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    Pussy Lick


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    nice pussy lick

    Uploaded by dstone16 · Rating: 3.8 (90 votes) · 55369 views


    Love that phat kitty Kik me sexy bbw mr10in on kik

    bigthickteninch, posted

    Nice meaty cunt, Would have liked it spread open wider

    pervybbw, posted

    Love the way the pussy shakes when the dog licks it. Very loose.

    jfdithhurfhjhfh, posted


    lionlicker, posted

    My God, it looks like she's been attacked by a mad axeman.. perhaps the dog is trying to just 'kiss it better'?

    Diane1957, posted

    just luv a fat pussy....

    iluvdoglick, posted

    I have to say, that is not an attractive pussy...but the dog didn't care and he/she thought it tasted good so that's all that matters...and the fact that the owner of the pussy enjoyed it.

    beastieboy99, posted

    its not a tumor...:P

    dragonsgirl, posted

    her cunt looks like an overstuffed mc.rib

    nikorikopiko, posted

    Another movie with no sound.

    memanyouman, posted

    Wow, yeah, what a meaty swollen pussy. This dirty lady sure has a lot for this dog to lick! I would love to taste this nasty, juicy, aroused mound, after of course her pet had his fill of it.

    browneyedog, posted

    Thats a good way to wear your tounge out.


    He sure loved that pussy, great licking, would love to have seen her open it up more so he could lick her deeper. got me wet.

    littlelana, posted

    Yeah, wow...it might have been ok with audio to it...and wtf is up with that distended pussy?

    jayko, posted

    Love that pussy. Would love to help out the dog...Maybe he could clean up after me.

    boylans, posted

    Wish I had her dog.

    underdog73, posted

    he is a luckey dog i would love to lick her pussey like that fucking hot film 5 stars.xxxxxxxxxxx

    smint123, posted

    What a gash!!!

    petag2, posted

    holy chopped meat batman

    sickzoo, posted

    nice pussy lick , wet and warm and i love to see the horny pussy then its been taken care of the dogs licking tounge . i whish it was me who bee licking but s enough to see it . it s make me so horny and wet . i missed a good sound on the clip but it was a cool clip anyway . see it and dream away , think on that is yourself who is been licked by the cool dog .nothing makes me more horny than to see clips like this i swear .i whish it would be my turn soon to be the actor in a clip like that

    nylonlove66, posted
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