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    Cuntdeluxe Eats Gigi


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    Cuntdeluxe with female dog

    Uploaded by reallybad · Rating: 3.8 (557 votes) · 94383 views


    If this video was longer we may have also watched her suck her "little boys" cock too. This hot minded woman is such a turn on :-)

    mbrown69, posted

    It would be nice to see a few more "mommys' ....licking thier ...."daughters" pussy :-)

    mbrown69, posted

    Great movie, I like this woman!!!

    okkos, posted

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    k9 queen

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    michaellj1972, posted

    Great video. Got my cunt dripping wet.

    petlover8888, posted

    Looking for woman in Michigan that want to be fucked by a dog

    jackktime, posted

    Cuntdeluxe is my hero......kisses!!!

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    HORNYpuppydog, posted

    anyone in San Diego

    wma53ca, posted

    what a dirty woman... love it! nice tits too ... awesome vid!!! be nice to see sammy licking the womans pussy too though.

    browneyedog, posted

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    ghyu3214, posted

    WOW OMG hot hot hot

    houndog69, posted

    This woman is a goddess.

    epiclolol, posted

    Such a dirty fuckslut

    madcyril, posted

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    rickywebb, posted

    Cuntdeluxe.........my fukn hero!!!!! Such a sexy dirty slut!!

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    xwildcatx, posted

    Nice, would have liked to seen more! Great licking though. Anyone like sharing stories? email me at junglejohn295@yahoo.com....

    junglejohn, posted

    I love this video............so fucking hot!

    dudetodude, posted

    would realy love to see something like this for real....

    gemini69er, posted

    The both look like they enjoyed every min of it too,but Sammie wanted to get involve too.

    hungrypussy1, posted

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    hotrod167, posted

    Nice video. Looks like they were all enjoying it quite nicely! Anyone else out there like to chat or email about this? If so, my email is junglejohn295@yahoo.com.

    junglejohn, posted

    I would love nothing more than to know this couple,the woman is so damn hot with that tongue that I'd like to like the cum off of it.

    1billy4unow, posted

    love it got an instant hardon watching her suck that dogs cunt wish she would let sammie get a hardon and suck him too could watch all day

    beastmonger, posted

    I love this women

    Azmex13, posted

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    this is fucking great!

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    Lino1, posted

    no humping, but watching that women lick her bitches vlit turned me on, wow

    chubbyladie, posted

    What an erotic and loving video. My pussy is soaking wt right now and I would love to have her pups here with me.

    nakedgabi, posted

    Uhhh yeah @andresan....a male dog just HATES to stick his dick in a woman. It feels SO fuckin crummy that he humps like crazy and then CUMS...all so that he can get this woman to get out from underneath him....Uhhh yeah RIIIIGHT :/

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    ciombe, posted

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    oocumoo, posted

    Poor little male dog. Laying on it's back at the end, like he was saying... now me, now me :)

    DesiBitch, posted

    i wish i had a girl dog i would try it

    ginagirl, posted

    das war wohl mit abstand das schönste video was ich hier gesehen habe, eien hübsche frau die ihre hündin leckt, ein rüder bei dem man sehen kann dass er auch gerne was machen würde, also insgesamt sieht man dass alle viel spaß und freude dran haben. so eien frau würde ich mir wünschen. na und wenn die dann auch noch die kleien 2 beiner mögen würde, wäre das glück perfekt.

    Flowerpotman, posted

    i like this video. i like eating female dog pussy too

    oocumoo, posted

    we,re on camera girl, look me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    andersonmyles12, posted

    very nice to see a beautiful woman licking dog pussy

    nagpet, posted

    •Aluzky• Nice to see this, this is pretty rare to see. A closer shot would have been nice.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Very very nice girl. She loves her dogs.xxx Wow !!

    lecossais13, posted

    I truly enjoy watching this lady enjoy her precious princess. There is so much love between the two. the dog eagerly takes the pleasure her mistress is given her.Looking for more action like this

    freaky64, posted

    bisexual bbw hot horny sub here...loves this video...where csn we get more...oh and to those who loved it...check out my ad...let me know what you think!!!! cuntdeluxe is fucking hot!!!!

    ineedit, posted

    that was hot deluxe, ive licked kickys pussy and it was hot shes a husky wolf mix and it tasted jus like a womans pussy it was hot i loved your video

    larryruckman, posted

    Die Videoqualität war sehr gut. Keine Fuzzy-Bildschirm oder wackeligen Kamera-Bewegung. Das Audio war gut bis auf die Hintergrundgeräusche-. Aber etwas kann nicht vermieden werden. Dieses Video ist gut, für ein Warm-up zusehen, wie die Hänseleien ist eigentlich ganz angenehm, wenn es das erste Video, das Sie sehen gerade ist. Das Mädchen ist absolut großartig und die Maske trägt sie bietet ein bisschen mehr Anonymität zu. Der Hund ist bemüht zu gefallen, da es gesehen, wenn das Mädchen kommt zu dem Bett, das er geht direkt zu lecken ihren Schritt sein. Sie erhält dann auf das Bett und der Hund ist fertig und montiert sie. Und dann die Hänseleien beginnt mit Demontage und Vermietung der Hund leckt ihre Möse, und dann ist er wieder montiert. Insgesamt ist das Video kann man eine solide 6,7 von zehn gegeben werden. Verdient eine Uhr, aber nichts zu spektakulär.

    melani.wellmann, posted

    To me there is almost nothing sexier than to see a woman licking a bitch's pussy and giving her pleasure! I rarely see these types of movies and it is too bad! This little girl sure was enjoying herself too. I would rather have seen a woman with a Aussie or Border Collie or even a Lab or Shepherd bitch, but beggars can't be choosers! Very nice :>) NOW, would someone upload a movie of a guy making it with a sexy bitch while a woman licks where they are joined?!

    TZwolf, posted

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    keygee, posted

    sick woman and husband you 2 need to go in jail

    sexanimalinlove, posted

    This is good as you can see the bitch just loves being licked, so the woman is giving something back for perhaps all the times the dog has brought her to climax? It makes a real refreshing change to see something like this. Anyone else care to try it? a man would, but I can't think many woman would do this?

    mikiyrogers, posted

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    kangeroe, posted

    very hot lady. lovely tits and body. but she a big dog dick to fuck.

    667simmons, posted

    the only other woman iv see do this is aurora bliss wish there were more

    woof22, posted

    wow wow wow ... one of the best video i have ever seen!

    ray_0007, posted

    different but very horny

    gambo, posted

    superb loving vid

    steve_mids_uk, posted

    i want to try this so bad!!!!!! delicious have both...delicious....I want that

    Mandica, posted

    cd eats doggy pussy and--i think--will suck the little dog's dick...then another vid-she sucks truly sucks a different dog's dick...cum in mouth suck...this babe is hot...would luv to fuck her while she does dogs...like fucking my gf

    gfnme, posted

    good lord...i want CD so bad!!

    knottygirl, posted

    great Woman!

    claudiaitaly, posted

    waouww la petite chienne apprécie vraiment et la femme aussi

    brixhe, posted

    i like verey much,,thanks

    moony9, posted

    a lot of love and care between both animal and woman would love to see more

    beastqueen, posted

    what a beautiful hot horny woman,,, oh how i would love to lick and suck on her cunt and asshole then fuck her as she plays with her dogs,,mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    nytro, posted

    I thought Cuntdeluxe was consummate perfection in the C eats cunt clip, but now she is naked.... We can see just how delightfully perfect her body is. She makes my mouth water. On top of it all is her gentle caresses for the dogs.

    Morsel, posted

    awesome video - fantastic lady!

    fzmr9t, posted

    yes that was great. good light n sound camera work lets see more.

    justmylilspot, posted

    the video would have been even better if she sucked off the dog too!

    Gunnagetya, posted


    dalmata, posted

    very good, nice sound, wished there more of it!!!!

    oakland9, posted

    WellDoggies4ever, make a movie. We need more like this! Please?

    brokenstraw, posted

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    bigmel, posted

    A very good clip. Fist time I've seen cunnilingus being performed on a dog. She was very gentle and loving. Excellent.

    BJ917, posted

    I've been doing this but never made a video. I love it!

    Doggies4Ever, posted

    where can i find someone like her!

    alrightybabes, posted

    this women is my next wife, she is so filled with passion for her babies , that it drove me wild , love you baby lol

    prs00050, posted

    very good

    lgdj, posted

    what a lovely girl, and how well she looks after her dogs! let's see her penetrated!

    yourholeinone, posted

    Some reality noticed. Bold venture - Caption is misfit-soorya

    soorya, posted

    great vid :) sexy woman thxs x

    paulpox, posted

    mmmmm i wana go

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    hundefan, posted

    maybe she'll get better at it. once i see some humping, then i'll be impressed.

    deepsix, posted

    cool vid.

    nikko912, posted

    Very Hot!

    K_million21, posted

    Cuntdeluxe loves the taste and act of eating a bitch dogs pussy.....anyone can probably see that.As we find more bitches for her i am sure you will see deeeper and more open eating...

    reallybad, posted

    Plain and simple, I'm a guy and I'd kill to fuck them dogs. I don't understand why but seeing animals and humans make love turns me on more then my own girlfriend does, god to want to cum all over these cuties. I can only image what I would do to them, with my long hard cock. I'm actually masturbating to this right now as I type thiss.Nothing turns me on more then a dog licking a fresh tight wet vagina, as i enjoy doing myself, i'd love to tear up a dog. If I ever get the opportunity to I gladly will.

    xxbillaghxx, posted

    fantastic amazing video. been searching the internet a long time for a video like this. The woman looks like she loves her dogs very much and the dogs look like they love the owner and the sex very very much!!! The woman isnt afraid to get stuck in and give the viewers what they want. most pet sex videos are either 10 second knots or 20 minute blow jobs which get so boring after a while but this is great and original. Most woman are to scared to try knew things with diffrent sex or diffrent animals but kudos to this one.

    metallica666, posted

    An excellent amature clip of a woman engaging in oral sex on a small female dog. Very erotic and sensual. The lady seemed at ease and appeared to enjoy performing cunningulus upon the little dog. It struck me as the next level in eotic sexy beavior, she thought it, did it and then shared it with the Petsex viewers! Very unique and "special" a rare find verses the regular "standard" licked, humped and then suck the male doggie. I would love to see more from this artist. Appeared very creative and not the first time this had been done. Thanks for the opportunity to experience this and look forward to more.

    Fred_Nekron, posted

    Heyla This was a very good video. Good lighting and audio, well framed, even the title was descriptive. The woman, Cuntdeluxe, was performing orally on the behalf of her bitch, Gigi, with the occasional assistance / interruption from her dog, Sammy. The woman showed a definite fondness for her video partners even amidst the interruption, avoiding any (personally, at least) false notes when the little dog insisted that it was his turn for kisses. -laugh- Gigi seemed well accustomed to being on display and equally appreciative of the attentions, showing a well cultivated relationship (no fussing or hostile actions at all). This was a definite video (and uploading account) that I will be trying to remember. Well done. -r

    Hart, posted
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