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    Amateur Blonde Plays With Her Dog


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    blonde woman dog

    Uploaded by jimmy77 · Rating: 2.8 (1142 votes) · 176977 views


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    not much real action , but she has an awsome boddy and if she keeps trying I'm sure the dog will do his job in time

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    cleclego, posted

    @cleclego. I aggree. She has the same pear shaped ass, and shows a close up of her pussy after the dog has finished. May not be the same dog but is the same woman for sure.

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    cleclego, posted

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    Yeah need to be sound in this video. Not a lot of dog activity as typed in the comment about this clip. Girl is pretty though.

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    cleclego, posted

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    NeedsIT69, posted

    The reviewer is no big light, is he? The webmasters must LOVE these stupid shits. He doesn't even understand, that this movie is just a clip, a piece of a bigger movie. Even if he hasn't seen any parts of the rest of the movie, he should've understood. But some people are too dense to understand. Even if they wanted to, they couldn't. And the reviewer is not alone in there. If you read the comments, you'd think, that only dumb people come to this site (what does that say about me? Nothing! It says, I'm horny and I LOVE animalsex). I immediately recognized That beautiful body. That beautiful ass and that beautiful cunt. In the clip before this one, you could see that dog fucking her and knotting her and his BIG fucking knot and dick come out of her cunt. That clip is on this site under 5 different titles. 'meisje met zwarte hond by niekje, 'redhead dog fuck' by pojopembo, 'brasileña con dog' over 2 yrs a by luis82, 'girl takes a hard knot' about 3 yrs a and 'knot close up' over 2 yrs a. The first 1,5 min of this clip are the same as the last first 1,5 min of the other clip. The woman is beautiful, with a body to die for. NOT an amateur as the title sugests. The dog is big with a big dick and a big knot. I think, the second part of the movie was shot before the first part. animalpsycologist.

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    sillyjilly, posted

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    sillyjilly, posted

    this gal has a sweet & slamming body...too bad her puppy wasn't as interested as she was. hopefully, they've worked on this little problem & will someday post a clip that really hits the mark!

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    Yesilovedogs, posted

    The woman's an idiot. As a girl/dog video, I'd give it a 1, and that's ONLY because of the POSSIBILITY of girl/dog sex.

    errantknight, posted

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    iluvdoggies, posted

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    passionate, posted

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    Great looking girl in this movie, video quality is ok there is alittle down time in the middle of movie but over all worth the watch. Great ass on the star of the video also. Seems like she was having fun playing with the dog. Hopefully we will see more of this girl. Seems like they were having a hard time getting the dog going. Not sure why with this lady. Overall i would say its a 5 star movie based on the ones of seen lately. You couldn't ask for a better amateur submission then this. Movie starts good to with some come dripping from her pussy. Stay tuned for the ending also definitely worth the wait !!!

    patriots, posted

    Very nice shots of sexy blond on all fours, video seems to be incomplete or else the dog just wasnt up for it. No mounting or penetration, towards the end the dog does go in for a quick lick. Unfortunately there is no sound with the video which would have added to it a lot. At one stage the girl does seem to be flashing out of the window, but to hard to confirm. Cant really see her face in any of the video but at the end she seems to be jacking the dog off. she has a damn nice pussy and ass.

    superuser123, posted

    a very fine example of an amateur scene. she is really hot, and seems to be enjoying the action, too bad the dog is not all that interested. he does have a good size dick, it would be nice to see him really getting her and giving her the knot. an extended tie session with her would be very lovely indeed. That really was not bad work from the cameraman, you always want to see the money dripout shot and hear her moaning, but it also takes a willing k9. 2 thumbs up, keep em cumming, love to see her again.

    redmandog, posted

    Not the greatest video if you like penetration. Female is licked by dog several times, and puts herself in prone position over and over to try and convince dog to mount...but the dog is seemingly uninterested. Fun to watch the playful nature of this hot blonde amateur and her dog, though. Again, however, the dog never even attempts to mount, and there is obviously no penetration and knotting. The woman is certainly more beautiful than the average dog lover, so if that is what you look for in zoo videos, you should enjoy this one. Also, the video doesn't have any sound, which is a major negative for most viewers--the playful nature of the piece really could have been brought out by sweet-talking the animal.

    pan123, posted

    This is a good movie, starts with a dog cum dripping tight twat. This is one of the hotter dog fuckers I’ve seen. In addition to an attractive leading lady he male counterpart is well endowed, nice big fat cock. Good shots of the woman on all 4’s waiting to get mounted, great ass. Then I think the movie cuts to the beginning where they enter the room and he licks some pussy, more great ass shots. Unfortunately no mounting, or penetration shots. Its like a lead it, great clip to me though. No sound sun fortunately, still a good clip to get warmed up to.

    akdogluvers, posted

    This is a somewhat good move. The girl really makes you keep watching, she is really hot and has an amazing body. The lack of actual sex with the dog and the fact that there is no sound is the only downfall to this film. The way the dog shows no attention or interest in fucking her but will taste her is a real bummer, you would think someone as hot as she is wouldn't have any trouble finding anything to fuck her.Overall this film is made by the chick no doubt about it. With some more practice and perseverance i think this couple will produce some truly amazing videos

    username_1234, posted
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