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    Hot Girl Fucked By Dog #1


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    Hot Girl Fucked By Dog Short Clip

    Uploaded by Raven · Rating: 4.1 (285 votes) · 61461 views


    This girl is just SO hot....I love all of her clips!!!!

    jayko, posted

    Fantastic video and what a beautiful sexy hot woman too!

    CherriesD, posted

    Excellent! Attractive woman, shows face, nice body, good audio, fucked by fido. What more could you ask for?

    flynewguy, posted

    how come i can watch only the men and animals videos, women and animals i only have sound

    vacatak27, posted

    A great little video, I liked it very much!!!

    polarize, posted

    that rocked her world. wish i got a turn

    dutiful9, posted

    great great gret...beutifull knot

    lez, posted

    I sure would love to find somewhere that connects people who want to participate in this. I would love to see my gf mounted and sucking on a huge dog rod.

    Herb, posted

    me encanta como la monta y gime, que envidia ;) mmmm

    marlenediet, posted

    Well the dog sure knew what to do. Mounted her and "found the spot" right away. Then, just as she's about to orgasm, he pulls out and walks away. Still, must have been intense because it took her a while to recover.

    4fingers, posted

    Short but loved it, makes me stiff

    davidqwe, posted

    I also wish I were her :(

    cherish36, posted

    To short! we need more from her

    doggyboy_86, posted

    i wish i was her..

    prettykittn, posted

    Nice: a very sexy, prone woman with delicious tits swaying beneath her & an ass you desperately want to ride pants w/ delight as a big black dog penetrates her. Satisfying, if brief.

    apuleius055, posted

    Wish that was me and it was longer... lol

    lovek9knot, posted

    Just got to be longer. she must use the dog a lot and does her own filming, what a woman:)

    westland, posted

    wow, she is doing the filming herself, just a bitch and her stud, and a camera, oh yea and the internet

    redmandog, posted

    ye she's hott,infact smoking.an the dog can do meh next =)

    breathless69, posted

    Great to see the wedding ring...

    wanamaker025, posted


    hbjst, posted

    Wow... she looks so beautiful. I love her sweet excited "oohs" and "aahs" ! Nice dog too. I want to be her, or him :)

    dogman1234, posted

    Who is this girl?? Is she doing just short home videos or anyone knows more about her. Please share info about her to kalibos51@hotmail.com cause I have "On the bedroom floor" 3 of them but shorts. I personally thinks she is one the best girl on movies right know, but no one said anything of her. Please share info with me.

    kalibos51, posted

    Hmmmmmm......Love the noise you make getting fucked, thats done me. I"m going to play.

    Puppyslutxxx, posted

    sounds like she loves his cock in pussy hott.

    fishlover, posted

    'My Wife With My Dog' is a much better clip!

    Flowerhunter, posted

    mmmm, that is soo hot. wish i hada

    the.archer1213, posted

    Beautifull *Sex

    ucell81, posted

    who's the girl? name? Any more videos??

    longbest, posted

    Thats a great bod there, I love this chick and her vids.

    jayko, posted

    mmmm tak dat cock u cuntt.. love da noise she makes mmmm.. I wife she was my wife

    u7u7u7, posted

    some women are just wonderful...

    nogueira, posted

    damn i would lick every inch of her body and fuck the shit out of her ass and pussy

    fishy10-0, posted

    God she is so nice and the dog did a good job

    fivftnine, posted

    loved the clip... would love to see her getting the knot and have her thighs spread wide open

    dahunted, posted

    love the sound of him slamming into her

    interested4life, posted

    please show this picture

    rahul356356, posted

    love the clip. her wedding ring is a turn on for me too. wish i was her hubby she could have all the big dog dick she wanted!

    richard1949, posted

    she's hot and love to hear her as he hits home, great clip!!

    dogluvr, posted

    wow she hot,& sexy. nice doggie,I would Just love to be in her place!:-)

    doggiegal, posted

    very cute girl I like to fuck her too!

    rosado, posted

    Super erotic. Nice lady. Where is the South African beast lovers. Mail me at let_me_do_you@yahoo.co.uk

    let_me_do_you, posted

    She is a hottie- I want to be invited to her slumber party

    curious_chick, posted

    Excellent - true blue - :)

    ifonly, posted

    Would love to be in her place....;)

    hot2suckgbgirl, posted

    that is one lucky dog

    sexpot, posted

    Very Hot girl, I would love to be there with them!

    jimmy77, posted


    xanadu, posted

    I want to fuck her too

    stefevr, posted

    Where do I find a woman like this...

    cuzinjojo, posted

    oh my.what a sweetie

    johnkirby, posted

    I love the way her tits jiggle under her shirt while being humped! :)

    Womens, posted

    Very nice

    dnice007, posted

    Five stars, here you go.

    Stepiwolf25, posted

    There's something very sexy about her videoing herself.

    xtrb, posted

    her ass is fit for both men and beast

    POPPABIG, posted

    This is one of the best clips, the dog doesn't pant too much, you can hear her encouraging him, and just the sounds of pure raw fucking.

    mangler510, posted

    this girl is awesome - we need more from her!

    negroperro, posted


    VINKMP01, posted

    Avery sexy lady

    chapa, posted

    she make her cunt available to the dog and he services her really well , she's a good bitch

    padarman1, posted

    por favor pongan el video completo please

    karmane, posted

    Good Doggie

    1dgthing, posted


    herrbrush, posted

    Loved the performance, thought it was magnificent, the dog was very nice. She was hot. Think she did a great job with the dog, they were a perfect team, and I loved it. The background was a good amateur feel, and I think she could be a pro. Also, I look forward to seeing this girl again she was my favorite. LOL, it was kind of funny to watch this though. But also arousing. And so, this should go down in the hall of fame for the dog catagory. Because she was a perfect girl. I would of loved to known her name though.

    eimmi, posted

    This girl really enjoys having sex with her dog and her dog really enjoys giving it to her. She has a great body and voluptuous ass that any man, let alone dog, would love to mount and give her a good screwing. She is very into sex with the dog and is very encouraging is getting him into her. Any man into bestiality would be proud to call her his wife and to allow her to get it on any time with her furry companion. The mount and sex in this video are defiantly worth the time to take to watch. Hope to see many more videos from her to come.

    burco, posted

    This is one of my favorites on the site. The bitch has a decent body but more importantly, is quite at ease being mounted. She's experienced...the dog is comfortable with his master...and it is a beautiful relationship that the two have. I love that she is comfortable with the scenario, with filming it, and with sharing it. Kudos to her for a fantastic video. She's genuine. You know she's not faking the noises or acting like he's penetrated her. Instead, you sense the pleasure she's receiving. This is clearly a woman I would love to introduce to my dog.

    teachga1, posted

    I love when a dog actually gets the idea that it's OKAY if the bitch's ass is not hairy. For alot of male dogs, it takes them forever to understand that this pussy is the same as the others yet more willing and available. The quick mount and penetration is amazing - I love watching the male's hindquarters suck in as close as possible to get maximum penetration, although I was left bereft when he did not knot her. The noises and shrieks and moaning heard in this clip were genuine and not rehearsed, like some of the other clips I've seen where the female is not even penetrated and is making fake noises! Geez I love watching that first mount and penetration - gets me and the BF excited every time.

    l0vely4u19, posted

    The scene opens with a shapely and attractive woman ready and anxious for her pet to mount her in the way that comes naturally to him. She is naked from the waist down and wearing a top that might provide some protection from his reaching claws yet still allows us to enjoy the movement of her generous breasts. It would have been nice to see his weapon out of its sheath as he mounts her. We do have a pretty good view from the side as he finds his way to her hips thrusting his stiffening cock all the way. It’s not clear how much of him she actually takes, but the noises she’s making suggest that she at the very least enjoys the prodding. All around it’s a very pleasing and enjoyable clip. Better for those who like a little left to the imagination since we don’t actually get to see any flesh on flesh contact.

    kekule, posted
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