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    Uploaded by 1q2w3e4r · Rating: 4.1 (284 votes) · 44409 views


    lycky dog :(!

    kupan91, posted

    oh that was sexy ! anymore?

    Byblood, posted

    This girl has a perfect ass, I'd gladly lick her clean.

    iceman32290, posted

    Oh I know how that feels, love my dog licking me in front of my friends and others

    JessiMom, posted

    this clip makes me have a party in my pants.. :))

    kitten2, posted

    ı can lıck pusy :)) ı woit

    by_jinekolog, posted

    she has an amazing body

    geeorr9, posted

    GAWD.. i love it how he goes after her butt!! i know i've commented on the clip several times now but it's very captivating to me.. i would pay, i think, to see them get it on together.. that would be totally & breathtakingly awesome!

    kitten2, posted

    i agree this vid is sooo hot id love to see more of this girl...

    Hector8889, posted

    i'm sooo jealous!!! this vid makes me soooo horny!!!

    kitten2, posted

    i have to comment on this one again cuz this is an awesome vid.. the girl has a cute body and her puppy is so into her.. they get it on so well together.. an it's so obvious she's into him too.

    kitten2, posted

    can we get more of this please???

    honeydew, posted

    Great movie. Nice ass. Would love to see her knotted.

    tempt8ion72, posted

    Man, she must be young, has such a perfect body, tis and ass.... lucky dog indeed.

    jayko, posted

    that was one lucky dog. she is hot girl.

    tlpilk007, posted

    I love the forplay between these two.. I would love to see them get it on

    kitten2, posted

    I know a dog is a girls best friend

    JessiMom, posted

    What an incredible ass! Love to see more of her being well knotted by a big dog.

    cooljim, posted

    Oh my yes, yes, and YES! Super sexy ass...love the ways she pushes it at the dog...I would love to 69 her while the dog mounts her or me...those luscious breasts need a warm mouth to suck them. *raising hands* ME,ME!!

    kerri48, posted

    where can i find a girl like that! hit me up =]

    doggybondage, posted

    why not call me?

    3818667, posted

    this is so incredible to me ~ it looks totally intense and sensual! i love everything about this movie :)

    lilknotty1, posted

    yeah she is a fucking sexy bitch! sweetie!

    Prasak, posted

    This has got to be one of the sexiest butts around. I'm jealous of the pooch! Can we see a bit more action? Like dog getting to mount her and getting his end away with her?

    oxenhope, posted

    Like it when he aims for her asshole<3 She got nice breasts by the way ;)

    CumDrinkingSlut, posted

    I want to trade places with the lady love getting licked like that

    doggiedoer2, posted

    wow she is hot, great body, I'd love to help that dog lick her, maybe then we can both share the dog ;)

    kitty90, posted

    very hot video! damn she's beautiful...and she obviously loves that nice big doggie tongue licking her sweet pussy! MMmm

    dogluvr, posted

    I want to help I'l eat that pussy , fill it with cream then watch him lick and fuck you silly.

    boylans, posted

    I know a dog can lick real good but I love to lick pussy as much as any dog loves to lick pussy.

    nolin, posted

    mmmmmmmmmm love this one too! very hott! my pussy want that lickin!

    littlebit3860, posted

    damn that looks delish.

    xivoryx, posted

    i wish it was me

    attala200, posted


    sherryspatz, posted

    want to meet both!

    alrightybabes, posted

    i wish i was that dog!

    rdy4ya33, posted

    HOT! K-9 LUVR

    mehoff, posted

    A mi me la chupa igual es genial

    gra2081, posted

    damn she is hot anymore of her?

    mark2265, posted

    What a great looking women that is. Love to see more of her in action with animals.

    TedOsborne, posted

    I will volunteer to help with that project...mmm

    curious_chick, posted

    will fuck this pussy

    yefimia, posted


    harleypoor, posted

    Very nice. I would love to catch her on cam sometime...

    DU12Doit, posted

    that is some of the finest softest licking of a girl with a stunning body and pussy i have ever seen

    makelove, posted

    exelent body!

    jp1984, posted

    Smokin Body, i would love to be your dog!

    jimmy77, posted

    shes got a great body

    farm_guy, posted

    chick had a great ass, tits looked good too.

    Anoneriffic, posted

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    prodj2, posted

    This girl has a fabulous ass--super sexy. Knowing that she is really getting-off on having her clit licked by her dog makes her even hotter. I daydream that after he is finished licking her, that I will kneel behind her, and enter her. Perhaps I'll grab her perfect tits, and squeeze them, as I fuck her, while the dog licks us both, driving us to wave after wave of intense pleasure. I would love to see more of this girl--no doubt about it! The way she pulls the dog back to her pussy and ass, and the almost-but-not-quite look at her face. She is teasing us--she knows it, and we know it, and we love her all the more for it! Fantastic!

    dragonthane, posted
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