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    Zoo Cartoon


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    zoo cartoon - horse with girl

    Uploaded by bestialist · Rating: 3.8 (256 votes) · 116296 views


    This was rather hilarious, nice background music!

    jayko, posted

    have to say that this a true original and I love the soundtrack!!!

    texasbluemule, posted

    very nice one

    dondrus, posted

    What. The. Fuck. She was like eating the tip of his dick. Like eating it and then spitting it back out again. Anyways. Weird...loved the song though, lol.

    redtulips3, posted

    loved that , thanks.

    HSLC, posted

    video grandioso

    arodri, posted

    great movie

    sextoysc19, posted

    WHAT SONG IS THIS?! I too liked this video, it made me smile~<3

    C00lstory, posted

    The horse had really cute balls, don't you think?

    jaikei, posted

    I like it!!!!!!!!!!

    lolboy2, posted

    I like the cartoons, they are funny and make me horny at the same time. I do know wether to laugh or masturbate. This horse trotting down the road with his big dick flopping from side to side, sees this fine blonde haired milk maid and get excited till he couldn't control himself, started squirting horse cum about a 100 yards away on to the maid. That got me excited then eeehehhee. the horse laid the pipe to her and she took it horsey style. the maid girl was hot and she gave it back to him, she rode that horse dick like as if she was riding on his back. But thats not all she done. She got down on her knee and sucked that big horse cock till the horse couldn't take it no longer, he busted a big ole horse nut on the maid girl again,nearly cover her entire body..WOW. I call it the girl was to hot for the horse to trot

    bugman22, posted

    I like it

    wetpussykat, posted

    i enjoyed it very much

    sean51, posted

    This video stop in 6 sec.

    jokersam, posted

    To who ever made this job well done!!!

    horny5099, posted

    'Cartoony' as opposed to Anime quality animation but for those who find animations exciting this is definitely worth a look. The girl could be just a little prettier but this is more than made up for by the great fucking and sucking action and at 1.22 it's a generous clip for a freebie.

    Heathcliffe, posted

    Loved it

    kaka11234, posted

    great video you posted ! is there more? if so please upload the full thing or tell em where i can find this cartoon at !

    SSGT, posted

    Thank you, very beautiful.

    a7788257, posted

    alright i guess but the song was badass

    haavatra, posted

    yeah, lets relax and have some fun.

    esparzascc, posted

    wow you edited this! the original was better than this stolen one

    yayyay, posted

    wow you edited this! the original was better than this stolen one

    yayyay, posted

    wow you edited this! the original was better than this stolen one

    yayyay, posted

    wow you edited this! the original was better than this stollen one

    yayyay, posted

    please more cartoons like this , i love.

    josephmontiel, posted


    Tslizzle669, posted

    the music made it even better xD

    herbienbrian, posted

    Agree with mehoff, loved the cum at the ending, just gotta love cartoons like this :)

    CumDrinkingSlut, posted

    Wish someone would make another where horse exploded in the girls pussy!

    mehoff, posted

    loved his cum running down her body to her pus so hott!

    mehoff, posted

    Is there a longer version anywhere? Please lemme know.

    ILuvMattie, posted

    mien liked stopped all the time in the middle

    masterdebater, posted

    Yea awesome

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    thats awsome

    hornyxxx, posted

    You made me have to go download the song..

    yiffmenao, posted

    That was great! Thank you for posting it!

    jlongtail, posted

    love cartoon sex, especially animal. I love doing animals and women.

    freakie, posted

    Perfect! Every woman's dream :-) Luvd it, thanks.

    pet2luv, posted

    good clip

    marhe01, posted

    lol this is more goofy then sexy

    M3H, posted

    I would have been fucking that horses ass the whole time! Sweet vid, any more like this?

    Fox1123, posted

    very good. more please. can you tell me what the song is?

    TimeFlyz, posted

    she went a ridin' fer sure!!

    mehoff, posted

    more cartoon

    tecnicoteste, posted

    Absolutely loved it. Make some more cartoons PLEASE! Matbe some missionary next time *hint*

    viewer2293, posted


    Immanis, posted

    more cartoon

    parsiNO, posted

    Funny! Thanks for posting it!

    fuzzcache, posted

    Funny..I like it

    shadow, posted

    yep, that was good,more please,thanks

    bomar, posted

    good fun,where do i find more please bestialist,please

    k9sub, posted

    more cartoon

    horseboy, posted


    NinjaEd1, posted

    this is a great lil mov ie clip but I also agree it would be nice if it was longer in length. these lil clips are never long enough sad ly. the chick in the clip didnt seem to be enjoying her self as much as the horse was lol. not only did the horse have a bigg ggg grin he also had a very very large cock which was hot. I wish more ppl would post animated clips like this since they are fun to watch and are hot, I am not sure where I could find this kind of thing but I enjoy watch ing them :)

    kay2727, posted

    haha weird but the music works for some reason. its kind of funny but also a little hot and i really enjoyed it for some reason must be a mental issue on my part but anyways i think this is worth watching at least for the hilauriousness. it really is quite goood i guess but its too short and it would be great if there was some audio for that characters and not just the one song that plays. Its kind of disappointing in that department but oh well I guess its still entertaining and if you haven’t watched it you should you will get a smirk out of it at the least

    brennan169, posted

    the video quality kinda sucks, its kinda corny, but not all that bad. would be nice if it were longer, like the other person said, its not the best cartoon on the site. i will still try to find other parts to this and watch it if there are any. if there isn't, then there should be some more made. i do believe that my main favorite part is when the horse is pounding her. tho that is when my video quality slows down, so i only see alittle. but from what i have seen, its alright. i don't know what else to say about this video, i'm really trying to stretch out the words to that i can get my "250" credits. lol!

    babelishious, posted

    Not bad as cartoons go. The music maybe a little corny, but it doesn't detract from the movie as a whole. While most of the frames are looped (and go in tempo with the song which is a nice touch) the parts that are, are at least full on sex. It starts of with a cartoon horse jaunting into the screen, with a quick up and down view of the nicely proportioned blonde. After the horses eyes bug out, he proceeds to French the blonde in his cum. With that introduction, the animation skips straight to doggy-style sex withc close ups of the blondes swinging breasts, and the horses cock pounding in and out of her. A few seconds of that before switching to cow girl, and a shot of her kissing the horse. A few close ups of the horses cock sinking into her, before switching to a handjob/blowjob session. A few strokes and sucks later, the horse cums on the blondes face. The final shot is a close up of the blonde cupping her breasts while the cum runs down here body.

    Ulono, posted

    This is the only cartoon that I absolutely love. Even though some of the parts in the video are unrealistic, I find it more attractive. A cartoon can do sexual activities that someone in reality could never do. The cartoon is too short in my opinion. A good 2 to 2 1/2 minutes would have been better. The music matches the cartoon's rhythm and the lyrics are somewhat related to the video as well. The girl in the video is not the most attractive face-wise, but is very well-rounded. The horse is on the thin side, but he carries a rather large cock. The way I see it, the more cock a woman takes from a horse, the sexier. The horse cums constantly from the moment he spots the girl. After they meet eyes, she takes it doggy-style, bounces on his cock, and finishes him off with a blowjob. Overall, I give this video a firm 9 out of 10.

    ILuvMattie, posted

    This is definitely one of the cheesiest cartoons on the site. That's not to say I don't like it; it has it's golden parts, and is respectable in length. The animation style is rather cliche, exaggerating anatomy and body parts, and making the woman overly voluptuous. A quirk I found to be a turn off was the stretching and contortion of the skin in various scenes. It may be just me, but even in cartoons I enjoy some measure of realism, and cramming a horse cock into a woman's mouth like Mary Poppins stores umbrellas fails to hit it home for me. The music is riding a grey line; while fitting in it's innuendo and sexuality, it's the music that makes this cartoon as odd as it is.

    Ravana, posted
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