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    Woman On Her Back With Dog


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    woman on her back with dog

    Uploaded by Neel · Rating: 3.8 (255 votes) · 76896 views


    19. harri364@hotmail.com florianopolis

    harri364, posted

    Zu kurz - Aber Geil !

    capricornus, posted

    hey anyone for meet? 18.m.uk essex

    wilko167, posted

    Short but very good.

    tonto.boy, posted

    that was hot

    jizzness, posted

    Mostly you could eee only the dog's tail.

    fld40, posted

    yummy xP

    DarionM, posted


    harness1, posted

    creamy finish!

    ilovedogsex000, posted

    Someone should eat her out fast, then fuck her!!

    shaun098, posted

    For a short clip this has some good qualities! This had to be a natural mount the way he had her knotted deep and clearly he had her tied. Quick but a clear view of the knot coming out and a good amount of puppy batter, to prove she had not only been fucked by the dog but actually Bred!! I liked the view after he dismounted with his cum leaking out of her gaping cunt and dripping off, as well as how her tits hung especially with the pierced nipples. Bet they were swinging wildly when he first took her and was humping before he knotted her. The down sides were, could have used sound and the tail getting it the way at first. Over all thought a entertaining clip. Wish It was a lot longer.

    St88man, posted

    Someone should eat her out fast, then fuck her!!


    title fail!!

    havik82, posted

    very nice cream pie

    rhett86, posted

    love pr of nipple rings, knot measured 3" diameter and 7.5" base to tip

    petsuc, posted

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    adelaidestud, posted


    hbjst, posted

    this would rock with audio... but how can she be on her back? the dog is on her back! lol!

    jayko, posted

    Thanks, title does not match.

    newbikerider, posted

    great knott pull out very sexy

    doggiedoer2, posted

    Lovely pull out!!!

    KnotBlkTemptres, posted

    Good knotting!

    chopper73guy, posted

    mmmm...love the tits and tasty dripping cunt!

    eatmypussydaddy, posted

    A snatch full of doggy cum makes me cum!

    mehoff, posted

    Hmmm all that puppy juice

    ErinLucy, posted

    awsome love to watch that dog cum squirt out of your pussy i'd like to lick your pussy right after the dog cum's

    piefrie, posted


    SSYYMM, posted

    God I'd love to breed her after he was done yummm!

    mehoff, posted

    Great clip love the shot of her pussy splattered with his cum!

    mehoff, posted

    Lovely pussy. Hey where is all the South African Beast lovers. Mail me at let_me_do_you@yahoo.co.uk I am in Pretoria

    let_me_do_you, posted

    when I see a Bitch like her getting it on with her mount, it makes me wish I had a cock so I could fuck whatever I wanted. I love being a woman but sometimes!!! I sure did enjoy seeing that knot pulling out and all that cum spread about her pussy.

    moresa44c, posted

    What a hot pussy!

    WatchandLearn, posted

    very hot vid .... would luv to eat that dripping pussy while the dog was fucking you !!!!!

    animalluvr5757, posted

    love that dripping pussy, I want to lick it when the dog is done.

    freakie, posted

    Good short movie but she's not on her back the camera is upside down :P

    soleks, posted

    And, she is on her knees.

    Knottygurlnc, posted

    Nice clip. Would be better if there was audio!

    openmindlinda, posted

    nice wet pull out, but audio would be nice

    meli, posted

    It sucks, has no audio.

    jayko, posted

    great short clip

    scottbrown1978, posted

    This movie is quite short only 32 seconds but for a few seconds its pretty hot. Pros of this movie are, he has a nice knot in her and you see the cum drip out of her pussy. Cons of this movie are, too short the movie is only 32 seconds, the dogs tail gets in the way a lot and , there is no sound a major downfall. All in all I would say this movie gets a C in video and an F in sound. This is a good movie for getting yourself in the mood for a good one. I know I certainly enjoy it.

    dklhfasdlkjfh, posted
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