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    Dog Hump


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    woman on her knees getting humped

    Uploaded by dstone16 · Rating: 3.6 (255 votes) · 102329 views


    mmmm,more ...deeper...... feels so good....

    lilyf, posted

    if anybody in melbourne fl. has a well endowed dog. and would not mind me haveing fun with him please message me. ps i would not mind being recorded

    boatman6969, posted

    that dog lasted long lol

    lucy76, posted

    o wow i bet u would love to have me mount you like that hit me up love talking

    haloface, posted

    movie is not clear it does not like the animal sex movies pl improve it

    sharmaj55, posted

    looks like a guy

    ilovedogs24, posted

    Young girl ?

    roviler, posted


    ROGER1835, posted


    node, posted

    oretty freat

    hd095, posted

    Wow....the dog seems to be login it!

    justlooking99, posted


    Spells50, posted

    its great !

    liebhaber70, posted

    thats a guy

    lessthan10sec, posted

    Oh no, Hump day again? If we can just get over this hump..At least take the pants off!


    This could be a dude. We'll never know.

    StanleyIpkis, posted

    was this a guy?

    aaron02, posted

    Good distance (but could be better so that more of her and dog are visible), clear video and sound, all in all one of the better clips I've seen, albeit a little short in duration.

    Donnatto, posted

    who is the girl?

    cimo, posted

    dog knows how to fuck - bring him here

    dtguy, posted

    girl..guy..dosnt matter, hot dog sex right there!

    lilith20, posted

    hungry4it is right. This looks like a guy to me too.

    WoodyKnot88, posted

    I think it is a guy.

    hungry4it, posted

    speedy fuck realy amazing

    sadiabatool25, posted

    looks like a nice body, needs to show more of her. but i'm sure i'd hit it.

    surreality, posted

    shum mir

    dili2007, posted

    it is a bloke,listen closely..

    elamgod, posted

    lucky girl, he really wanted his cum in her

    ErinLucy, posted

    Goes fast

    tycio, posted

    Lovely. Hey where is all the South African Beast lovers. Mail me at let_me_do_you@yahoo.co.uk I am in Pretoria

    let_me_do_you, posted

    short,sweet, to the point

    cashronin, posted

    Either way its just the best way to show your pet you really do care about him and his sexual needs ;) ;)

    petloverhere, posted

    Nice ... looked like a bloke with the trackies tho !!

    lazarusheights, posted

    The video starts off with a woman in jogging pants putted down around her thighs just off of her ass and a brown t shirt with the dog alread mounted on her back humping away. From start to finish the large dog is humping away at her at full force. The video is not in the best video quality and it's not very long but it is still a good video. If only it had more to it like being able to here to woman moaning or if she had shown more of her body it would make the video that much better.

    Stoneofsilver, posted
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