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    A Good Licking


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    Woman Cums twice as her puppy licks her

    Uploaded by TsenFox · Rating: 4.4 (263 votes) · 53374 views


    My pussy is fucking throbbing now.

    luvsdoggies4170, posted


    cornpass, posted

    i'm so wet from that. mmmm

    hilari2001, posted

    super lick

    vms1, posted

    great vid, good sound very active dog, the pooch barely stopped to breath. the nasty, horny lady surely got the eating out she needed from her pet! he must have been literally eating her out and got a little too much of a liking of her meaty, juicy pussy as she moans "owww" a few times, as if he was biting her, very hot, so real!

    browneyedog, posted

    I really thought the way she smushed the dogs head between her legs made it even that much more exciting. Watched this 3 or 4 times now.. and have to say... still absolutely hot.

    havik82, posted

    Nice video. My pussy is throbbing!! My dog is now nosing my wet pussy through my panties making my cunt throb hard! Thanks for the vid...

    makemesohot2010, posted

    sexy. when i do it i bend over so my dog can lick my pussy and ass,

    veronica86, posted

    I loved the sounds of her moaning... you could tell she was into what that dog was doing to her. So hot!

    knotinmybkyd, posted

    I cum from this one every time this dog knows how to treat a pussy he licks nice and slow at the same pace and he even cleans up after she is done cumming, what else can you ask for. Very hot!!!

    kekeko, posted

    best lic i ever saw!!

    martin_200, posted

    hot pussy...lucky dog...hope she returns the juicy favour....hummm

    fredog51M, posted

    Damn I wish I could spread her legs wide open and make that dog lick inside her and wouldn't let her move.

    Lily90291, posted

    This one is great, I just wanted her to spread her legs so the dog could have better access.

    Cherished, posted

    OMG... This is hot!

    Kemath, posted

    Damn good clip. I wish i was getting sucked

    mathew1952, posted

    john_smithy@live.com - looking for a girl to cyber with

    john_smithy, posted

    that has to feel soooo good. his rough tounge on her cunt

    slavetok9, posted

    i spread my legs wishing the dog was licking me and nipping my clit with has teeth.... hot!!!!

    m8n7b6, posted

    Oh baby....I am hot, horny & dripping wet after watching this Dog Licking Pussy Pleaser....Oh how I would love to be part of that scene!! My pussy is shaven clean as a baby's butt and oh how wet I get just thinking of being licked and lapped so expertly by such a long wet tongue. I guess I'll need to get a dog. Open for other ideas, though....

    fantasymaker, posted

    My pussy is soaking wet. I would let that dog eat me anytime. She needs to spread her legs and open her pussy wide for that dog. I have got to get off! NOW!

    dah2468, posted

    I would have spread my legs wide for that puppy. He looks like he loves eating pussy... only wish he could do mine too ;P

    incubis, posted

    I could and would like take some myself

    hot4tongue, posted

    you should have a puppy party I will cum!!!

    aaaaah, posted

    I would have opened wide and let that hungry boy lick me good!

    daddysgurl, posted

    ooooh i want him to eat meeeeeee

    sweetlips2, posted

    she should of opened up wide and let that dog do his job... that was so hot... my pussy was throbbin... i wanted more. i would of had my legs open as wide as they could go... fuck ima freak.

    sexygirl209, posted

    Oh I wish I could play too!! He could have both our pussy's!!

    pomielover22, posted

    why are the women always fat??? ugly fat cunts

    canuck09, posted


    matilde21, posted

    Omg i could watch this all the time. My pussy gets so wet every time. I can just imagine his tounge on my pussy. Ohhhh

    Mmmnice, posted

    Open those legs let that dog have at that pussy! Mine is wet just watching....mmmmm lick, lick, slurp!!!! :-)

    kerri48, posted

    that was so hot, it made my cunt wet thinking of Him licking me like that

    slavetok9, posted

    I wouldn't last as long as her.

    darkxmoon, posted

    Wow very hot. She kind of ruined it by closing her legs.

    Mmmnice, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm loved that ..... wish that was my pussy

    iwtbld, posted

    thathas to be the best cunt-eating dog I've seen ...relentless...loved that pussy....

    dickweed1, posted

    Great... The best ever seen.. You have don it just the right way..

    dpyv82rx, posted

    he really cleans that pussy good nice dog

    kekeko, posted

    good vid but do not close your legs my panties are wet love to have that tongue in me

    attala200, posted

    WTF!!! Let him have you!! That's what ur there for!!! Don't back away and close your legs. Let him have you!!! He doesn't seem like he's a nipper anyway. Spread those lips and let him have ur juice!!!

    luv2suk, posted

    Good vid - but dont pull away and spread your legs more so your clit is easier for him to get to :)

    missk9babe, posted

    SUPERB!!!! Now that has my panties wet! He was well trained and knew how to please his lover with that great tongue!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

    KnotBlkTemptres, posted


    gtryh, posted

    When u get a good lickin don't back away just keep tickin!! Gooood job, doggie

    junette, posted

    this dog eats pussy better than i do!!

    chill9825, posted

    loved it. but she kind of cheated. dont pull away. take all that sweet rough doggie tongue let him in that tight wet pussy and ass. then bend over and take the knot like a real bitch.

    perrogirl, posted

    love the soundtrack. sweet curvaceous woman. many thanks for sharing.

    digitallover, posted


    yazzy1979, posted

    ....a good dog, on a mission ; - )

    SiriusBlak, posted

    Now that is a good dog

    littlejohn75, posted

    oh man I WISH I had her dog. All Day and LOVE evry minute of it. I would have soooo many movies posted on here.

    dldoglover000, posted

    I could lay around all day and have this done to me

    prissy_puppy, posted

    That dog goes to town on her.Her moaning is so exciting she is really enjoying the dogs tongue.I just wish that tounge was inside me and cleaning me out just as good. I like how he licks her faster and faster as she gets closer to cumming all over the dogs face, i would love to be there with the dog eating that pussy too!then have the dog knot us both would be over the top.My pussy drips at the thought of being handled by that dog and licked all over.Bet he ffrenchs good too!

    zoomom, posted
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