• Dog licks pussy

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    mamaooo, posted

    Shit, sexy as fuck

    lililililililil, posted

    Love your pussy, I want to lick and eat you myself.

    petlover8888, posted

    Magnificent video. Got me so horny and so very wet. Loved it.

    wayne4fontana, posted

    Great licking on a huge cunt.

    junglejohn, posted

    my name samy i love hot sex you nowww hellp me sex you

    samyalii, posted

    Love the back view. Nice cleaning of both holes.

    hfdvj56099, posted

    how do you get the dog to lick it?

    aimsalicious, posted

    very good licking... thats all that matters, bet she really enjoys the attention.

    browneyedog, posted

    He's right in there slurping......gooooood boy!!

    666pedro666, posted

    This must be Wolfteen, it must be her from zooskool. shes the only plaus Size Amateur thats hot

    OZwars, posted

    wow she has two dogs surprise they were both not licking her at the same time damn

    xxxxjojoxxxx, posted

    man i need a dog

    valsays69, posted

    sooo hottt! i would love to eat you out along with your dog doing it too!

    makemoneymoney, posted

    so nice i would love to get that tounge up my ass and my pussy i done it with my dog for about 3 hours his tounge was just in my pussy hole going round

    iloveit129845, posted

    so much fat

    hizatsd, posted

    I love watching this little mutt poking his nose and tongue into your ass and wet cunt - the slurping sounds are a real turn-on as is also your gorgeous wholesome body :) xxx

    rikk469, posted

    lady had a nice pussy on her,I would love to eat it out

    girlgonebad, posted

    You know what they say, the camera always adds 100 pounds. Disgusting!

    Viking25, posted

    Great vid, luv dem big gurls gettin lked by dogs, thanx

    xell35, posted

    That dog is probably the same size as the shits she takes.

    kelll23, posted

    She could probably get that little dog right inside her fat twat. This is gross..all that blubber...poor doggy.

    beastieboy99, posted

    whats with fat chicks havin really small dogs?

    drklove, posted

    que delicia!!! gozo tão gostoso vendo essas lambidinhas...

    fofafofa, posted

    Have you ever been knotted by a big dog?

    eipo, posted

    I love this woman! This got me so wet! I wouldn't mind swapping places with her or the dog!

    hornyhollie, posted

    You people are sick

    loulou101, posted

    This dog is one of the best-trained I have ever seen. He's a little marvel and many people would pay a lot to have him. Just look at him pesuing that ugly, shaved twat ! My my - he's worth all the love in the world. It's truly amateur as well and it enhances the video's worth. Good, indeed excellent presentation and got me intersested in Yorkies now !

    joesant1953, posted

    This dog is one of the best-trained I have ever seen. He's a little marvel and many people would pay a lot to have him. Just look at him pesuing that ugly, shaved twat ! My my - he's worth all the love in the world. It's truly amateur as well and it enhances the video's worth. Good, indeed excellent presentation and got me intersested in Yorkies now !

    joesant1953, posted

    i LOVE IT...WHAT A HAPPY DOG.............i WANNA LICK U

    blackraindrops, posted

    prob the only action she gets is that poor little dog.. if only he knew what he was licking...

    tashalee, posted

    gran coño..

    gallopolveador, posted

    good on u nice to watch any dog lick pussy i enjoy it my dog loves my cunt every morning i open the door my dog licks my leg then my croutch soon as i have coffee i take my pants off n my dog is going to town on my juicy wet cunt when i cum he licks me clean its great

    samantha69now, posted

    like it

    evanzdy4, posted

    I had a little dog that used to really get his tongue way up my puss. Love it!

    barbann73, posted

    love it, big girls like her are turning to their pets all over the world to satisfy them in ways they cant get men or women to. the little dog really goes to town on her chubby ass and puss, both clearly enjoy the time together, very horny.

    browneyedog, posted

    your so hot if only you had a bigger dog

    pigbeast, posted

    wow if you werent so fat and ugly that might have been a good vid

    hillbilly123456, posted

    reminds me of my wife and her puppy hot hot

    petsexpetsexx, posted

    Fucking sick ass fat grossness Ugh !

    cowfucker100, posted

    I'd love to slide my tongue up in that pretty pussy and ass too. I'd love to see one where you orgasm, your legs spread wide and your Yorkie going to town on that clit. Now I'm all worked up again... hehe

    lionlicker, posted

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    Ronniver50, posted

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    k9hun, posted

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    fuckmehardbaby, posted

    turned me on xD

    misslexinexy, posted

    just sweet, your body is well sexy and to see that bein done to it,,,,,wow,,

    mickyfin, posted

    very nice

    nillu, posted

    very hot.... luv how puppy gets all up in the pussy... licking and nose fucking her... the dog must like her smell. she didnt have to use anything to intise the puppy to eat her pussy.

    sexygirl209, posted

    This is fucking gross...fat pimpled bitch..needs huge dog cock up her ass! YEAH!!!

    jayko, posted

    I fell sorry for that dog. :(

    lewisgreg981, posted

    k kulote y pe perrito jajajajaja

    lunitaperrita, posted

    this is a female dog, would love to see her return the favor to her furry friend!

    tammyva80, posted

    I love the sound of his tounge lapping up what must be a very juicey big pussy, love to see his nose going deep inside her hole, made me wet!

    littlelana, posted

    I love how the little dog was able to open up her inner pussy lips and kept on licking up the juices

    Sondie, posted

    very nice

    doggiedoer2, posted


    65engin, posted

    patwomen and leandog very interesting

    tnb, posted

    very sexy! lucky little dog.

    snakestrike, posted

    so hot i want it someone one add me for cam r_dot@hotmail.com

    dogpink, posted

    nice vid sweet dog!!

    littlebit3860, posted

    Little fella knew what he wants - he even was doung some hip thrusts as he ate - he knew!

    udpets, posted

    Would love to see your legs high in the air and have that cutie stick that tongue as far as possible in your puffy asshole...

    debra2656, posted

    i wouldnt mind banging that chubby

    rufrod09, posted

    wowwwwwwwww so hot

    anyhot, posted

    Cute dog.

    hfheviue, posted

    mmmm i wish he was eating my cum outof you

    woody1, posted

    Great job to both of you!! Bravo! Beautiful pussy. I would love to eat your pussy. Do you cum good when your faithful companion is eating you??

    funtxn31, posted

    very nice pussy,,! good dog thanks to share

    venomm, posted

    Loved it! I'll bet that little tongue felt amazing!

    febfantasia, posted

    very hot, want to see it all

    stroman53, posted

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    Good video!Good quality! Would have love to see more ass licking and the little dog actually fucking that fat juicy pussy as well as some anal sex. would have also like to see the woman jerking and blowing the little dogs as well. But the movie was really good and the sound was good as well. loved the way the little dog burried his face in her pussy and went to work. she obviously seemed to enjoy it as well as the dog! maybe in her next video there will be some blowing, jerking and fucking! I love to see bbw's and small dogs getting it on! she's hot...more please!

    1sexyrob, posted

    I really enjoyed this short film. It would of been better with more action in it, but overall the dog enjoyed it. Unfortunately, there were two dogs in the picture but she only utilized one. What a shame. With two dogs in the picture it certainly would of added another dimension-seeing both dogs vying for dominence over her clit would of been unusual and extremely entertaining. Perhaps if she laid on her side, then she could of had both dogs licking her front and back. Then get the hips moving and we have some real action going on in this amatuer film. I enjoyed watching it, as much as the dog enjoyed performing in it.

    zany50, posted

    i like the fact that shes a big girl and a real amatuer and not a porn star model. it gives the movie some genuine flavor. that must be some sweet pussy because that little dog wouldnt turn away. i would have loved to have been lickin it with him or fuckin her while he licks her clit. i noticed she had two dogs that would have been hot to see both of them licking her together. i would love to see more of her in action.. i love to see big women. if i was filming i would have fucked her after the puppy made her cum,

    lewischunk, posted
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