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    Submissive Girl Is Bred With K9 To Punish Her


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    A BBW sub is forced to breed with a K9 as punishment and training.

    Uploaded by Everett_WA_USA · Rating: 4.0 (289 votes) · 54860 views


    Some punishment. That looks like fun.

    Serukai, posted

    like her sounds but clip to short

    Rex69069, posted

    damn i love it want more,, drop me a line dapiggy54 YH

    dapiggy, posted

    I wish I was there to milk those beautiful breasts!

    peetyj, posted

    one of the best videos ever

    Balamocelot, posted

    damnnn i cant see the free video please anyine very kind tell how i see those free video i know icant see the premium only paying but the free why i cant see them please anyone tell i apritiating thank

    icemannpr, posted

    too short

    kendall10, posted

    Yes, take it you stupid bitch!

    southukmale79, posted

    she started screaming before dog put his penis in her pussy. . Thats shit

    irakleio, posted

    oh fuck I want to submit to a master and his dog like this..make me

    dragonflychild, posted

    Thanks Wexrunning for sharing it with us. Timeless great work!

    digitallover, posted

    so nice ..i like it ..wow

    moony9, posted

    Love to se those tits swing as he pounds her!

    buckser, posted

    Wow...sure would like to meet a female into this sort of thing...we could have fun =)

    dogweener, posted

    Digitallover's comment 11 months ago is correct ;-)

    wexrunning, posted

    good quality wish it was longer... love it when her tits bounce so hot

    Darkalley, posted

    This is not a punishment. ;)

    caninehoney, posted

    awsume azz man my cock stood solid azz dam ...

    ben6677, posted

    Hat den niemand einen lieben Rüden um damit meine Frau zu decken??? Bei sympatie darf der Besitzer vor meinen Augen meine Frau auch vögeln!!!

    MacLeoud, posted

    Young hottie from FL looking 4 fun. Message me if intersted ;)

    fuckmehardbaby, posted

    Thank you, very beautiful.

    a7788257, posted

    mmmm i wanta be her .....a sub.. slut to be pounded HARD...knotted n used... please helppppppppp me..xo

    luvs2sqrt4u, posted

    She's a babe. Love to have a wife like her. What a lucky guy to have her. Hard to fine a woman like that...that's willing to go along for some erotic fun.

    KDog2008, posted

    fast..and nice

    moony9, posted

    good video

    246748ajacs, posted

    Incredible videos. She has a few ones called "On the bedroom floor" which counts almost 10 minutes but I wish I could get all inedited material of this unique woman. Please share with me all info to kalibos51@hotmail.com I will appreciated it.

    kalibos51, posted

    Awesome! Never seen a bitch dogfucked and lactating before....very very horny.

    Cmmshot, posted

    Beautiful:) i luv nice ass like this gurl being pounded by a dog.

    pishawa, posted

    nice video

    mudang, posted

    I wish I would or could get punished like that. So if there are any dogs out there in the NY are that wants to punish me cum and get me.

    need2suckle, posted

    i want contact whit a girl.i have found out that i can not live whitout a girl who are into animalsex.want to chat whit you and also meet you if posible.my name is roy age 38 live in norway but i can travel any place if it is about animalsex.have never tried before but i am going to try sucking horse and dog.want to be fucked by a big dog when a girl sucking my cock.pleas answer me mail joseroy@live.no

    animalg, posted

    there has to be strong nasty men out there who enjoy degrading women this way.

    luckie, posted

    nice video i wish i was her. punish me to fuck a whole gang of dogs!!!

    curious032, posted

    I love, I'm excited their groaning, and envy me

    marlenediet, posted

    i need a master that makes me service the pets. so jealous

    k9inmo, posted

    I would "punish" her all day <33

    fullani, posted

    OMG...this chick is hot!!!! wish there were more...like did she take the knot?

    bb_dds, posted

    That's not punishment....pure pleasure.

    2lvdogcock, posted

    I LOVE this one I keep cumming back it is too short !!!!!!!!!!! what fantastic tits she has mmmmmmmmmmm

    Belinda402007, posted

    OMG I love this bitch, what fantastic tits, mmmmmmmmm this is what I want, to be bred and lactate yum xx

    Belinda402007, posted

    awesome vid, ive never see a bitch leak milk like that while gettin fucked, would like to see if the dog noticed her leaking and tried to lick it up!

    redmandog, posted

    I got so hot and wet watching this one again

    doggiedoer2, posted

    This is a superb movie by : Athelwex and his beautiful submissive Eaven ( Txdoggurl ) More detail on Beastwiki and Beastforum . Great work.

    digitallover, posted

    Wow. All I can say Wow!

    Malepuppylips, posted

    wow it might be a short clip but by the sound of her pleasure,hmmmm punishment?

    bigarse, posted

    Big doggie,i'd like to play with him too.^^

    Kura2008, posted

    this slave deserves that kind of punishment

    slavetok9, posted

    wow one of the best clips would love to see more of her

    Ddriver, posted

    I have been a very bad lil girl.....and I need punishment... please

    pet_lovers, posted

    wow is right that was one hot video with her leaking milk like that. I was bad will you punish me like that

    doggiedoer2, posted

    WOW! This is one of the best clips I have seen for ages. This noisy submissive (pregnant??) beauty wearing her s&m wrist restraints and lactating uncontrollable! Very good! Breast Milk Leakage (BML) is a challenge that most new mothers encounter, resulting ... BML is the uncontrollable release of breast milk from the nipple in response to a reflex in lactating women known as “letdown”, or Milk Ejection Reflex (MER). [source: the web]

    digitallover, posted

    What great way to be punished!I've been bad all day! is it my turn next?

    KnotBlkTemptres, posted

    i get punished like that regularly. I love it

    ErinLucy, posted

    if this is how i got punished i would be a bad girl all the time!!

    littlelover, posted

    I would love to "punished "like that !!!

    Fucktoy, posted

    Liked the tit swing wish there was more

    lineto, posted

    Sweet. She was digging it!

    harleypoor, posted

    Lovely lady--wish there was more to it though.

    RuckusFox, posted

    fantatsic video,love to here her moan

    brisk9cpl, posted

    she put the ger in swinger baby!

    simsrobert47, posted

    I would love to see more she is so Hot! Her hard nipples tells me she didn't mind her punishment to much. Thanks for sharing.

    don, posted

    lov her body gr8 tits new to me i lov bbws!

    beastsexbill, posted

    if that is a punishment call me Brat!

    slo18, posted

    well id like 2 c a longer clip of your sub being punished and getting bitch training /that would be great mmmmm

    chevyss, posted

    its a punishment to watch this and not get the rest

    Beastbud, posted

    qusiera ser le perroo q buen culoo lastima es muy corto el video

    izzy_12, posted

    Where is the punishment? Where is the entire clip? I think this would be much better with the entire scene.

    negroperro, posted

    LOL--well I guess not!

    Everett_WA_USA, posted

    That's a punishment?

    different, posted

    Awesome vid. The bitch really likes being taken from behind. I personally love the milk leaking from her tits onto the floor. Just a horny mom fucking the dog. It's sweet, and I'd love that to be me. Even watching this in the room would be very fulfilling. The fact that she is a BBW is even more of a turn on. This woman has a huge ass, and huge tits, and the dog loves it. She is a horny bitch that needs submitted by her dog. I can just imagine this video leaking out to her family. A dog slut with leaky, milky tits for everyone to see.

    bigbutts12, posted
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