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    Dog Kissing


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    Girl makes out with dog

    Uploaded by DKM86 · Rating: 4.4 (282 votes) · 57091 views


    •Aluzky• Who is her? This is the second video I see of her and I think I have also see pictures.

    Yesilovedogs, posted


    bear2468, posted

    nice video

    cool20002, posted

    hey .. nice vidoe btw.. anyhow.. i cant upload my pics vidoes on here i dont know why or i dont how to do it. just i have german, pitbull and k9 and i got snake too.. so u can reach me in my yahoo messenger. leahhotdizon @ yahoo .com okay .. ask for my vidoes for pet sex fucking.. ciao..

    maria123, posted

    My God if only she could hold it's head,& clamped her open mouth for her dog,wonderful vid,thx,lol!!!!!!!

    3333331, posted

    Please contact me North west England i want some doggy fun !!

    strongy, posted

    I love kissing dogs!!!

    shellymcnally, posted

    tender video...........honey in her mouth

    europpa, posted


    jobarrera, posted

    please acept me beuty girl mi email thundercars_4@hotmail.com you soo hott

    absolutzoo, posted

    she is fantastic :D

    Orgetorix, posted

    you are such a turn on would love to be with someone like you

    dewayne64, posted

    so sexy love seeing girls kissing dogs so horny ..10+10

    sweetbaldy, posted

    best kiss ever!!!!!!!!!!

    Dododergraue, posted

    Need sound, of course, so that we can hear the slurping and panting. Real passion here, need to hear it...

    boyoboyo, posted

    I think I'm in love...

    DaveTheFox, posted

    You Can Kiss Me 24/7 !!! This Girl is HOT !!!

    fred00007, posted

    mmmmmmmmmm what a good little girl x

    Belinda402007, posted

    that is sexy

    al33t, posted


    njdoll45, posted

    i love issing dogs i drool so they will lick me more n more i get so hot.... masturbate n kiss yummm mssxymexslt atyahoo in cali usa

    mssxymexslt, posted

    this girl... so awesome... the kissing skill.. the dog likes her kiss :)))) but the nice girl is cries ??

    zooky, posted

    This girl is so beautiful! Do we know who she is? Can't imagine what else she is like :o

    ultraviolet, posted

    Wow...That Girl Is Super Hot...She Has Nice Boobs And Great Kissing Skills...I Always Wanted A Girl Like That.(10/10)

    SweetLovelyGuy, posted

    nicely done

    bababooie, posted

    Dog Kissing GOOD

    ccho12345, posted

    OK..this bitch needs to take his dick in her cunt...kissings fun and all. but..

    different, posted


    ahmet39, posted

    God would I love to meet a girl like that.

    SteamPunkerJay, posted

    Very sexy girl. Any one have another of her?

    onnehandtyping, posted

    Awww... this is cute |3

    RuscoIstar, posted


    Prince777, posted

    nice video! i like doing that too but it's more exciting seeing a pretty girl and a beautiful dog do it...very sensual

    dogluvr, posted

    After so much of Kissing both should have played litlle game to share their fun with us too! So too short show of a nice dog!

    KDL, posted

    i love to do that with you to

    stevengt1234, posted

    mmmmm, yummy

    Trinitysama, posted

    too short

    37013701, posted

    Oh My God! I love this one so much, It's so sweet and cute XD

    edbebop, posted

    I love sweet tender videos...cute and sexy

    zoowatcherwi, posted

    Who is that girl ö .. Awsome vid !

    Whoohoo, posted

    i would love to stick my cock in between the two.. lol

    omfg9999, posted

    love girls kissing their dogs...it's like she's in love with him

    seaoffaces44, posted

    thats so cute ^^

    MasterAzure, posted

    i like doing this too, i could do it for hours with my bf

    pyatt, posted

    Cute girl :)

    jenz, posted

    fuucking hell, i almost came and ive only just starded wanking. baby she is hott!

    sexmybigdick, posted

    i love it

    sinni, posted

    It feels real nice, actually.

    pats69, posted

    Holyshit! I love that girl

    whozzes, posted

    SUPERB!!!! Thanks!!

    Prince777, posted

    i'd like to kiss you instead.

    furry666, posted

    Is it wrong to make out with dogs? I have done it before, I liked it but it felt weird.

    dasbob, posted


    ohmy69, posted

    id leik 2 see u do more with that dog then juts kiss

    k9luv, posted

    I love making out with dogs. As for what kavita648 wrote, I have licked dog ass too.

    k9lover100, posted

    i have seen 2 other vids with her kissing that dog

    rayden375, posted

    thats the kind of girl i need as a girlfriend

    winterdreams, posted

    Why cant I find woman like this ?

    WETS, posted

    i love to lick dogs ass.

    kavita648, posted

    Imagine that tongue in a pussy. Damn nice tongue that dog's got. =D Great vid.

    gr3y, posted

    I think the dog is just licking her just because it's his habit.

    omgwtfhotdog, posted

    Just fabulous I mean the girl is totally into it....AND THAT IS THE BIG TURN FOR ME.....please post more PLEASE!!!!

    santi55, posted

    I love this girl

    pepexxx79, posted

    It's apparently from vids she is posting SOMEWHERE...would love to find more! And, considering she obviously is enjoying the deepness of the tongue action...don't think for a second that's the ONLY thing she lets the dog deep tongue! Now THAT would be a video!! ; - )

    SiriusBlak, posted

    no repost another video pleas with you after kissing going down and sucking his cock please! very sexy

    random18, posted

    Thats really cute :D

    silent_51, posted

    that girl is awesome shame there's no sound!

    Burns2k, posted

    =D exiting!

    Froxekz, posted

    hotter than the majority of the fucking videos on this site...we want to see passion people! girls like this have it.

    nathen12, posted

    I do the same with my dog, till your head and tongue can go deeper

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    I want to meet her

    lucidmoment, posted


    CleverJackal, posted

    pretty girl

    acabadra, posted

    wow, and thats right after the dog ate its own shit!!

    jayko, posted

    i'd love to be kissing either on of them!

    SkyFox, posted

    Great video. I love the ones this girls in <3

    germanshepard69, posted


    gengleman, posted

    That's hot passion!

    doggyass, posted

    Damn.... great. More please!!!!!

    Lalala, posted

    so what !! i do that too my dog outside and indoors prfft

    Hyena_69, posted

    Ich liebe es wenn ein so hübsches Mädchen ihren Hund küsst ;)

    TrashAcc, posted

    love this girl and this vid !!!

    hornyrachel, posted

    This has to be one of the best beast movies of all time. The lighting is a little dark but you can see all the action very clearly. The content of this video is very simply a girl making out with her husky however the sheer passion of it is enough to make anyone go crazy. The dog is the main purveyor of kisses in the movie but the girl not only accepts them but is obviously totally into it. She occasionally returns with a wet kiss back but the bulk of the video is watching her mouth open accepting the dogs wet loving... Totally Hot!!

    thesporkofsatan, posted

    omg this gurl is absolutly gorgeous i think every guy who watched this would love to french her. i am personally doing this for 250 credits. her dog is beautiful they make a great couple :D. I absolutly love how she looked so affectionate i truely beilve she loves her dog. If they dog is a male i think he is in doggie heaven. They start of kissing a little and the pasion from each other increaced tremendously. they french kiss and the 18yr old gurl holds her dog behind the head. They then stop, but only to return once agian for more pashionate kisses

    doggiedoggie91, posted

    This is another video of this beautiful girl making out with her dog. She is about 18 years old and seems to be really into her husky, or she just likes to send out videos of her making out with him to get us all hot. She's very sensual and likes it when he puts his toungue deep down her throat, this video is for the softcore animal lover, if your not about penatration and sex then this is a good one for you, There are at least 2 other videos of this girl with her dog, so if you like it keep on searching there are more than just this. We are all waiting for this girl to actually get it with this dog, and personally she is one of my favorites on here

    jordo2001, posted
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