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    Girl Suck Dog


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    girl suck dog

    Uploaded by bg13579 · Rating: 4.1 (265 votes) · 67618 views


    id like to see that in person

    sexfreek25, posted

    I am looking to try jerking and sucking-off well-hung dogs and horses. Also seriously considering "losing my viginity" to a good pet in the Mid-Canada area. If you can help me, please contact asap!

    1seximama, posted

    Very lovely the dog was well hung and giving her his protein to savor.

    breeder09, posted

    Very poor quality! Movie for trash! Sehr schlechte Qualität! Film für die Mülltonne!

    sadfuck, posted

    What a very nice cock.....I was wishing I was there to suck the cum out that beauty....I would have made sure not to lose most of that cum.

    lilbud200, posted

    Y the fuck won't people just zoom out for fucks sake

    roviler, posted

    Best I have ever seen. As shitty as the camera quality is, the pure enjoyment of someone truly loving what they are doing is what makes it so perfect. And then he cums, and then she goes faster. mmmmm Amazing!

    hazeleyesm12, posted

    When she deep throats the dog it is really horny...

    nagpet, posted

    wow awesome movie love 2 see more of this girl

    polysafe, posted

    Would like to see more of her. Nice movie horny sound

    Condor2, posted

    Yes, the camera work is wanting, but the girl is hot and horny and vocal, nice.

    jayko, posted

    ....her sucking makes me so horny...she's on fire and loves that dick...would love to be eating her pussy while she sucks away on that beautiful dog cock....plse!

    fredog51M, posted

    Don't u just adore the enthusiasm in this chick. She sounded as if she wouldn't wanna miss out on that opportunity for nuthin. Definitely an A+

    bodacious8069, posted

    wow she loves that cock! i have a male dog here in so cal that loves to get sucked too! im really really thick myself, like a beer can too. i can host for women. large dog with 8 inches.

    saggy123, posted

    most amazing video! would love to have her and me suck on that dogs dick everyday! such a turn on :D

    holysheet, posted

    newer seen beter like that woman.

    madmax1979, posted

    love a bitch suckling on the tip like that

    federizio, posted

    Another good vid screwed up because of shitty camera work! This could have been soooooo sexy! If she is truly feeling like she sounds, let's have more of her!! If she is faking it, let's have more faking it from her! Damn! I would love to have her in my den and turn her loose on a big dog!! Bijou

    sucez, posted

    Very cool- can any ohio guys hook me up to do that?

    eager, posted

    Nice , could be better quality, but very hot! Thanks!!

    lifestooshort, posted

    my god so freakin' hot..nice

    alfamale78, posted

    I agree with different, the girl should be given an 'A', but the moron taping it should get an 'F' and a punch in the face..

    CumDrinkingSlut, posted

    The bitch has to be given an "A" but the photographer gets a "D."

    different, posted

    The girl is gorgeous and watching her suck this dog off is HOT!

    knotty1973, posted

    thank god the picture finally cleared up at the end... but i saw enough to make me fucking wet! damn, i want to try this!

    concave_scream, posted

    i wish there was a longer and clearer version of this

    gdamon, posted

    Is it really true a dog loses intrest if he has his balls removed? :( cause my dog doesn't have any and I wan't to try this with him :P

    Anthony1212, posted

    MMMMMM god she can deep throat the knot...holy crap...so hot!!

    Deeke, posted


    sideshow454, posted

    where can i get the entire video r a better quality?

    doubleXtrouble, posted

    how do i copy this?

    doubleXtrouble, posted

    damn that girl loves her some cock!

    dogluver36, posted

    very good

    reallybad, posted

    good lady

    venomm, posted

    like to see everyday

    yaloyalo, posted

    she is really hot!!!!!!!!!!!

    KnigvonDeutschl, posted

    wowwwwww hottt shes a good cock suckerrr

    cashieboi, posted

    must agree shitty camera work but she is enjoying that lets see more

    mick111, posted

    whoever was running the camera could have done a better job but she sure seems to enjoy what she does. wish I could meet a girl like that.

    wolfen1176, posted

    A short clip that really, really satisfies. This is what a doggy blow job should be about. The woman is really into it, a lot of moaning and excitement. The camera could be a little better but you get good shot nonetheless. Would love to see more of this woman with this dog. She seems to know her way around his cock, taking him deep at times and loving it (from the sound). I gave this clip top rating and I think any one else would, too. The only thing that detracts from this clip is that it is barely a minute long.

    talldavedude, posted
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