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    Amature Wife And Dog


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    Woman and Dog

    Uploaded by russ8691 · Rating: 4.1 (284 votes) · 53611 views


    Edward1111 different people have different fetish's, im sure you have a fetish your self tho some people just really love their dogs.

    romuro, posted

    Its just wrong. How sad.How can that be a turn on to anybody?

    edward1111, posted

    it wouldove been better if i was the dog

    cheese124, posted

    This is one hot movie, lovely lady and her dog. Love to see more of this lovely lady, she is super hot.

    tess88, posted

    wow hwat a hot movie she is lovely

    topi43, posted

    fun & passionate gets my vote everytime :)

    kitten2, posted

    Wonderful movie

    mudang, posted

    hot married babe gets fucked by family dog...wish she had sucked the last drops of cum from her dog's dick and smiled to her hubby's camera

    gfnme, posted

    That chic was n ice to look at as well as her lab its too bad I have never expierienced it!!! I am curious and horney:(

    Fxyldy10101, posted

    4.This one’s much better, called amateur wife and dog, and the amateur wife is much prettier and enterprising, and films herself fucking her nice looking Labrador, in the privacy of her well appointed bedroom – just her and her dog, no one else to distract. She seems to have a much more tender and intimate relationship with her dog than usual, and rather appealingly makes little squeals of excitement and encouragement to her dog as he gets it right, and they get going to a good rhythm. Unfortunately, it seems, as he pulls out of her after they’ve both cum, she sits up and her own and the dog’s juices gobs onto the fawn shag pile carpet, which she seems to find rather upsetting. Very touching, and she’s very fuckable as clearly her Labrador thinks so too!

    oxenhope, posted

    What a hot Lady. Love this video

    doitonetime, posted

    great look'n lady with nice ass & legs, great to see the other half. Luvs being fucked by her dog, a favourite to watch, like to see more...

    cruisn, posted

    i wish i was that dog ill do her up the ass and in the pussy then lick her clean and rub her bulging breasts and stick my tounge deep in her pussy intill shes begging me to stop but i wont

    james_smith, posted

    Great movie. I would have liked to see her tits, but you can tell she is an attractive woman and wants to get screwed.

    aaronaz, posted

    man her boobs were good and juicy

    coolbathe, posted

    wow...this lady is hot for him! she knows how to do this and you know she likes it!

    bb_dds, posted

    Short and sweet

    Jimpet, posted

    She is so hot,i wish i could fuck her and make her moan like that also,lucky son of a bitch!!!!

    iluvk9sluts, posted


    ragazzorm, posted

    wow, he fucked her hard. That was really nice.

    AmyRoslyn677, posted

    Well done, her rider is very strong and fast, loved the way her tits sway...and the way she empties his cum on the floor!! Very sexy

    zero-gravity, posted

    this female is very nice,

    frany1953, posted

    einfach geil

    petfrau, posted

    vey nice job woman

    qrabme, posted

    loved listening to her. Thats exactly a dog cock makes me feel

    ErinLucy, posted

    Good lookin woman, nice well formed tits, love the swinging tits and ass move when being taken

    Breeder123, posted

    Sweet! She wanted more!

    harleypoor, posted

    can anyone tell me why i can only see the first quarter of every vid?

    snoopsnoop, posted

    What a wife!!

    doggdude, posted

    very slow processing movie for watchingso please make it fast for see

    stelseka, posted


    kitano99, posted

    she has an incredible body!

    zx2, posted

    very good, Id like to see her tits aswell, shes hot

    brissymale40, posted

    Fabulous - lovely sexy woman!

    hiltopuk, posted

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    keon123, posted

    it was so sexy i fingered my pussy so much to it. and it made me want to fuck my dog. so i went out and tried that but its. like to hot to see a dog fuck some one like that. omg is sexy i love it.just watching it pound her. omg its awsome pleas emake some more of its not to hard for you. i love seeing her get fucked hard by that dog.its awesome i love. and just the way the dog mounts her omg its sexy i love it. its just awsome. if people dont like this vid then they c an go to hell

    ashlenx16, posted

    I love that this movie gets right to the point. you can tell that this girl really wants to get fucked and it's not just to make her hubby happy. she has a great body with a hot set of tits. I love how you can hear her start moaning when the dog penetrates and then she really goes nuts when the dog get's going. It has a great double ending when they both cum together and then she sits up and all the dog's juices squirt out of her. This will be a video to watch again and again!

    luvink9, posted
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