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    Some swedish clip i found on the net, bad quality, but watchable, the clip was named Kerstin&Otto.

    Uploaded by damnhot · Rating: 4.6 (199 votes) · 11561 views


    This is fucking hot, no argument there... the international language of love!!!!! lol

    jayko, posted

    Awesome movie hott!

    Lilroger, posted

    I think the video is fine beautiful girl and a great animal only make wonderful music.

    fredpotts, posted

    This is a classic amatuer film. The sound quality is superb, and while the camera work is a bit fuzzy, things are easily seen and distinguished. The dog is a large one and the woman is quite attracftive. It is obvious that this girl is experienced in dog sex and had experience with this dog. If the film has any drawback, it is that the spoken dialogue is not in English, thus one's mind is left to do the translations.

    K9Lesbian, posted

    A sensation and a study and a comedy: First, male dogs have one object when they fuck--drive as much cock into the bitches uterus as possible then lock it there and pump cum to bursting: That's why human females give an extra shout when the 'second-door' is opened then groan and call during the knot-lock that the dog uses to constantly pump seed into her while always pushing his red-meat further into her inner-pussy. Second, (begins the comedy) ya can't hold the camera, lift the tale and jerk-off at the same time! Use a tripod stupid! Last, the man could not figure out where all the cum he saw pumped in went! RLOFLaughing my ass off! Dude! she snapped-shut her cum filled uterus and she ain't letting it flow an' she ain't letting you know! (Most women won't admit to how much they love that thrilling ache.) Now man your in trouble 'cause she is radiant, open, and ready for her true love's next penetration deep and deeper forcing her second door: she now wants it again and again and, man, you have lost the damsel--see how she looks at him; how she's stroking the puppy-- wait 'till she's home alone....! I love watching the dog's continuous thrust and pump after a true lock with a human female! Awesome!!!!

    abl72lok, posted

    wow, echt megageil ! Da wäre ich gerne dabei gewesen und hätte danach gerne in das vorbesamte Loch gefickt und sie geleckt !

    Mitras_Ffm, posted

    when she was liying on her back i would have fucked the dog shit out of her!

    leslatte, posted

    Tack för en mycket bra film, med en fin hund och snygg miljö men framför allt en otroligt vacker kvinna, hoppas det blir fler clip i framtiden.

    ludde, posted

    Thanks, I was there ;) /Marcus

    MrMac, posted

    cant believe the guy didnt go down on her afterwards!i would have fucked the shit out of her afterwards.shes hot

    cockhound5150, posted

    Yeah, very very good... Great thx for sharing!

    Extremazur, posted

    Poor shot quality.. but good content!!!

    sky78653, posted

    The best video I have found on here in terms of content

    dancingmoondog, posted

    This is one of the best I have seen and I have seen a thousand. This beautiful young blonde takes a big dog without help or protection. He mounts her agressively and fucks her very deep and very hard. She manages to keep his knot out with her body position telling me that she is experienced. The sound is fantastic as she cries out with the initial deep penetration and then whimpers as this big dog fills her pretty blonde shaved pussy with sperm for a full 5 minutes. Afterward her man shows off her cumfilled pussy and instructs her to push the cum out and she complies several times. Its obvious she enjoys the experience as she gently touches her K9 lover while laying on the floor showing her cum filled pussy. The only downside is that the film quality is a bit fuzzy but that even ads to the amateur realism, not like those paid scenes.

    casale1720, posted

    Well trained bitch submits to her big dog lover in this home made clip. The vid starts off slowly with just some sniffing & licking from the dog but Kristen presents well and waits patiently for the mount. When the dog finally gets on top of his bitch (with help from some guy) he really shows her who's in charge. Otto mounts and ruts forcefully and deeply paying little mind to the loud yells from the bitch beneath him. He knows it's her job to give cunt until he is fully satisfied and makes sure she does her job well. After the hard rutting is over Otto stays in ball deep and knotted as we watch his back muscles contracting, pumping her full of his seed. All this time the guy is questioning her (in Swedish - too bad since I'd love to know what she's thinking at that moment). After he is through with his bitch (for now) he pulls out leaving her spread, red, swollen, gaping, dripping & probably very satisfied on the floor. The girl deserves a doggy treat for this!

    slavemarie, posted

    Kerstin is hot! She is a beautiful girl who is certainly into Otto. She starts out making love and Otto finishes by pumping her full of his cum. Some highlights... Penetration - Once the guy in the movie gets him lined up he knows what he's doing from there and takes over like the dog that he is. The Fill Up - You can see in the movie that he obviously likes being inside Kerstin because you can see how he continues to fill her up. The Pull Out - Once he pulls out the movie is basically over, but Kerstin has the hotest pussy durring the initial licking scene and you can see how the "large" Otto worked her pussy over. I give this movie a "Thumbs Up"

    easy09, posted

    This is a lovely, petite looking lady, with obvious affection for her beautiful dog. There is pretty much non stop, close up action all the way through. The lady's body is a pleasure to view, and you get a brief glimpse of what appears to be a pretty face as well. She shows very much affection for her dog after the the dog has cum. She keeps patting the dog whenever he is not humping her. The filming ensures close up views most of the way through the movie. The only negative I have is that unfortunately, the camera lens gets wet during the action, and it does not get dried, so it impedes some of the view. I will definitely search for more Miranda & Otto movies, as I thought this one was great, and I would definitely like to see more of both of them. A very good amateur home movie. 8/10

    don3109, posted
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