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    Girls And Gorillas


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    Gorillas fuck Girl

    Uploaded by conbecks · Rating: 3.6 (311 votes) · 54033 views


    Horny bisexual male, looking to chat and trade pics <3 il tell my age through message, so cum and get me ;)

    young_one_65, posted

    real sexy

    osama911, posted

    horny 20 yo girl message me

    slashounette, posted

    sound would really help take it to the next level but overall, very hot ...it made me think about sex with an actual flesh and bones gorilla...;)

    pollyslot, posted

    That would be nice. It would be nice if it could be real.

    wineman123, posted

    she is one lucky girl.i wish it was real

    Marina1, posted

    Yah, Sheena likes bigdicked animals and aliens. That's who she done it with in her other clips. I have pictures of her doing other animals and aliens. Happy New Year05.@animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    looks soo fun, I wish i owned a zoo!

    kitykat, posted

    Good movie

    darrellcindy, posted

    I meant: Why run away at the end. The girl's name is Sheena in other clips. And she loves fucking with all kinds of big dicked animals. And she has such a beautiful body to do it with. But to the animals and the plants it matters not. To me... it would. I just don't have such a big dick to accommodate her. But in a toon, my dick could match all the other ones. Only 3 days before I posted my former comment. animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    that was great cgi work plz keep it up and i cant wait to see more

    inuyasha86, posted


    alsaqr, posted

    Why run away? They're done for! animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    Good movie. could have had sound though:/

    tanderson2434, posted

    great premise,we could use more of this shit.but why do the apes have human cocks? also no sound.

    nugpot, posted

    Hi I own 3 female dogs of which one is coming into heat,there will be so much fun,LADIES if u want to join me in some CUM CAM FUN add me plz an no BS that u dont own a CAM lol seamen_of_d_c@hotmail.com

    rolrex, posted

    this shit is so fucking nasty i am about to cum myself the cgi is pretty damn good and the girl is enjoying her four way with these well hung apes,it only makes you wonder what are those intelligent creatures really packing down there.the way she takes the apes' cock and put it in her mouth like she has done this thousands of ttimes and the double penetration is to die for ,all i can say is i wish it were me down there,and i would show those apes how to have a good time by sucking them all off at the same time.

    Ashleigh2, posted

    at least they give you your credits lol

    jordyn, posted

    a bit amateurish but passable

    lurkerbob, posted

    young tight male who wants to be fucked.will fuck a guy or girl message me

    summitkid96, posted

    the video is a awesome with it sex movement.one girl with three gorilla,that's impossble they are big size animal.

    samsonsam123, posted

    ummm - nice - just wish there was sound. I would love to have those 3 gorillas take me - especially love the way the gorilla plays with her breasts.

    slavechild, posted

    if any girls/guys wanna fuck message me

    summitkid96, posted

    to bad monkeys penises are about two inches long and thinner then a pencil.

    huskyloveroh, posted

    wish i could be fucked for real and get knocked up

    ohiok9slut, posted

    Um....ok, this isn't even real how lame!

    tiffers29, posted

    its a wonderfull comic movie.download a real video of gorilla n woman or man n female gorilla.

    Hakeem4L, posted

    Damn, I wish that had sound

    equscanis, posted

    Geile Vorstellung ;o)

    yvi-bitch, posted

    Of course all three of the bastards fall directly asleep, no ride home, and I'm betting no flowers either

    curious_chick, posted

    Sound and lighting would have made this perfect.

    jardypop, posted

    Iloved it....wish i was her

    swordtatoo, posted

    would be nice the hear them moan like there enjoying it lol oh well

    tinyheavy6, posted

    hott movie most def... id fuk a gorilla lol

    cookiepuss29, posted

    wow those gorillas sure have big dicks! they kind of look like big hairy black guys

    redmandog, posted

    it was so good sensitive

    jamesband, posted

    Wish that was me!!! I fantasize about getting ganged...that's hot!!! just wish the vid was longer...

    nekotank, posted

    Amazing! fucking storeies is good.

    jokersam, posted

    oh yea that was soooo yummmy mmmm i wish i could have them 3 cocks unside my ass. OOOHH yeah i had to jack off to it after i watched it mmmmmm lovely

    penis45, posted

    Yum YUm YUm what more could a girl ask for mmmmmmmmm

    Belinda402007, posted

    I want THREE Gorillas!!

    Lenny2007, posted

    Love the subject with triple penetration, all holes filled at the same time.

    douger, posted

    lol niceeeeeeeeeee

    johnlewis, posted

    i want a gorilla!!!

    diamond68, posted

    it is funny

    samc, posted

    Ein geiler Phantasiefilm, Gotillas habe kleinere Schwänze. Aber geil. Geil war, dass drei Gorillas erschöpft waren und die Frau noch super laufen konnte. Sehr geile Phantasie!

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    fuck that was so hot i had to watch it again and jerk off to it,,,, animal rapes girl,,,there is nothing sexier xxxx

    nytro, posted

    this was great would of like to see her riding..

    badmouth99, posted

    would luv to cum across gorillas like that

    littlelover, posted

    I thought it was ana wesome clip -9/10

    wildfire, posted

    plenty of action all its missing is the sound and agood cum shot

    popsadoodle, posted

    really hot. @dickweed1: a real gorilla cock is only like 5cm or something.

    darcher, posted

    are gorilla cocks really that big? Love how she had all three in her at once.

    dickweed1, posted

    I like it a lot. I like to see women out cocked and loving it. A fantasy.

    daja5956, posted

    This is the dream of many; to be taken by a group of beasts which you cannot escape, or resist, as they use your body in all ways.

    redo2, posted


    hbjst, posted

    Girl with Gorillas ; nice art-movie I really want to see the contionus.... by #SweXer#

    SweXer, posted


    endowholy, posted

    WOuld love to see a real woman and a real ape have his way with her.

    Irishbull, posted

    Wow, that was a pretty good movie. Gorillas, maybe they need more porn movies like this. This was a first of me watching Gorillas. I'll be looking for some more. Thanks whom ever posted this video. Thought the dicks would be bigger but they are a pretty good size cocks. Wow, that was a pretty good movie. Gorillas, maybe they need more porn movies like this. This was a first of me watching Gorillas. I'll be looking for some more. Thanks whom ever posted this video. Thought the dicks would be bigger but they are a pretty good size cocks. Thanks

    cockcrazy2010, posted

    Girls and Gorillas....awesome...this short vid was very detailed and different from the real thing. I like that there were three gorillas and only one woman, but she handled them like a trooper. All holes were filled and it seemed like the gorillas were truely satisfied. This video is for those looking for something alittle different. On another note, really don't think the gorillas have cocks that big, but it's nice for the visual affects of the overall video. I think I'm going to check out a few more videos like this one. It really peaked my interest and it seems very very real. I hope the review brings some added views to this video.

    milo6969, posted

    Animation,pretty cool.. would have liked to see better anal close ups,but that does not take away from the clip,really worth seeing.The gorillas all in at the same time and I was getting my dick out and jacking off to animation..i will definetly look up more animation I live in denver and would like to meet up with a gal that can watch these movies together.I have not spent too much time on this site but i think that is going to change,the other thing that i liked was the clarity of the clip it leaves nothing to the imiganition and is so much easier to watch I I wonder who thinks of 3 gorillas and a girl that just runs to their hot cocks. Have to explore that Robert

    newkidrobert8, posted

    this movie was very well put together for a cgi, but those are the best for your more "exotic" needs. It was great to see a woman put in to a situation that we could never witness in the world we live in. The animation was great and seemed almost realistic it certainly gets the job done. The group aspect also makes it quite spectacular seeing so many hands touching so many different parts on a single person. Not to mention the woman, although not real seems to enjoy this immensely. This certainly is a movie you will keep cumming back to enjoy.

    Tanner4546, posted

    i like it, it was quiet detailed could of been alil longer but over all ill give it a 9/10 i mean could be better but it was good enough to get someone hott i know it got me nice and hot not to mention really hard. i kept jerking my hard shot till i cam it felt sooooo good that after words i was still so hard.. yea... i dont know what to right next seeing as this takes 100 words to submit lol i am looking for a female to share storys with :] yea.. lol im juust doing this for the credits ok xD

    kanu_kay, posted
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