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    Gf And K9


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    GF and K9

    Uploaded by russ8691 · Rating: 4.1 (274 votes) · 47527 views


    What audio there was is good...nice squeal, too. The vid is rather grainy.

    jayko, posted

    elle lui met des chausettes bonne idéé

    a_lodie, posted

    the sound of the girl is very beautifull

    caoseis, posted

    the knot part was the best after that good fucking

    xviddivx, posted

    what i thought iwas bad

    haydn, posted

    Very Hot and exciting movie. She really seemed to enjoy him.

    kjrchevy, posted

    Gotta love it when that lil guy gets both rear legs up off the floor & just pounds away......extremely good lil vid, thanks SO much!!

    dogsoldier69, posted

    that was very hot. loved it when the knot got stuck at the end loved to here her moan like that

    doggiedoer2, posted

    god that dog just took off humping!! i loved it!!

    crazynight911, posted

    A little slow starting, but once he got in her it was great.. Him pounding her, her moans, and the ending! Perfect. I love when they make 'em cry out like that. |3 I don't care about the narrator, lol. I was thinking the same thing in my head anyway.

    DirtyFuckinMo, posted

    Lucky girl when that stud got it in he was awesome.

    aldonatto, posted

    a retarded dog & retarded narator? looks like this fine broad got caught in the special olympics beast movie.but the dog did finally learn on accident

    cashronin, posted

    sexy tan girl lov the helper and bf watching this literal bitch

    beastsexbill, posted

    Lucky girl. I got so wet watching him really pump his big cock up her and I was so jealous listening to her moan. Then that lovely big knot. I'll be his bitch anytime

    ErinLucy, posted

    Quebien este video. Muy bueno

    conoto, posted

    I liked it once he got the dog in the right camera angle,that dog took off humping and gave her a good knotting. I would like to get knotted like that as soon as possible,but for now I'll just pet my furry and enjoy myself.

    moresa44c, posted

    very very hot!! loved to hear her moaning and the narration by the guy. i am sooo wet now

    littlelover, posted

    That dog got it all,good driving it in to that bitch. nice knot on that hound.

    moresa44c, posted

    very nice- dog can fuck that shit!

    curious_chick, posted

    Sweet! A good time was had by all!

    harleypoor, posted

    To answer about the claws, look closer. Like most, socks wrapped around.

    xdamienx, posted

    Loved watching this movie but wish there had been more fucking and less time getting him ready to mount the woman but the knotting was great. would have loved to see them hung together ass to ass with his cum dripping from her pretty cunt

    Mac1941, posted

    she can take a pounding

    doggdude, posted

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

    vaeast, posted

    I like when D drives it in, but what about the claws?

    Gentleman, posted


    splez4, posted

    love it when the knot sticks omg that was wonderful

    dragonflyer, posted

    lol knot got stuck in the end... good 1 tho.

    dracster, posted

    Made me very hot and horny. Thank you for Posting. mmmmmmm I loved hearing him tell her to take it and to fuck her.

    sweetk9girll, posted

    some time to get in ... but great knotting in the end

    subra, posted

    loved it,more please.

    shibbard, posted

    takes about the first 30 seconds to be worth watching but then... omg.

    mastersk9slave, posted

    Not bad camera work. A little frustrating watching them interfere with the stud as he first mounts his bitch. I wonder if it wouldn't have been easier if they were on the floor with solid footing rather than on the bed. Once the lab finally got lined up with his bitch he bred her beautifully. She made such nice noises of enjoyment and hearing the handler encourage her "take it, take it" got me very excited. It would have been nice if one of the handlers could have helped get the stud turned around so he could have stayed tied to his bitch longer. Watching his knot pop out of her and hearing her yelp with a little pain was also very exciting. All around, a video worth watching again and again, so add it to your favourites.

    Kymfur, posted
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