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    Hentai 8


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    Uploaded by rommeltje · Rating: 4.0 (68 votes) · 28314 views


    i wish my dog would let me do dat

    hulk2004, posted

    I wish a dog was fucking me in the mouth today and cumming down my throat. Yummy !

    tgirlwhore, posted

    total crap

    johncummins2007, posted

    For anyone that wants to see the full movie: do a Google search for wanwan hentai.

    rommeltje, posted

    The cumshot is fun if cartoony--the girl's eyes roll impossibly far back into her head & instead of dribbling out her lips, the dog's cum splashes out of her mouth as if out of a fountain. Nonetheless, the animation is superb and the effect striking.

    apuleius055, posted

    would have been funny if the bottle blasted out of her vagina

    Beyrone, posted

    haha, the dog is really enjoy that. i like how the girl whimpers and it shows us as the viewer that she's loving it as much as her big dicked puppy was. i love the dog's facial expression as he pumps it into her sweet mouth and her eyes roll back into her head with pleasure. it's clear that she loves the feeling of her doggy's dick in her mouth and loves that she makes him feel that way. when he cums and it splashes all over, you know that girl is satisfied and she wants to do it over again, and maybe even fuck him next time. i'd definitely watch this clip again because i love the girl's hot little sounds and how the dog takes control of her. yum!

    baileydarling, posted
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