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    Long Knot


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    Not much action, but plenty for fans of Knotting!

    Uploaded by thewolf · Rating: 3.6 (1120 votes) · 155990 views


    OMG!! So nice Pussy full of cum Fill my pussy and breed me next!!!!

    kountryqueen, posted

    too bad it didnt show the pullouy but otherwise great video

    petseman, posted

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    sickntwiztid, posted

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    mehoff, posted

    One of my favs...wish it was my pussy with big knot in it.

    ladyp17, posted

    This clip makes me doubly jealous... .one the amazing dog cock buried deep in her and two she has a partner that supports and encourages her. lucky woman!

    RottieFan, posted

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    Cureoseando, posted

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    Yes it was hot watching him pump his load inside her but notice her working her pussy, squeezing that cum out, milking every drop out of him all the while moaning as she feels his hot load.... damn this vid made me horny as fuck

    skunk420, posted

    love this

    gabbygob, posted

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    Cureoseando, posted

    clapping here like a giddy little girl...cannot wait for my first mount & knot!

    curiousnena, posted

    WOW, awesome knott...I would like to have a nice log knot in me too

    opencurious, posted

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    lovelynana, posted

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    loventhedog, posted

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    Hornehgirly, posted

    Love this ! Thank you I love watching her milk his cock as they enjoy eachother ;)

    mehoff, posted

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    boatman6969, posted

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    christine4k9, posted

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    likitall, posted

    What a lucky dog she worked that ass to suck the last drop of cum

    babygirly, posted

    hate how we see to different people same movies

    lovemydogknot, posted

    damn, she took it good, like 2 see more of her

    billybass34, posted

    awesome hot

    browning31, posted

    Oh damn I wish I was her. That looked like it felt fucking great. In Houston if any guy has a trained dog for a dog virgin.

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    yummy1011, posted

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    ilhc12, posted

    Beautiful, she really enjoyed the knot at the end ^^

    Dastardly-Dawg, posted

    Lucky girl, having an understanding man to help her with the lovely knotting, i'm all wet just imagining it

    boxer50, posted

    Just loved it His balls thumping away shame we never saw the sticky mess as a result

    vespamanfred, posted

    Any women from Indiana

    jake820, posted

    mmmmmmmmmm fantastic watching his testicles pumping away and filling her cunt up as she groaned with delight - would love to have seen the knot pop out at the end to reveal how much cum dribbled out

    rikk469, posted

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    hundefan, posted

    Love it. The more the balls pump the more cum in her pussy. Would love to see the cum drip out. Great video.

    pigfuckr, posted

    I loved it when his balls pumped all that Cum into her. Made. Me wet and horny as hell more please

    deepme, posted

    When I was a kid, my mama used to say this to me: There's never enough for a man, for whom enough is not enough! Here is a very good film of a knotted woman. And still he can complain for not seeing her face. I don't want to see her face. I don't need to see her face. Who gives a shit about her face? If you want to see face, go watch another movie. I want to see cunt. A cunt is the most beautiful thing on earth. Last week, I was watching a porn, with a woman with the most beautiful cunt, with inner cuntlips hanging out like curtains. And then what does that fucking shit-piss-ass-director shows us? He shows us her face! And then he shows us her face some more. And then he shows us her face some more. But not her cunt, that fagit. I don't watch porn to see a face. Her cunt, here, in this movie, shows enough. And her sighing does the rest. No need to wast time, showing her face. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    Great movie

    blueeyes20, posted

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    akaxora, posted

    Good work

    deltadowns, posted

    WOW! thank you for the clip! :) I love women that give themselves to their pets and can take all that cum and keep it insde their vagina ;) very hot!!!!!

    mehoff, posted

    hot !

    amscott, posted

    Outstanding shot of dog maintain her and holding his own.

    VOND3, posted

    This got me soooo wet!!! My shephard knots in mlike this (longest by him is 40 min).

    doplzcuminmeg, posted

    tierod nice stay ought to be full of cum

    tierod, posted

    his balls twitching. best part

    NeedsIT69, posted


    tlvedogie, posted

    Good Movie.

    George369, posted

    love watching his balls twitch

    febfantasia, posted

    Hmm, nice

    ferry12, posted

    That is so hot, can't wait to get home to my puppy!

    trexsayhi, posted

    omg how hot....wish that knot was in me

    pammy4285, posted

    God id loveeee to find a woman that would do this

    tbailey61, posted

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    Mausekind, posted

    great fuck!!!!!!!!!!

    bestvibrations, posted

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    ilovedogs24, posted

    good stuff

    damtrav, posted

    Great little video.. puppy sure ejaculated for a long time

    polarize, posted

    i so want that

    brazen123, posted

    looks good.

    slt4u, posted

    Another very good video. Camera was steady, very good angle gave great view of his hot red cock entering a pretty shaved cunt. This dog loved burying his hungry cock in her hot tight wet cunt.. Had a very nice thick knot to tie with her while he blasted a big load of cum deep inside 'his' bitches cunt then that sweet 'pop' of him pulling his still fully engorged dick & fat hard knot free of her tight cunt... Another woman who's pleasure I soo envy & another fat dog cock I wish was using my very tight hungry cunt.. Kudos to the cameraman of this video!

    DOGSLUT2, posted

    i rellay enjoyed that, but want to see the cum

    ixbonk, posted

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    passport12, posted

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    petba, posted

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    schwanzimarsch, posted

    Me to sissybutt, would love all that cum in me! Just dont have a dog for it...

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    sissybutt, posted

    One of the best I have seen in ages . Dog loved fucking her and I suspect that do it requently by the ease of which they both enjoy the whole experience.

    petesfolly, posted

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    dogoo, posted

    amazing she take the knot in her pussy and enjoying the injecting.

    jokersam, posted

    Awsome long knot,I love it when female knotted deep and you can see doggys balls twitching meaning he is still injecting his seed into his lover,very nice!

    breeder09, posted

    rebola gostoso pra soltar o nó....uuuuu

    legislador1, posted

    This was great! You can clearly see his anal contractions as he continues to pump his cum inside her womb!

    Cinq, posted

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    lickmykitten, posted

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    mehoff, posted

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    fishlover, posted

    It is pretty cool to see the dog's nuts pump as he cums in his bitch.

    Darksidehntr, posted

    Excellant movie. The lady really enjoyed being knotted. My wife and I both got off watching.

    nicker, posted

    Poah, bin total überrascht. Heute das erstemal hier und sowas gesehen. Macht ihr das alle so?

    kidpussy, posted


    khnhgos, posted

    great vid, any more?

    maria0091, posted

    I enjoyed watching the balls pump all of that cum too, great!

    caninehoney, posted

    thanks for posting it up here great shots of the knot

    mikiyrogers, posted

    Well this must be one of the better ones we have seen for a while thanks for posting it up here great shots of the knot

    mikiyrogers, posted

    Awesome watching his balls flex with each spurt of cum into her ,then she flexes her pussy on his cock!!

    buckser, posted

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    Achilles7750, posted

    She is so perfectly bred! I want to breed her just the same!

    dirk20200, posted

    Lucky Bitch

    slut4dogs, posted

    a good video clip i loved it

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    musme, posted

    good dog

    246748ajacs, posted

    what the fuck metalmorphosis??? 'nice and neat! Atleast she didn't...leak out cum like a faucet!" what were you waiting for? That would have been the best part, you could tell the was completely filling it up. Are yoou like ten years old or something?

    tonktaf, posted

    I like this ... <3

    sunshine66, posted

    Nice & neat! At least she did'nt fart or otherwise leak out cum like a faucet.


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    lesley, posted

    didn`t see any movement couldn`t understand her moans but I have never had dog cock in me ??

    debdog, posted

    looking for anyone in the DC/MD/VA area

    dirtyslag, posted

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    sexyjenny16, posted

    mmmmmmmmmm ill trade places with her anytime. i need some doggy cock

    slavetok9, posted

    thang you

    totolata001, posted

    Amazing, that must have felt so good, wish I was there too! Can anyone tell me just how that feels, and why it's just so horney?

    obsessed, posted

    This young lady seems to really be having a good time, from the moans she is making.

    bumscum, posted

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    dazzledsheep, posted

    what a beautiful sight!! a beautiful pussy shot and a great knot!!!

    satyrone, posted

    this is still one of my favs! I love that the guy just helps keep the dog on her so that she can keep his knot deep in her pussy and I love to hear her moan you can tell she's having a great time! wish that was my pussy!!

    kcfucd, posted

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    dlust, posted

    LOVED it...can't stop watching and cuming...AMAZING!!!!

    mefirstime, posted

    wow, nice one!!1 this is sure a gorgeous view...loved the pulsing jet

    polarize, posted

    that wasn't even a tie -.-

    marshall13, posted

    thnx for the cum!

    sdfdrgvvvt, posted

    nice and long

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    very kool indeed :)

    kitten2, posted

    Oh that was so nice, loved seeing the balls pulsate,loved the way she pumped back against the dog. Loved her being vocal, one of the nicest things to me was her partner, he was there for her, stroking the dog, out of the way, it was all for her pleasure, though I'm sure he was as happy as hell, That was sweet.

    wiley247, posted

    very good knot nice film

    happynono, posted

    I would love to have that dog fill my pussy up with his cum.

    jenn5780, posted

    Excellent, fantastic, love the moans wish to se the dismount

    yukontom, posted

    great movie

    ammy2642, posted

    You can see the balls pumping clearly filling her,

    k9black, posted

    mmmmmmm so hot

    brittneyok, posted

    very nice

    petsex123454321, posted

    loved it. my girlfriend really enjoys watching an doing a little particapating with me

    kravenm, posted

    Interested in meeting some guys to try stuff like this. I'm a 20 yr old female from FL. I'm tall and skinny. Check my profile for contact info or message me on here. ;)

    fuckmehardbaby, posted

    Been better if it was a Great Dane. She would have been full of seed.

    Stepiwolf25, posted

    That was great but nice to see the cum flowing out of her, I have only been with 2 dogs both Danes both very large, I have also masturbated my stallion many times in fact now when he sees me he gets a hard on. Sometimes when I go out I wear stockings and no panties and a short skirt and a low see through top with a shelf bra or nothing at all and always high heels.I once met a guy and his friend and after I got to know them a bit one of them tried to neck and play with me and told him that I could not decide between the two of them so it would have to be the 2 of them together or neither well they agreed to that right away and we went off to my place. That was a friday around 9pm and we did not put cloths back on till late Sunday night. I had cum in me and on me and after they went home my Dane and I tied one on.

    needfull, posted

    would have loved to see the pull out, would have been messy

    mousemat, posted

    Loved it!!

    bubblesfortwo, posted

    sooo hotttttttttttt wic it was me

    Margarita11, posted

    you can see him pumping into her

    julie_g333, posted

    Love to suck out that hot cum while he was mounting me..

    jamesjr696, posted

    Oh, that looks like fun! MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    DoubleD, posted

    Loved it. He's filling her up with lots of doggy cum,mmmmmmm, you can really tell she's loveing every minute of it, lucky girl.

    littlelana, posted

    She really milked his cock of cum with her beautiful pussy!!=)=) Loved watching him send load after load into her body MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm!!

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    hbjst, posted


    hbjst, posted

    Pity he did not get the knot right inside her.

    st_benard, posted

    I like it.

    longtsi, posted

    U can see how well that dog is pumping massive amounts of cum into her

    grizzer, posted

    pretty ok, could have been more action though.

    priestr, posted

    One of the best...the viewing angle, her moans, the milking action of her cunt, and look at the puckering action of her piss hole!!! AWESOME!

    ironwood, posted

    love the way she works his cock his balls filling her with cummmmmmmmmmmmm

    fishlover, posted

    ดีจัง nice.

    jimi-jumu, posted

    i'm a girl... and i like men... but i creme in my jeans every time i watch this. love the view, the audio is nicccccccce! ohhhh....

    Lassiepussie, posted

    luv'ed it. audio was great..

    crusty66661, posted

    nice camera work and audio, could use a face shot now and then

    flypaper, posted

    I want to be next. I would love to have him fill me full of that hot cum.

    bellabtown, posted

    He gave his lover all the hot sperm he had!! She was filled!

    mehoff, posted

    i like iam next

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    mssxymexslt, posted

    i would have loved to see pull his knot out of her and see his cum drip out of her.

    billyum0123, posted

    Good boy !Good boy! oh boy!

    mehoff, posted

    beautiful cunt and I loved seeing his balls twitch as he emptied himself in her. This was art.

    Decemberist, posted

    great clip, but again, no pullout shot, and what about the fuckin before the tie? i also would like to see the bitches facial expressions during the fuck/tie as well i also would like to see my wife fucked like this

    redmandog, posted

    balls were empty as hell

    thesekibith, posted


    hbjst, posted

    mind blowing

    dk00007, posted

    Damn check out the dogs nuts at the beginning and at the pull out. They are drained and still cumming. Pro. at 1:10 you can see him start to cum hard then cut to 1:17 and his balls are drained as hell. he was there for a long time

    winterdreams, posted

    she was bred!!

    dutiful9, posted

    excellent movie clip!the dog really knotted her deep,so deep his legs were dangling off the floor!

    dogsexlvr, posted

    Love watching that dogs balls twitch while he's filling her with cum

    looker18, posted

    W0nderful clip,loved the womans moans of pleasure nice slow mount,great knot I bet the dog enjoyed it just as much thanks

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    ilovepittbulls, posted

    Nice to see out k9 friend pumping his cum into that bitch!

    different, posted

    OMG...but agree w/Shadow;)

    boodiddly, posted

    Yes yes please let me be someones bitch like this

    Belinda402007, posted

    nice nice nice. i would like to be a bitch for this movement.

    shonal, posted

    Sorry shadow but there would not be enough time here. dogs dont just pull out of us if they have a good knot. we wont let them

    dog4me2, posted

    OH MY!!!

    needtoknot, posted

    such a pretty pussy, id love to lick her clean:)

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    this bitch would love to have that big hot cock in its cunt knot and all

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    Good one! Very nice indeed but agree with shadow

    loony, posted

    omg soooo nice, wish i was there

    the.archer1213, posted

    Did she love that knot in her or what ?? Thank you

    hotknot, posted

    breed her good boy! fill 'er up ! nice pussy!

    mehoff, posted

    this is one that my wife and I made about a year ago, always nice to see the interest

    magsey47, posted

    He's really making sure his seed gets in her deep and at her angle it's all the way full!!

    mehoff, posted

    Awsome! But would like to have se the dog pulling out afterward.

    shadow, posted

    milking that dog for all it`s spunk, terrific.

    chestervi, posted

    Really fucking hot movie here. He loves knotting her, and she loves being his bitch just as much. Need more like this.Really fucking hot movie here. He loves knotting her, and she loves being his bitch just as much. Need more like this.Really fucking hot movie here. He loves knotting her, and she loves being his bitch just as much. Need more like this.Really fucking hot movie here. He loves knotting her, and she loves being his bitch just as much. Need more like this.Really fucking hot movie here. He loves knotting her, and she loves being his bitch just as much. Need more like this.Really fucking hot movie here. He loves knotting her, and she loves being his bitch just as much. Need more like this.Really fucking hot movie here. He loves knotting her, and she loves being his bitch just as much. Need more like this.

    walmirdojaca, posted

    From start to finish this movie kept me interested.My eyes were glued to the dog knotting her.It should turn you on even if you haven't watched pet sex like this before.During her little cries of the dogs sheath in her it would have been quite satisfying to see her facial expressions as she was getting it in.Overall this is an awesome video I recommend you watch it if your interested about knotting at all.It is a must watch it turned me right on. I was into it from the start to the finish.Every moan you hear will make you think about her face.It would have been better to see the dog actually fuck her from the beginning but still very good.

    olivemeup, posted

    Really really liked this one, the sound of the woman moaning as the dog's knot filled her was truely orgasmic. Really would've liked to see her facial expressions, but then again just thinking about the mystery of her expressions brings a little bit more pleasure to the table. This dog obviously knows how to please a woman, and I for one would love to see more of this pair in various situations; such as outside, being licked, perhaps even a three way with a human male or even another male dog. Again the moaning of this woman was superb and just enjoyable all around.I'm new to this sort of fetish and I must say I am rather enjoying it after seeing clips such as this one, I will be sure to see more and hopefully more just as this one.

    vixenvictoria, posted

    i think that is was OK but there needed to be more action like thrusting. the dog just stood there and i personalty hate that and i love it when the dog does the fucking. also i love how she moaned it was a nice moan that got me real horny. i would also like to see a close up when the dog takes out his dick and the cum oozes out. also i would like to see her face when she was taking the dogs long knot in her pussy. but i think that they should of filmed when the dog first started not when he was finishing.

    bingbro1234, posted

    This Girl gets to feel the wonderful knot inside her as it swells up inside her just pounding her with wave and wave of pleasure. The Dog In This had a Massive Cock and I Just kept wishing It was me the Entire Time. Just wishing to feel my pussy all nice and swelled up by this magnificent knot. This gets 5/5 Stars from me. Also, The Girl in the video Actually Seemed to be enjoying it alot. Notice how she had a crew with her as there were multiple hands holding and petting the dog :) 5/5 stars. Loved every Second of it.

    HornyBigMac, posted

    This chick is addicted to dog cock, and the dog, well lets just say it is thouroughly enjoying having it's meaty knot stuck inside a tight white pussy, you can see the time when the dog is filling her with his potent seed. His ball sack is tensing continuously. The angle at which it is filmed allows the viewer to see the knot deap in her tight hole, and when the knot comes out we are presented with another great shot of this massive tennis ball. also to note the quality of this movie is exceptional, if only the dog had of gone to town and abused her cunt it would receive a 10 out of 10. I wish my GF would fuck like that.

    horsexam, posted

    vary good movie she seemed to really enjoy the knot being in her while she was being filled with his cum. the camera angle was excellent and was great quality. would recommend any one who enjoys watching a girl enjoy a know will enjoy watching this film. even though the angle is good and u can really see her filled with the knot i would have liked to see the camera move to her face so we could see the facial expressions that go along with those great sounds of joy and pleasure that she is making however the pull out was also vary good indeed

    norcalskimmer, posted
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    Masturbating My Young Dog

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