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    Woman And Dog


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    dog fucks woman

    Uploaded by midlandtroy · Rating: 4.2 (426 votes) · 71888 views


    Id like to see more of her from the rear side..who ever she is i hope theres more here and more to cumm..

    letmeecmor60, posted

    tres belle video tres grosse bitte du chien dommage trop courte j'adore les danois

    a_lodie, posted

    wow that was hot ,, would love to chat with u,, yahoo dapiggy55

    dapiggy, posted

    ...hot young chick

    tonyk9, posted

    very HOTTT

    pitbull10, posted

    omg thats hot, lucky girl

    Lia1988, posted

    Is'nt she lovely?

    alansimmo4, posted

    I believe thats Knottyknotty. The camara doesn't move she does all her own filming. The best

    lionel007, posted

    Love the way her little tits wobble while he pounds her

    gambo, posted

    Thats my knotty girl! She rocks.

    jayko, posted

    I would love to nail her then let the dog have the worthless bitch.

    surreality, posted

    Getting a little before her hubby gets home..lol She is way hot... luved it...

    Dogmaster69, posted

    Probably one of the best video in this site. Natural, espontaneous and warm. The only negative point: too short

    nogueira, posted

    Hot chick in a hot flick getting the dogs dick, Yea.

    KnotsKnuts, posted

    Damn I love this video I dig how she just takes his knot like a champ. He pulls out and she does not give out one little peep of pain. Wow that is worth jerking to. Thank you for posting.

    jamieboxer, posted

    sexy bod she did not knot

    beastsexbill, posted

    Great Knotty Girl.. Mmmm mad me so Hard

    Dogmaster69, posted


    bababooie, posted

    That is the wonderful Knotty, from England I believe. She's really good and can fuck and suck a dog superb. Her movies are available at zooskool.com. She's excellent. Would join her any time. Hi Knotty, we talked a few times when zooskool was up and running. Sure do miss that site. Frank.

    sildolan, posted

    Bestiality at It's absulute fucking best!! loved It should have been there!!!!!!!!

    bigdamo09, posted


    jessy31587, posted

    nice fuck =) ide like to let him cum up my ass to

    buttknot, posted

    Yes, That is Knotty Knotty. I have a number of her videos. She performs alone, that's why there is no camera movement. She also has a Boxer that she loves as well. I even sent her a "private Message" once telling her she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She is SOOOOOOOO Hot.

    NoOther, posted

    Though isn't complete, it is still a masterpiece

    nogueira, posted

    nice vid!

    snakestrike, posted

    too bad we didnt see the pullouy shot

    redmandog, posted

    boy i wish like hell i was that dog she is so hot i would love to see more of her write back

    donniehearl, posted


    ragazzorm, posted

    Ya! Nice Couple!!

    KDL, posted

    This fellow is quite big

    zl7577, posted

    that was amazing and well done what a good boy :D lovely performance by both:D

    drazenli, posted

    nice couple!

    Flowerhunter, posted

    loved this movie hopefully clips like this will encourage my wife to try bigger dogs in time

    taurean, posted

    Tania Bukina name she!!!!

    2101188, posted

    Love is a beautiful thing. She is such a good bitch and he was ready to go.

    blackcockslut, posted

    wow. nice bitch. u can tell she's in love

    knotsqueezr, posted

    thts th making luv huny well done:)

    zeyers, posted

    Perfect!!! If that is the beautiful Knotty, then this one is like her others I've seen of her..They are all about her loving her rider...Very erotic!!!

    zero-gravity, posted

    me encanta este video.

    karmane, posted

    This girl truly knows how to fuck her doggy, and it's quite apparent that the dog has been there many times before. One of the very best with an awesome looking woman!

    kaaty, posted

    very nice! shes a pro

    cam255, posted

    very nice bitch

    newtonsk, posted

    OH yea you two have done this before---MMM

    bigpony09, posted

    it was really awwessome

    mba.gaurav07, posted

    lucky girl. i wish it could be me,getting fucked by that dog.

    adisa, posted


    KnotBlkTemptres, posted

    you don`

    jayko, posted

    it didn't seem like the woman was ever mounted and if she was, she didn't make any noise like she enjoyed it.

    sefriendlyguy, posted

    fucking amazing - lucky girl!!!

    suzieque, posted

    Wonderful mating between a woman and a dog!

    WomenAndDogSex, posted

    nice movie amazing ass on that girl

    redman11, posted

    ke mignotta!!!

    lucio, posted

    yes...very good !.....

    sardanapale, posted

    Lovely video, simple and natural...

    Extremazur, posted

    This is a vid of Knotty I believe.

    gwdark, posted

    Lovely. Hey where is all the South African Beast lovers. Mail me at let_me_do_you@yahoo.co.uk I am in Pretoria

    let_me_do_you, posted

    I shot my wad hard to this video ...

    sexfreak2, posted

    Is it real. Are there cute girls who do dogs? Good movie, makes me wonder

    Gentleman, posted

    How it should be! The dog has ultimate control over his bitch.

    bitchboy, posted

    great video woh thanks for you move

    galaxantoni, posted

    great! the best i've seen on here great angle were u can see the whole act & performance not like most were all u can see is the knot,plus its so natual looking with no socks on dog or big hoe boots on the woman. quite refreshing keep up the good work your sexiness!

    cashronin, posted

    nice dog I'd like to have him knot me too. his Bitch was pretty too. would have been better if she had turned to camera side for action. nice dismount anyway lucky dog.

    moresa44c, posted

    thats knotty knotty and her DANE... AGAIN..

    jayko, posted

    good girl and luky dog perhabs we can see from behind the knot in his pussy, Ilove it...

    lextranus, posted

    I can see the dog saying which way as his head is bobbing and, then, this is SOOOooo GOOOoooood. Human is so sweet.She taking the time to love him after the sex. This strengthens the bond between you. what a wonderful penis and, knot on that dog! lucky dog,you can say that again!woman is lucky to have him too!

    kobidobidog, posted

    That is nice! If you ever need a pet sitter...

    curious_chick, posted


    qamarbini, posted

    Very nice, movie:) Luky dog and hot girl.

    Hotdog2, posted

    nice fuck but would like to have seen him knot her

    warmfuzy1111, posted

    thats Knotty

    dandog76, posted

    Very nice. I would love to have my turn at him!

    sweetk9girll, posted

    amazing big dog.. cant he visit me? :(

    tensyn, posted

    Great clip Would love more

    sandman2666, posted

    Really lucky dog - from the action it is obvious that the dog has fucked her before. I would love to see more of this girl.

    lunalupo, posted


    freakie, posted

    Sweet! Very hot clip!

    harleypoor, posted

    hot girl, nice dog. love to see more.

    wolfen1176, posted

    A very big dog so horny sexy the way it clings to her so tightly wot a turn on you can tell she is loving it so much wish it was me . She must love it rough there is no way the dog was going to let her get away from him until it had its way with her as if the dog was the real owner. Great towards the end as the dog knotted her whilst keeping a tight grip until it had emptied its full load of juicy cum inside her loved it more please. Great danes are the best sex partners dont you agree.

    michelle6969, posted

    This is a nice video of a lovely, long-haired young woman and her blue-merle, uncropped Great Dane. They have obviously done this more than once as he mounts her confidently and quickly. The sounds of her voice as she encourages him while he breeds her is very hot. Hearing his cock sliding in and out of her was such a nice treat. One of the nicest parts is watching her cuddle and hug him after the breeding is over. It would have been nice if there was a chance for a close up of the penetration but I suspect it was shot from a tripod and we get what we get.

    Kymfur, posted
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