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    Couple & Dog


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    Couple having fun with dog on webcam.

    Uploaded by beastview08 · Rating: 2.7 (1110 votes) · 169780 views


    what a pity the dog was not up for sex as the bitch was wet and ready, more training required, but a good start

    chrisoz, posted

    The split nano second I see a girl smoking in any of these videos, I'm gone. Disgusting and a monumental turn off.

    Viking25, posted

    No wonder so many women are unsatisfied with their sex partners. Lame. Learn the art of seduction and train your dog better dude.

    KennyCopafiel, posted

    she should teach the dog how to fuck :-)

    rberger, posted

    perfect summary

    qhuma4321, posted

    I need a fun girl like this.

    zjao, posted

    Pity. Looks like the pooch didn't know what to do ...

    farmpoker, posted


    sn00ze, posted

    Very nice! So lovely! She makes me hard and want to cum inside her! MMMM!

    DogHorseSukr, posted

    fuckin rubbish

    blondiej, posted

    they need to take it off fast forward

    michaellj1972, posted

    rubbish oh and u cant dance

    hjcstc, posted

    should have spitroasted her - the doggie fuckin her from behind and the guy deep in her throat

    hot_nick20, posted

    im 19 male looking for female with webcam or male with webcam and does beasty

    reaper93, posted

    lol fuckin retarded

    DoubleDude, posted

    i really love it! it`s all natural, they past a very good night together and they have fun, i hope to see them in other one. problem with recorder but very good,thank you

    marimot, posted

    Wtf.......i can't jerkoff that fast.....its like I'm watching charlie chaplain porn.....wtf???

    666pedro666, posted


    madcyril, posted

    haha they look like they're on PCP.

    Anaminis, posted

    Young young Male from lower Wisconsin. Want to get very kinky. Pm me to hook up. Im 5'9, 135 pounds.

    likelikealot, posted

    at least she got SOME dick

    whsepop, posted

    21 year old lad wants to chat on skype luk3y167 or email me jonnyfoster167@gmail.com

    hotrod167, posted

    why fast foward?? :(

    kain_80, posted


    kikotas, posted

    That's probably the hottest thing ever.

    johndoenyc, posted

    she is hot! girls into this sot of thing msg me. im 25 m uk! ;-)

    partyboyuk, posted

    I kept waiting for the Benny Hill music to que up.

    sweetncreamy, posted

    horny bi 15yr old male in ca LA area

    ims3d, posted


    annon7878, posted

    what a pile of cow dung!!

    vandiesel60, posted

    This is the I am hahahahahaha

    Nahla, posted

    Well....had I actually watched all 3:30 minutes of this clip I would say I want that 3:30 minutes of my life back.....boring , pointless and no sound. and fast forward.....wthf?? its like watching a charlie chaplain film!!!

    666pedro666, posted

    Like this...

    uikjoss, posted

    These guys, the dude and the broad were just playing. They had no intentions of letting the dog fuck the broad. They just wanted to fuck themselves and record it. If they just wanted to fuck themselves, that's okay with me. But then why put it here in an animalsexsite? Because there's a dog in it? But you have no sex with the dog! animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    omg wish if can suck both cocks

    gayzoo, posted

    And once again forgotten. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    would anyone like to video chat with me? can i please watch u fuck ur pet? i really need 2 cum!

    pnksk8er220, posted

    Ehh... tis was ok.. didnt really like the speed.. could of slowd it juss by a cunthair an it would have been good.. would have been MUCH better if the dog was actually interested in it.. but if i wanted to watch a couple fuck.. id go to an actual porn site... that kinda shit shouldnt be posted/shared here unless the animal is actually, willingly involved.. to me.. looked like the dog could care less an had little to No interest in fucking her..

    FlickLickMyClit, posted

    I liked it camera speed was a little to fast but still had some very good shots of a very hot horny up for anything lady Thank you for sharing

    fidos_ladi, posted

    The clip would've been boring, had it been twice as long. Hell, it was already boring. The girl touching the dog's dick is not having sex with him. Neither is the guy putting the dog over her. Or him pointing his sheated dick towards her cunt. It's all too erratic. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    Not a great clip. In which they did move everythning fast. Imagine if they hadn't. then the movie would've been twice as long, which means seven minutes. Then you could have seen the guy fuck the girl for 7 minutes

    cleclego, posted

    Not a good clip, this couple wasn't into anything and it shows. They needed to entice the dog by working on his cock, either by hand or by mouth, then they should have made an attempt to get him ready for pussy. One way is to have a bitch in heat and get her scent on your hand or item, rub it on the womans pussy, then work with the dog to do his thing. This couple could be a real winner if they learned a few things needed to train a dog to fuck a womans pussy instead of a dog pussy.

    dipswitch69, posted

    the woman is in good shape mate will endeavor to improve the thing but the dog is absent ahay to train more. but good game

    palopma, posted

    Disregarding the film speed and lack of sound, at least it wasn't blasting some distracting inane "music", the great looking young couple gave it a good shot. Thanks for shareing.

    watchindirty, posted

    wow..super...mais serait encore plus beau si on verrait le chien grimper la femme...la fourrer au fond...moi g auquebec saguenay-lac st-jean..écrivez moi...

    Nickstfelicien, posted

    I really would have enjoyed this much more if it wasn't moving so fast....looks hot otherwise..

    petalandflowers, posted

    I think the dog would be more into it if it was him on his hands and knees, I know I would be..

    lvmydog, posted

    sieht ja schonmal gut aus

    sascha4711, posted

    Hot bod on the girl, but it's moving in very fast motion. 2 out of 5.

    jackf9, posted

    This is utter garbage. At BEST this is just 2 people who use this dog like they would a dildo or other sex toy laying around the house. At worst, this video doesn't even belong uploaded here since this is a site for animals and humans enjoying each other sexually, NOT for humanXhuman where the animal is an "enhancement" tool! Oh, and since it is with some slow web cam and is low resolution and is all choppy, it is nearly unwatchable anyway.

    TZwolf, posted


    dutchxx, posted


    jackf9, posted

    na der rüde war wohl noch etwas zu jung, so wenig interesse, schade, hätte sonst ja ein toller dreier werden können

    Flowerpotman, posted

    I don't know about you, bus as for me, I wish I had a wife who accepts to do this such as this woman.

    nogueira, posted

    sucked... way to fast to enjoy plus the dog was not into it..

    beastialitygirl, posted

    aluzky, are u infected yet?

    EvilWolf, posted

    this movie sucked

    mhgftyv, posted

    •Aluzky• They idiots, they try for like 10 minutes to arouse the dog again after the first time, that won't happen, dogs like humans need to rest between erections/ejaculation.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    very sexy couple!

    Shepherd789, posted

    Hot babe. Hope soon they get the dog trained. He looks young. Give a few more months and he will be humping her good and she will enjoy it tremendousely.

    kojak, posted


    feredsox, posted

    WTF!? Might be pretty good if it wasn't in hyper speed. Hit play and just enjoy, no need to fast forward through the whole vid. lol The couple seems intrested in training the pooch and introducing him into their sex play, that's cool and the girl is hotter than hell with a stud that high a nice high hard one. But sssllloooooooowww it down!

    browneyedog, posted

    from PA near philly hit me up in message box if ur looking to have some fun girls or guys does not matter so plz message me im horny

    followdreams, posted

    i like the part with the boy

    kianiiiiiiij, posted

    Too fast an the dog needs more training .

    hornsone9447, posted

    Dog: "Do Not Want..."

    mrfaceless, posted

    The dog is new to this sort of thing, you can tell because hes totaly not into it.

    ShieiMei, posted

    a little too fast and no sound...slow it down and get sound and it would have been perfect!

    bseibert67, posted

    stupid gay dog

    tom438, posted

    ok little glitchy

    prouse, posted

    a little fast moving but was good seeing a couple and a dog

    pete6755, posted

    if I was vthhere we'd be playing sandwich

    fredpotts, posted

    guter Film senden Sie bitte mehr

    moklie, posted

    nice vid

    anubas69, posted

    im a girl and i love dog sex, anyone wanna talk about it? message me ;)

    wolfbabe63, posted

    good movie, fast

    superbeasto, posted

    id like to taste that girls pussy. she hot shame the dog wasnt up for more!

    partyboyuk, posted

    Sweet! Nice try. Pup was a no go.

    harleypoor, posted

    'tho years ago, it still makes up the heat in me, wanna try this...

    douglas8, posted

    Ok. I liked it even though there was no audio but indeed i liked it. I would love to find a women that would share my passion for this.

    roverover, posted

    scher gut

    wiesiek4435, posted

    wow how lame! the dog sniffed that chick's nasty crotch and is smart not to lick. he didn't even want to mount and the gent had to lift him up on her. in my opinion, poor dog!! i'll rescue him and properly train him!

    lou44, posted

    And the dog says. "Forget this." And I agree with falinrok when it was said: "about 1 month ago falinrok wrote:if these free clips are anything like the ones id pay to see... fuck you " And that girl is -not- by any means "sexy" or anything.

    tiberious, posted

    get it right this time.Shame there is no sound.Lovely girl who likes cock beautiful body been nice to see dog mount her properly.

    ralhper, posted

    shame there is no sound lovely likes cock beautiful body been properly.

    ralhper, posted

    nice looking couple. they'll learn how to get the dog to fuck them.

    olderbi, posted

    zoek iemand in belgie die dit doet en zou dit wel eens samen willen uitproberen mail mij op kangeroe60@hotmail.com aub groetjes en likjes

    kangeroe, posted

    if these free clips are anything like the ones id pay to see... fuck you

    falinrok, posted

    This movie is broken. no sound and double speed.

    speedlik, posted

    if i was the dog for sure i will had fuck this girl,,, but this dog doesnt like sex at all

    jello1, posted

    send more please

    passionate, posted

    mein gott wie blöd mußt man sein,der hund kennt es noch nicht also bring ihm langsam bei,und wix ihn bis er seinen cock aus tasche raus holt.. idioten

    ebrusch, posted

    Im Prinzip eine geile Idee, Mann und Frau ficken und wollen den Hund mit einbinden. Der wusste nur nicht was er machen soll. Die müssen noch viel üben, dann klappt es auch. Wer in Germany / NRW hat real Sex mit einem Haustier und lässt mich zusehen, später evtl. auch mehr...?? Diskretion ist selbstverständlich!

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    Lame, the dog isn't even CLOSE to interested in her sloppy pussy.

    dreaddy, posted

    RAPE, the dog doesn't want.

    mysteria13, posted

    yes i agree with u she is so sexy too bad the dog not excited at all and ciiperted!

    Tomer29, posted

    would be a great movie if the pooch new what the hell to do. either that or he was to old to give a crap. haha. dumb ass, put me in a doggy suit I know how to knock that pussy off.

    oliverhillbilly, posted

    this is how a fun night should be like!

    Cmmshot, posted

    The action was very good. It is obvious she is willing but the connection just seems not to be made with this video. But a greattry inded !!!

    corinne4dogs, posted

    superbe jeune femme que j aimerai etre a la place de son mec

    xav60, posted

    Anyone please help me do appear on here love to do it all zzuke@hotmail.com in England London

    ianmax, posted

    If you want your dog to screw you at a later time, don't get his nutts clipped, then he will know how to pound you later. Absolute crap video.

    becauseican, posted

    The couple really wanted the dog involved, but the dog didn't know what to do. Training.

    Justwandering2, posted

    No action, no nothing. A waste of time.

    DanishMale, posted

    poland here waiting for pm

    dupsko, posted

    dude is a perv and a sick guy.

    jboazmajesty, posted

    i like especially the part in which the dog tells that he's in love with poodle next door

    Flowerhunter, posted

    A real ball breaker!


    stupid, boring, too fast, silly..

    bluesgirl13, posted

    This girl is absolutely fabulous looking, beautiful body and willing to take man or doggy cock. Dog didn't seem at all interested but enjoyed watching this lovely chick take a bit of cock from her boyfriend. Would certainly enjoy seeing more of her!

    kaaty, posted

    Hey, Im sucking my pit bull right now, anyone wanna chat while I get knotted...maybe even talk on the phone.

    pnkpssy, posted

    Only thing I didn't like was the film speed was a bit too fast to really get a feel of the action.. made everything seem too rushed and very hurried... other than that it was a lot of fun to watch.

    luvsdogluvnwmn, posted

    no move black only

    stubbyca64, posted

    don't make anymore of these it sucked big time.

    crazyme1957, posted

    Liked it

    jigglemeplz, posted

    She was a Hot woman

    doitonetime, posted

    Okay let me get this straight...thats a guy w/a Hot chick banging and they also bang a dog?...WHERE ARE YOU PEOPLE!!

    Shockna, posted

    this is a great video, everything just seems so natural, although for me, the whole thing played too fast.

    blitzkreuz, posted

    Is she french? Love how she takes a cigarette break.

    Decemberist, posted

    any females like to chat?

    Pacific, posted

    Looks like spot could've used a fluffer which I'd be happy to accomodate...hell, I'd like to suck both of 'em...

    mmmgulp, posted

    hot pussy, she made me really wet, nice hard cock on her boyfriend

    pandora1964, posted

    I think this is probably a first effort, I liked it. There is every thing in it, the dog needs more training. what would be good is to film this again but with another dog who knows what to do, then the other dog would compete to fuck her, plus me if I had the chance. The girl should put on a very short skirt & stocking, keep the bra on but have her tits hanging over the top, a fantastic young lady who could go far.

    bonzoboy, posted

    This was alright but the dog needs some training my dog would have been all over me and in me in a flash. I was deflowered at the age of 14 as well but by my dog and I have never stopped, I also model both figure and bathing suit and I would love to be an escort sometimes. I have never regretted anything as well and have only done a threesome with 2 guys, I have only been with 2 dogs both Danes both very large, I have also masturbated my stallion many times in fact now when he sees me he gets a hard on. Sometimes when I go out I wear stockings and no panties and a short skirt and a low see through top with a shelf bra or nothing at all and always high heels.I once met a guy and his friend and after I got to know them a bit one of them tried to neck and play with me and told him that I could not decide between the two of them so it would have to be the 2 of them together or neither well they agreed to that right away and we went off to my place. That was a friday around 9pm and we did not put cloths back on till late Sunday night. I had cum in me and on me and after they went home my Dane and I tied one on.

    needfull, posted

    someone get that bitch another dog that wants to fuck

    redmandog, posted

    my dick got hard just looking at her but the dog to be a good sex partner either has to be a natural or amenable to training. this fellow was not into it, but it was fun to see the couple having fun.

    luvembig, posted

    I don't care about the dog, I set my eyes at the girl, she's wonderful. Pretty, lovely, good looking and open minded. What else ? With this woman, finding another dog wouldn't be a problem. I'd like to know her better.

    nogueira, posted

    Big bull shit..........

    shaitanx1, posted

    hey, i disagree, she was realy wanting that dog to fuck her, pitty he wasn't into it. i hope they find a dog to do her and we can see it, was good to watch..

    mousemat, posted

    that was terrible!

    8crazyemotions, posted

    the dog is so not into it...just let him be

    MasterRecruits, posted

    its ok, sweet and fun, minus the audio tho.

    jayko, posted

    That poor dog, if he aint interested LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Snowwhite, posted

    remake it at normal speed then it would be a good movie

    bobaarev, posted

    Maybe if you spent less time smoking and more time training your dog it would have been a better experience! lame...

    lovek9knot, posted

    boring, and it made me dizzy,

    nytro, posted

    damn she is hott as hell. shit i would do her,.

    djzion, posted

    Yeah, the dog seemed totally disinterested in doing her. Didn`t even look like she got him hard jacking him (the dog). But she does have nice titties.

    thinnernow, posted

    is this for real,this sucked

    horniedog, posted

    i like it love to see more

    power1, posted

    very very good video!

    zlss, posted

    what up with the speed?

    l0lgfhax, posted

    tis is the most stupid,bored, unsexy, video it suck the girl,dog even the moron he doesn.t even pleasse his gf SUCKS

    cajeta3829, posted

    she is nice and sexy but the speed? hello!

    Prasak, posted

    well, really fast don't you think? And the dog was possibly bored.

    ccintor, posted

    I love 3 some

    Piffen, posted

    Could have done better with a stuffed animal. The dog was OK though

    Tinger, posted

    the bf has a big cock lov her breasts n big areolas! weird hair on him aolmost gay.

    beastsexbill, posted


    tarrajane123, posted

    i like it love to se more

    darkd6, posted

    to fast no good

    dippie, posted

    what was that?are they really fucking or what?and the dog couldnt look more uninterested....

    aiantas, posted

    Nice - seems to be authentic amateur...

    gualthier, posted

    not bad, we need to see more videos of dogs licking the girls nipples, or a guy cumming on some tits and haven a dog lick it off, and we need to see more of girls riding there boyfriend and haven the dog lick the pussy and cock, video quality should be better with a newer cam, and please people dont use food to get the dog to lick just use your spit and smear it on were u want to dog to lick, also need to have lots of lighting to make the videos that much better, anyone know where i can watch some videos on webcam live for free please message me

    ihateadam, posted

    a very intensive clip, in which, despite the tremendous velocity of streaming, it is interesting the dog attraction the girl want to address. Particularly, it seems that the dog itself does not want to fuck or knot and teh girlwant to persuade the beast to better understand what to do and how to engage in action. In the mean time the boy fuck gladly this very nice girl more than one time. The only thing not so transparent or zoomed is the girl's pussy. The scene seems recorded at a slower speed and the beginning is extremely fast, probably because they used a slow cam, subsequentially accelerated.

    petsex77, posted

    Very interesting webcam view. The room was well lit and the quality was on average. the dog did not seem that well enthused about the woman. It was more interested in sleep than anything. It also seemed really chill especially when its meat was shoved into the woman. The woman looked hot, She had a great body and was in a good shape. The guy you did not see much of and personally I did not mind that. The show, being a webcam, is also very jumpy. And with the upload, I geuss to help reduce time, was rushed. If they were to slow it down to its original speed, it may be considered better quality and may be able to view each detail rather then hitting the stop and start like a ravage dog.

    dracoleader, posted

    this is the way to do it. nothing can be quite as much fun as a three some with your pet!.. swapping and changing both boys hard and keen. as with most web cam clips vid gets choppy but lighting viewpoint and scene , the young attractive couples lounge room makes for excellent viewing!. starts with couple playing around some foreplay and then some good fucking scenes getting him and her ready for the dog when he wanders in all nonchalant like and gets in amongst sniffing and licking.. the couple then spend the rest of the clip swapping between man and beast!. the guy taking breaks from good standing , doggy and other fuck positions to allow his girl to take turns having play with their dog. on the couch , licking short fucks and such.. well shot great views hot couple .. very much like what ACTUALLY happens at home! pity no sound cos that would then just rock!

    daffsta, posted
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