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    dog fuck woman

    Uploaded by edczsxaqw · Rating: 4.1 (252 votes) · 71951 views


    this made me so wet

    emmanem616, posted

    Great sound and he filled her with cum. She enjoyed it also.

    1robert, posted

    yum yum wish i was there to catch cum n my mouth!!! bi wht male message me men n women

    nailmesweet54, posted

    i want to be raped gangbanged and fucked by anyman or animal in kansas..anyone out there want to help?

    dirtyslut75, posted

    Loved that pussy and the cum drips =)

    mehoff, posted

    Very hot humping - wish it was longer!

    kenthetopdog, posted

    Hi I am an 18 year old female lookin for some fun i am bisexual and also havnt gotten a chance to try bestiality yet and am dieing to try it anyone want to help? ;)

    ily6464, posted

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    rolrex, posted

    Wow he nailed that pussy and filled her with lots of his cum! Lovely!!!!!!!!!

    breeder09, posted

    schnell ... männlich eben

    PinkSheep, posted

    now that was quick..

    ps112233, posted

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    King_Cross, posted

    nice!! any one need a stud for man/ mare films? id like to get into this please contact me. Thank you for sharing this!!!!!

    bbdog999, posted


    josh120, posted

    Thats a nice vid. I like how the cum was dripping out.

    wolfman328, posted

    Can't stop watching this video. Fast and hard - love it!!

    johnjackson22, posted

    WOW pretty cool!!! HOT VIDEO.. PLEASE MORE!!!

    nicebeast, posted

    fuckin hot

    Spells50, posted

    Yep, thats what it was, a fast fuck. Cums right in the middle of my rating.


    sweet lady.

    digitallover, posted

    lots of cum!

    littlejessaus, posted

    nice pierced pussy

    allwaysr, posted


    beastyboy6969, posted


    hbjst, posted

    exelente video se ve delicioso como la penetra toda

    elfenix, posted

    I get wet watching his cum flooding out of her

    ErinLucy, posted

    good loking mound,hot chick,hot body.yummy lucky dog.

    crazyboy420, posted

    Damn It! Lucky Dog!

    tim.f1, posted

    fucking hot!

    wass_077, posted

    This is a fucking well done video. Who would've thought it was possible? Now, the visuals and and cumming sounds really turned me on so much. Oh my god. It's so damn good. However, the room is a little bit too dark and the video was sadly short. Nevertheless, it's still a good and well done video. Please keep up the good work and now I feel really really damn horny. I am so so so glad that there's a video website like this. Plus the more the sex, the hotter and juicy it is. Just...so fucking hot and sexy as hell!

    FurryDragonAce, posted

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    JayVee42O, posted

    In this video the dog fucks the good looking girl very fast and hard. In the beginning of the video, you can see in the first second how the dog put his cock in her and starts to fuck. From the first second till the end he fucks hard and fast. We can see the cum drip out of her. The quality of the video is good and it makes me wish, I was there too. The girl don’t look old or something like that. You can hear, that she enjoy that fast fuck every second it goes on. And the dog seem to enjoy it too. I gues she must be tight so that the dog enjoy it some more.

    galahad1989, posted

    Now I know how those poor horses that they use to get the mare ready for the real stud feel! Great potential in this clip but.... production values are a bit basic in that I suspect it was a solo webcam style shoot, which in some ways adds to the appeal. We get to see some good quality humping with loads of dripping cum which we just get to see and .... I want some more so that I don't have to loop it. The girl seemed to be worth more of a look as well in that she seemed to not be a 50 yr old with 90 kilos on her. It is always nice to get a wide view that doesn't have to be too wide. Limmitted audio, but hey how much do you want in 30 seconds?

    wouludoit, posted
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