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    Homemade ^ Blond Pt 2


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    Uploaded by psico · Rating: 4.1 (2341 votes) · 274752 views


    I hope she lets doggy have her regular? Fill her up with puppy juice.

    bitchboy, posted

    I got so turned on and wet from this I would love to feel his huge cock next

    kountryqueen, posted

    Just seeing the dog with his back arched and his beautiful cock out is such a turn on. I get so horny seeing them pump.....I just wish my head was between his legs and he was pumping that hot cock in my mouth!!!!!

    lilbud200, posted

    Like so many movies, roller coaster camera work and to dark.

    ewilson, posted

    I'm next!

    stangin, posted

    Shes really cute would def lick every drop out of her

    karrie, posted

    She is amazing! Eager and hot!

    sdheavypapac, posted

    Anyone in San Diego?

    sdheavypapac, posted

    is she pregnant?

    Spinelli69, posted

    Hot woman, but dumb dog and poor camera work.

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    tanyaesk, posted

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    see, now this would be good, if I could bloody download it. this site is no good if I cant download, how am I supposed to watch this offline if i cant download a copy of it. I wanna download it. does anyone have any tricks they could share with me?

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    Sooooo hot

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    anaughtyguy22, posted

    loved it it is so real and upstaged. Also loved seeing the real affection between her and the dog before they even got staryed

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    michaellj1972, posted

    at the end oh my god he's huge. i guess she didn't expect him to be so big.

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    omg this is so hot =o

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    Camera guy sucks

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    hot to see a pregnant women getting bred

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    would have loved sloppy seconds

    thevillager, posted

    seems to be a lot of girls liking this vid. Me too. So hot seeing a pretty gal who enjoys a good time with her dog.

    Jillnjewels, posted

    this is what it is all about pure pleasure and desire and a lady loving to be knotted up

    bitchhunting, posted

    Omfg thats so hot. Shes so gentle and caring with him. Strokes his glistening pink cock to tempt him. Her sounds made me cum!!

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    this has to be the most awesome video posted on this site......ever!

    markw1965, posted

    Video and audio was good in the beginning. Once the dogs dick was in the woman the video went to hell. They make tri-pods to hold cameras if you want to mess with the dog and woman. The knot was good, but too short. The womans moans sounded like she was enjoying herself. All in all good but the video needed help.

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    1billy4unow, posted

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    lynn7272, posted

    Wouldnt be bad if they didnt move the camera around so much!

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    She sure sounded sweet. I wish she had a chance to finish but she got me soaking wet. Great little fuck

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    This video gets me so hard! Love watching it

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    fuzzyfreek, posted

    Very nice but short movie. Like it anyways :)

    blackrime, posted

    Love the way she holds the dogs cock at the end, feeling how 'huge' he is!!

    saracen2, posted

    i really like this one i just wish it showed the under view as he was fucking her

    rodeo1399, posted

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    this whole clip was sooo hot, i loved how into it she was, i just wish she had taken and held his knot and his load. but great none the less

    jubay183, posted

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    ariesgurl32130, posted

    Love her comment at the end...fucking hott!!

    Bob5617, posted

    This is still the best fucking clip here.

    jayko, posted

    she seems fun.. great to watch. Love the pounding. I like her ! i would love to be that dog. Would like to be there Im in SE florida!

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    ghantry10, posted

    The reviewer must be married to the woman or filmed the vid or something. This is not the best vid on pet sex nor is she an 8. Girls with tats, ugly! Give the whole film a 3 out of 5.

    jackf9, posted

    He has the spirit but he doesn't have the size or much body shaking brute force. to her a novice of course his cock is huge. Still a good watch and a enjoyable time.

    RoknHorse, posted

    Wow.. I would like to see something live....

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    bbwboobs, posted

    my favorite part is the sounds of complete pleasure from her and how at the end she says he is HUGE> gets me wet

    sincitykitty, posted

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    It was awsome bad. She was having good time.

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    sillyhungarian, posted

    love it.. she is excited and having a blast.. the camera man needs to work on his mounting skills and camera skills.. but love this couple

    sinner1946, posted

    Okay, they did really fuck in the first clip, the 'off synch sound' threw me off guard. apologies. But the woman is still gorgeous, she looks like a million box.

    cleclego, posted

    Sure would be nice to see her with say three dogs all a little bigger than this one in the vid.

    JustJB, posted

    I think, in this second clip, the dog really fucked her and knotted her. When it came out, she said: 'he's huge!' But what is 'huge' really? He's a small dog. How 'huge' can his knot really be? Not 'huger' or as 'huge' of that of a big dog. They have the really 'huge' knots. The fucking sounds are different from those of the first clip. I think in the first clip, he didn't really fuck her. The fucking sounds were later added to the clip. They were off synch too. The dog was already standing still on all 4s and doing nothing, when you could still hear the fucking sounds. But the clips were horny to watch, if only for the gorgeous preggo. L A T E R ! ! ! 18@animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    One of the best clips I've seen would love to see more pretty girl good dog would love to see the knot close up and see her with come dripping down. Better camera angle and longer would make it super great. With her being prego her pussy would be twice as hot that lucky dog has got to be loving it. Great! hope to see more

    bigduck54, posted

    The preggo and the dog. This is a delightfully, gorgeous beauty with great legs and a great ass. Nice arms, nice tits. Would have loved to see them naked. Beautiful thighs and a real beautiful behind. I LOVE her ass. I´d like to marry her. An impatient guy sitting next to her. He just (as in simply) threw the dog back to where he should be to fuck the woman, when the dog wanted to walk off. Probably go to the guy. And what a nice crack she has. But the impatient guy didn't know, how to hold the camera. He pressed the lens to the dog's body and then held the camera wrong. They should've taken a cameraman, because the guy can't do two things at the same time. Holding the dog's dick inside her and filming. I want to volunteer filming the scene for them. animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    One of the best dog fucks beautiful girl movie clips I have ever seen. The sound is natural and amazing. If only she had got her big tits out, it would have been perfect

    audreylovesson, posted

    Would love to see this entire movie it is a real keeper.

    1950greywolf, posted

    Her moaning got me.

    Anthrobody, posted

    great video we wished the dog was here

    Secretnumber, posted

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    fidos_ladi, posted

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    anthony_p_v, posted

    Sounds like it might have been her first time being mounted... Mwahahaha... Love it!! >:D

    FlickLickMyClit, posted

    Preggo or chunkie, this is a delightfully playfull beauty and regardless of the camera skills, the shot and sounds of her mounted with her head down,arms out, and clutching skeets was enough to send me into orbit. Great girl. Fantastic sound track. As for the cameraman, I don't think I could have held onto a camera with this going on.

    watchindirty, posted

    The preggo and the dog. This was NOT a big dog. It was rather a small dog achtually. And his dick and knot could not have been that big. Although one might be surprised at how big a dick and a knot a small dog can have. The preggo has beautiful legs and a beautiful body. But most preggoes have. I remember my big brother's former wife. She was ugly as the night. But when she was pregnant, she looked good. But if the reviewer is right, and I take his word for it, this clip is a retro. And this woman will not look the same anymore. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    cant tell for sure if she was preggers or just a fattie. hope it was preggers and in doing so baptized the next generation in doggy jizz

    jetzen69, posted

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    gabriele40, posted

    lovely, love hearing her moans and how he holds him in so he can knot... lovely dog sure stretched her tight pussy.. I wonder if mine too small for a dog that big

    talynndar, posted

    Verry nice and Verry hot! she is a lucky lady :) and that is a beautiful dog

    gloomgirl, posted

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    inuyasha86, posted

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    cleclego, posted

    looks like she was already pg with puppies. Damn lucky dog!

    dclapper, posted

    her body is so perfect

    suppehans, posted

    yeah the woman has a sexy curvy body, great down blouse peek but the camera work sucked ass and really didn't see much of anything. don't like vids where clearly the only reason they are doing it is for show and because the camera is on... then to have the video be as bad as this... why even bother. lets get some more real, horny, sincere, girls posting vids who aren't foreign freaks, southern hicks or porn star wanna be's, they just enjoy the attention of a beast and happen to decide to record it one time. that's what i am asking for.

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    My favourite movie so far.

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    nyboy010101, posted

    uhh. the movie was alright. the slut was nice looking and looks awsome getting banged by doggy. it would have been nice though to see her on all fours giving a bj that would have been awsome.

    beastmaster707, posted

    she is hot but the rest don't show anything much worth watching

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    catss, posted

    I just love a girl that goes out of her way to make sure she is pregnant, and in pup lol

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    I realy liked this one lot of action,just her voice made my dick hard,the camera work was good for the most part it did go blank just before the closeup pussy/cock shot and her saying how he was right the dogs cock got realy big inside her .I can't wait to see part two

    mcnesby, posted

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    What a terrific video...Made my pussy nice and juicy....her moans and the dogs cock...Mmmmm Very Yummy....Would love to play with them both!!!

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    •Aluzky• That is not a labrador and this video is AWESOME :D

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    the quality was very poor

    plugg, posted

    Except for the times that the screen went black this is a perfect video. I has to be difficult to make these videos when the dog doesn't follow directions given. LOL

    cincinnati_bi, posted

    THE BEST so far on this site!!!!! wow!!!!

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    legislador1, posted

    If that was part 2, then I can't wait for part 3, 4 etc; just hope the camera guy improves as time goes by. Damn good though (bloody incompetant camera work)Great shame.

    theprojectman, posted

    why is it I always get this when a video loads Server not found: rtmpe://streaming.oxygen.net/protected-streams

    hcrider, posted

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    Verry. Good loved it alot Realy like the woman moaning watched it several times and loved it every time

    babydollaz, posted

    if anyone knows where i can see this movie in its entirety, please msg me, its my fav of all time!

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    I so love this one still! what a classic! perfect!

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    Even with the annoying camera movement, that was still so damn hot... kind of makes me wish it was me in her position...

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    Yeah, she is definitely pregnant. I'm pregnant... pretty sure I could identify for those who thought she was just fat. And this is hot, wish it were me.

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    mouhaputin, posted

    Would have been great if the guy didn't start moving the camera around.

    silentselkie, posted

    i hate pregnant sex............disgusting

    longhornfanatic, posted

    Good but could have been better with a different helper.

    mutttsss, posted

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    I think that she was hot and liked what she got. Just need a new cameraman.

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    dogluvr, posted

    I can understand why she made those moaning noises. He seemed to know exactly what to do.

    pats69, posted

    this clip is still awesome.

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    wow by far one of the best vids ive ever seen

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    geat vid, where are all the english women that are into this? lol

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    I like this one too of this couple.. she is so into her dog and i love that, but i agree the filming was a little rough. :)

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    Loved the sounds of her and her dog making love.

    cincinnati_bi, posted

    Great video work retard.

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    To bad her pregnancy isn't because of the dog

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    actually, the more I watch it the more I like it. I love the fact that she is hot, horny, and PREGNANT! And the audio is great.

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    lol, i love how she is like "oh my god..he's huge!" and the husband is like "i told you!"

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    Wonderful. Really turned me on.

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    alpha82, posted

    one of my favorites. everythings good. good action, shes into it, shes moaning, the dogs going to town, i would love to see this in real life. the camera man actually knows how to film a good scene too! good visibility, no waiting for action, all around a pretty good flick. better lighting and a better shot of the pullout would make this better, but oh well, its still one of the best. not many women can take a dog, knot and all, and make the loving moans this lady did. this is definitely a movie that will make you cum nice and hard

    weem, posted

    I think, in this second clip, the dog really fucked her and knotted her. When it came out, she said: 'he's huge!' But what is 'huge' really? He's a small dog. How 'huge' can his knot really be? Not 'huger' or as 'huge' of that of a big dog. They have the really 'huge' knots. The fucking sounds are different from those of the first clip. I think in the first clip, he didn't really fuck her. The fucking sounds were later added to the clip. They were off synch too. The dog was already standing still on all 4s and doing nothing, when you could still hear the fucking sounds. But the clips were horny to watch, if only for the gorgeous preggo.

    Zenny22, posted

    my fav, it was one of the best on here. i like that it was the dog doing her and not someone in a weird position using it as a dildo. i watched in many times over and was able to get off myself just by watching it. if it showed the under view as he was fucking her i would have gone crazy. and seeing his knot in her made me get super wet. i want to find a dog like can fuck me like that. i havent tried it yet but im looking forward to the day i do

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    johngotti, posted

    This is a pretty good movie - there are some moments that really shine and some bits that could be done without. The bit where the woman reaches behind to stimulate the dog's swelling cock is just fantastic, and I love her comments at the end about how huge he is and how he stretched her out. I wish, though, that we could see that moment when he pulled out of her - I think a dog's dick, shiny with the cum of a woman he's just penetrated and dripping with his own juices, is one of the sexiest things that can be seen. All in all, though, this is a great clip and I'd love to see more from them - obviously she doesn't have too much experience... yet! ;) (which is pretty sexy as well)

    thetruesnoogles, posted

    This has become my all time favorite movie. Its the girl, the amateur first time aspect, and the pregnancy, really all I can say is, Awesome video!! At the end where she says the dog is huge that makes me hard as a rock! I wish my girlfriend was into this! I think it is really sexy that she is pregnant as well. She looks so sexy! I wish they had more home videos to put up. Since seeing this movie I am constantly browsing the sight hoping they will submit another movie. I wish I she was my girl. The fact that it is her first time is a major turn on!!

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    horseboy1232, posted

    The camera work isn't exactly oscar worthy, but let's be honest with ourselves. This isn't the forum where you can nit-pick these things. The woman's ehtusiasm is hot, and i was immediatly hard watching this. Other than that, it gets dark when the cameraman gets upfront to hold the dog in and get a close-up of the goods, and that takes you out of the momment. Obviously it is hard to do two things at once, and all three of the people who made this, the girl, dog, and camera man deserve to be commended. The only other thing i wanted to mention was the girl's body is banging, and the idea that she might be pregnant might have jus exposed another kink for me.

    dnastynast, posted

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    youngdoghunter, posted

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    RideMyDickBitch, posted

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    Kresteel, posted

    Wow what a video, I love it when a woman takes control of a dog like that ,the way she guides it inside her is so sexy. If only there were more uninhibited women like her,although I always wonder if it's the womans idea or her mans in the first place maybe sometimes a bit of each .If only we could just enjoy whatever we like without being judged by others the world would be a better place. Enjoy life I say, have fun while you can, and as long as your not hurting anyone then good luck to you, :) .

    georgeharry, posted

    Here we go boys this started out to be a good one. My four legged friend came out of the box like a man on fire. This chubby ass blondie was not ready for him, he was ready to hump from the word go. She could barely get her her ass spun around before he had that red hot ice pick of a dick seeking out that target. He got alittle tangled on the leg and then BULLS EYE!! He rammed that thing in there and stared jabbing away BOY! He had her ass shakeing and she was face down in the pillow screaming for all of that hot smokin dick. He`s fucking that pussy hard and climbing up on that fat white ass getting ready to slam that baseball size lump of a knot. In to her wet slit and the dam camera guy gets in there, thincking he`s helping. Startes screwing up the whole shoot for a minute. Camera way to close all there is black shaking screen, then a few seconds of the ceiling. Like he dropped the camera, totaly ruinning his guys hard work and my excitment. Yes!! this dog was impressing me he had her where HE wanted her and you could tell she knew it!! The camera guy figured out to just let this dog good with what he knew was working and started to shot from a better position. Right in time to see the dogs hairy, pulsing balls all the way and almost buried in her smokin twat. He let everything go into this pussy ,it is so full of his milkey jizz. You could see it trying to squirt out from around that throbbing ball of a knot her pussy was not ready for. The preasure of all that cum was the only way that ball came out of her streached and pounded whole.

    budski82, posted

    Sat through this clip for 20 times or so and thought it was one of the best clips on the site. Loved hearing her moan as she gets knotted and than little stud just pounds the shit out of her. wish the camera angles would have been more clear to see that little slut with that nice knot stretching that fine twat. Would love to see more from this pair have seem part one and stayed hard for hours listening to her get off as that dog fucked her. i think the guy running the camera needs some lessons so we can get some great shot of that pretty twat being filled with cum.

    ricanhairless, posted

    This film is excellent. Real life with the girl talking and the boyfriend helping out! You an tell she's done this before as she is mounted and then knotted quickly. Her orgasm is very nice. Near the end of the film, she compliments how big the dog’s dick is. Plus, the girl is beautiful. The boyfriend holds the dog in at the very end deep so she can enjoy every minute of pleasure. No cum shot from the dog, but a very hot clip. I recommend this clip as one to watch over and over again. A must see for all pet lovers.

    davesonline, posted

    Great amateur movie. The sexy, curvy blonde woman gets knotted by her dog from behind. She moans with enjoyment once he fully penetrates her. The sound is clear and the quality of the video is really good. There is a closeup of the knot all the way in her pussy which is glistening with cum all over it. Once hes out she sits on the bed with her hand on her pussy. you can imagine the cum dripping through her fingers all over the bed. Shes a very sexy woman the dog fucks hard and she loves it. So very hot.

    Spageddy, posted

    Absolutly the best video on pet sex. This woman is so hot she almost will make you explode without the dog. She look like she is 8 or so months pregnant not fat. This is her first time with the dog and the husband or bf tries to tell her that the dog will be huge. The dog mounts her and starts to fuck her very well but the bf doesnt have the best camera skills so there is alot of stuff that you miss but you do get to see the doge tied in her pussy the you can hear his knot plop out and the girl starts saying you were right he is huge. Just an all around great video

    funanimal37727, posted

    She is a beautiful girl, and you can tell she enjoys this dog. Good camera work, a dog that wants it, and a girl who wants to give it. Nice sound as well. Hopefully we can all see much more of this girl in the future! Nice to see a girl and her dog getting along so well. The fact that she is pregnant is a major plus! You can definately tell she was a bit nervous and/or scared about his knot being inside her, but I have a feeling she will be accepting it shortly and loving every second of him inside her.

    chris01845, posted

    This is actually good movie if you watch the whole thing.I had this on VHS years ago, but like most great movies, I leant it out and never got it back. Guessing noboady has actually noticed the fact this hottie is about 8 months pregnant, this clue is in the size of her gorgeous tits and if you look carefully, at the end you will see her sexy swollen belly as she sits down after the dog dismounts. As I recall in the movie, the guy manages to hold the dog in eventually and she receives a nice load of hot dog cum as well as a huge knot. Wish I still had this movie as I love pregnant and K9....such a hot combo.

    hotknot, posted

    That is a veary good amatuer video the blonde is hot she sounds so much into it wich makes this one soo good i am veary excited to see more from them the man doing the filming is so lucky and gives her some good advice this leaves you wanting to see more much more. thourt the actule sex is short and she dose not manage to stay knoted for veary long i liked her spiret and wish to see her try agian and soon. as you wach this video you will wish you were the camer man i would give a large sume off money yo be in that room with her

    docsavidge, posted

    A blond woman having sex with what appears to be a black labrador. Her husband helps the dog mount her and after a little coaxing, the dog fucks the woman. She moans, and seems to be enjoying herself and her husband, who also poses as the cameraman, holds the dog up as he pounds away at her pussy. The clip is great and the only complaint is that the lighting during the close-up shots leaves much to the imagination. The sound is excellent quality, and the womans moans are perhaps just as enticing as the dog fucking her is. This clip is sure to excite dog lovers as the couple continue their adventures in beastiality.

    ashleyluvsdogs, posted
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