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    French Kissing Dog


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    Girl Kissing Doggy ;)

    Uploaded by campsun · Rating: 4.1 (262 votes) · 74796 views


    Heehee, nice...she`s cool, and doesn`t seem to mind that the Husky just came back inside from licking a dead racoons ass.

    jayko, posted

    good girl mmmmm

    Belinda402007, posted

    do dupy

    ryszard_62, posted

    wow i'd like to be with them......

    erikx, posted

    good, I love french kissing a dog too, now give the dog a blowjob and drink his cum

    tgirlwhore, posted

    the girk is very ficking sexyyyyyyyyyyy

    mayy30, posted

    that girl hot soo much, she need a man! :) someones go and kiss this girl! cause dog is not enough hahaha

    teserag, posted

    Haven't cum that hard to porn in a long time. Great video, this chick makes me horny as all hell.

    Ficken92, posted

    pretty cute chick. i'd fuck her and her little dog too. hahahahahaha

    papi_papi, posted

    absolute favorite videos it helps that shes already hot as hell gope she makes even more

    skullking506, posted

    hot hot

    sinnick, posted

    I'd fuck that emo bitch with her dog any day.

    jamezwtf, posted

    Hot girl. Wish she had some movies posted with her being mounted by the dog.

    mongoose0956, posted

    i am very jealous of that dog wow <3

    catlov3r69, posted

    Wow, that was kinda hot!!!

    dickalien, posted

    The Video Was wow.. the girl is sooo cute.. he is the luckey DOG

    ray_0007, posted


    kg8470, posted

    She will have more out there :P just gotta find out where she stores them all hehehe ;)

    nerdguy, posted

    strange.. but erotic

    kitten2, posted

    more videos from this girl is so hooootttt mi email thundercars_4@hotmail.com

    absolutzoo, posted

    She is also cute..

    pakul1981, posted

    damn u girl ar so sexy.. :* Make more videos like this plzz .. ;)

    lohs, posted

    I LOVE watching women mate with male dogs!

    happy22034, posted

    What kind of girls u r,u r not satisfied with human fuck,i think u r crazy about fucking,so keep fucking ,,enjoy

    Md.javeed, posted

    nice girl no dog comen kiss mi!!!

    alash, posted


    Henki, posted

    they are sooo horny

    lisa4k9, posted

    i fucking love this girl!

    gandywan, posted

    is amazing girl very hot

    theharrisonshow, posted

    Love this girl, she's sooo cute, and making out with dogs is H.O.T!

    CumDrinkingSlut, posted

    i would be naked and rub my body up against Him while our tounges reach into each others mouths with my hand on His cock getting ready to have Him mount me. the french kissing is a great way to begin

    slavetok9, posted

    always wanted to do that!

    waffa, posted

    Oh that's hot. >_<

    CheeseDeluxe, posted

    yes im 16 please do you have a contact or anything?!?!?!?!?!??!!

    ragingreaper1, posted

    im 15 can i do her?

    jeemin, posted

    im 15 can i do her?

    jeemin, posted

    wow that was kinda hot

    chimillion, posted

    ragingreaper1...she is 16. Do you mean to say you are 16 as well?

    ILikeDogs, posted

    I need a girl like that to have fun with her best friend (I'm french and so Hot ;)

    ZooLoveur42, posted

    i must find this girl she looks my age i must have her! does anyone know where she lives or even an e mail???

    ragingreaper1, posted

    Third video I've seen with her. Wonder if there's more.

    DKM86, posted

    out of all the dog fucking ,sucking vids strangely this is hot ! in a way hotter . awesome . god that turned me on . more please. thanks

    puffaman, posted

    damn this is freaking hot '>_<

    acabadra, posted

    Does anyone know of any other videos this girls in?

    germanshepard69, posted

    A good shot of the back of a girls head and the front of a dogs head !!

    templer111, posted

    Does anybody know if she is or if she's in more videos? Shes gorgeous, Im almost feinting watching this movie...

    whozzes, posted

    Holy Mother of mercy! That was fantastic!!!

    whozzes, posted

    source?! probably the hottest girl/video ive seen in a long ass while.

    neonblackstar6, posted

    wow that was great

    rockyrocks, posted

    great vid the girls hot and really goes in for it, it made me so wet i wish it was licking my pussy while she was licking mine. i kiss my dog all the time i love it when our tongues meet and ALWAYS helps get me off ;) x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x xx x x xx x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

    dfghjklvcfgh, posted

    The video is great the girl if obviously enjoying it very much and it look like the dog is used to it the girl herself is very attractive, and I would love to see fuck the dog. But otherwise if your into girls only kissing dogs this video is great for you and you show watch it I highly recommend it, You could easily jack off to this movie. The girl is Goth to so that could also be a fetish of yours. I know it is one of mine, I would rate this video a 7 out of 10. Overall watch this video.

    mmiller75, posted

    This is one of my favorite videos ever. I can't find her name, but that same girl did several other videos. She's kissing her husky in all the videos iv seen of her and she really seems to enjoy it(; in this one she gets even more into it, though. In others she opens her mouth and waits for him to lick her, but here she pounces right away and kisses his lips, savoring his tongue, as he tastes her sweet lips and sticks his tongue down her throat. i like to imagine her tasting his saliva, maybe swallowing it.. haha sorry if thats gross.

    jackk225, posted

    Wow! Thats all that can really be said about this video. She pretty much tongue fucks this lucky canines throat You see this girl making out with her dog (which i find sexy) and she has no problem doing it. In some of her videos she does have usually a bikini or underwear on though but she really made up for it with that make out session. She really is starting to become one of my favorites in this genre, I mean even the professionals dont have as much passion as this girl does. And although its a little repetitive all you really can say is wow and keep up the good work.

    maznixjr, posted

    This girl is one of my favorites, she has at least 2 more videos out there, the other two she is wearing a lot less clothing, in this one she just makes out with her dog, she's probably filming it on a digital camera in her bathroom. all the videos are in this room and she may have more clothing on than usual but she's into kissing her dog more than ever in this one. She doesn't just stick her toungue out and kiss him, she gets right down to kissing his lips while he is sticking his tongue down her throat. If you like these videos we can only hope this girl gets an actualy penatration video soon, because she is really hot and about 19 i would say

    jordo2001, posted
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