    ilovedogs24, posted

    i have a dog love to hump come and chat with me at caddi1983@hotmail.com

    caddi1983, posted

    nice, but she is not a teeny!

    Prasak, posted

    oh.. now i understand why she held him off at first, she didn't want his knot in her, i'm learning something here :) GOOD VID

    kitten2, posted

    Thats not a teen hun, its a good video but dont lie with the title.

    davidfetter, posted

    I bet if she would have bent over sooner, it would have been one great mating, looks like half his efforts were made to get her to bend over and take him. Get knotting, wish the camera could have move while he was pumping in her. I would love to have her before and after that shot.

    becauseican, posted

    And yet if a man does that to a female dog and the dog humps back they still call it rape ^^

    larson12345, posted

    I Liiike it!! I wished it was my ass that he was knotting with!!

    doggyboy_86, posted

    thats disgusting (you got herpes now find a fucking man bitchh)

    quefe, posted

    Great tie.... Better camera guy and this wouldn't have been free. Need more like this to get me pay for this site. Luv it

    crusty66661, posted

    Top fuck. Look at the size of that box. I want one like that when I grow up. :)

    hungry4it, posted

    i love when you can feel the dog get bigger inside you and then finally getting the knotted feel. <3

    Blackfoxx, posted

    need help to train my pup johns56ford@yahoo.com bangor maine

    johns56ford, posted

    Poor dog couldn't last long LOL

    Crymzon1980, posted

    Damn...now I'll jerk me off again!!!

    ragazzorm, posted

    god i want my dog to fuck me like that

    plaything17, posted

    great they must hung up hot

    animalfun2, posted

    pretty pussy full of dog cock love it.

    fishlover, posted

    mmmm now this is what I want, I would love to be knotted like this any helpers????

    Belinda402007, posted

    That is the way I like it, taking the knot and his cock staying in for a while and continuing to shoot those hot juices in me. Very good.

    Knot4me, posted

    Great dog and knotting but camera is far away from the actio nmaybe they were talking about the dog...hahahaha Thats not a teen hun, its a good video but dont lie with the title.

    hai_aksh, posted

    This is the best one I have seen here. Outstanding

    lunalupo, posted

    I liked this clip but seems like I'm more excited than the girl getting the doggy cock was

    kaaty, posted

    what no pull out.....

    zombie2004man, posted

    That was lovely!

    bitchboy, posted

    Boy he couldn't wait to leave a deposit in her and he had lots of change!

    mehoff, posted

    1 day ago edsgoldwing wrote: report Poor video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ttongwwen, posted

    maybe they were talking about the dog...hahahaha

    bogart, posted

    Great dog and knotting but camera is far away from the action

    subra, posted

    Thats not a teen hun, its a good video but dont lie with the title.

    autumnvixen, posted

    as our teen in this case a resonably plump one gets her self into possition rover wanders in and gets him self lifted up over her hips he strikes home quickly and humpslike mad, then when he begins to cum he keeps pumping it into her, as the camera opperator moves around to see whats going on we then see that rover is up there inside a fair way, we aslo see that his cum juice is beginning to sluce out and sribble down her slit and begin to dribble off. Camera work wasnt the best and is pretty shakie, but on the whole not to bad.

    iampaulie70, posted
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