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    Hidden Dog Suck


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    lady sucks a dog cock realy good with part of face hidden

    Uploaded by Minma · Rating: 3.9 (257 votes) · 82590 views


    nice dog cock, would love it in my mouth

    tgirlwhore, posted

    Iam getting really bored and anoyed by all your stupid comments about what you think she should have done or how you would do if it were you. This is not from a porn but an homemade. Either just be content that theres somthing to look at or find another film. If you have nothing good to say shut it. ONE more sour comment and i will delete any content ive shared with you. Its really sad that you cant keep from posting these f.... up responses. Do you think she is motivated by it.... Maby all you negative posters should make somthing of your own and share instead. All this has resulted in is us NOT sharing newer films. This forum simply isnt mature enough to respect the same persons who deliver their wanking. A very annoyed Minma

    Minma, posted

    Maybe, it's because you're so dense, that it took you a while, to make out, what was happening. I saw it right away. And if this consoles you: you're not alone in being so dense. Only thing, I didn't see right away, was the position she was in. It made me hot, passion coursing through my body, to see the dog squirting in her mouth and she not spitting it out; i o w: swallowing it. But the second time around I saw her resting her upperbody on her left elbow. And saliva or dogsquirt dripping out of the leftside of her mouth. Maybe after all she didn't swallow it. Or not all of it. Do you think, it would've killed her, to swallow it once? Just for the camera's sake? Or maybe she thought, that the people watching these kinda movies are so dense, they won't see her spitting it out. And she's not really sucking it. She just takes his dick in her mouth. Maybe I'm too down to the ground. And he did a good job, filming it all and hiding her face, with her own face. animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    would luv to lick em both xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    delboy186, posted

    zoo beautiful, sexy!!

    gwenwalker69, posted

    She is pretty good but it would have been nice if she would have stuck with and let us see what she did when he squirted his load.

    hairybear42, posted

    I really envy these men who seem to love getting fucked by their animals or fucking them I've never had the awareness or the opportunity to get into that world of animal sex never really knew it existed actually to the extent it seem so be practiced today. I'd love to try it before I pass on. up for all and everything you want me do Any owner willing to help me get on to pet sex i have 8,9 and 3-4 cock very excited to do my first dog or horse zzuke@hotmail.com Male or female I will do it all I am in London near Heathrow thanks ian

    ianmax, posted

    that is such a nice cock, mmmm\

    gabriele40, posted

    you fuckers are all insane.

    EvilWolf, posted

    mikkilik21; VERY,VERY good head job on very lucky dog.She really looked like she loved both sucking and tasting the doggy cum.

    mikkilik21, posted

    wow, this video was so sexy. the woman is hot and really gives a great blowjob, plus this video is a free one. love to see more from her.

    abcd1986, posted

    OMG! I love sucking doggie dick. I used to work in a kennel and I would stay late to lock up. Every night I would suck off between 3 and 10 dogs depending on how many we were boarding. A lot more in summer and around the holidays when mor people traveled. There is NOTHING like sucking big (or small) doggie dick and having the cum shoot into my mouth. Doggie cum tastes different from human semen. Not bad at all. More doggie suck movies please!!

    doggieboiishere, posted

    Anyone please help me do appear on here love to do it all zzuke@hotmail.com in England London

    ianmax, posted

    HOT...... wish I could get a taste.....

    swallowall, posted

    Very nice and yummy!

    sweetk9girll, posted

    any guys in FL want to hook up for this kinda fun, message me or check my profile ;)

    fuckmehardbaby, posted

    This is a lady who really enjoys sucking dog cock and is not afraid to take the squirts of cum. I wish this could have been longer and shot from a little wider view. Both the ladies face and dogs cock are beautiful and the lighting and the angle of the shot are very good. The shots of the squirting show the dogs enjoyment and the ladies love for the juices that are produced. She also goes deep on the dog but the knot can not be seen. Close to deep throating but not quite. All in all a great oral movie.

    wizard5227, posted

    is it a real lady ?

    nogueira, posted

    can i try? any ohio guys here?

    eager, posted

    hmmm great

    Abadago, posted

    wow...very hot

    LoveCouple2, posted

    Hot... just jerkoff and swallowed myself.......

    swallowall, posted

    I would love to gag on the cum from that dog cock

    stormysx, posted

    jeeze I'd love to suck some dog cock (any cock) right now.. need to swallow some cum!!

    ak9subpig, posted

    hm i love it suck the dog cum

    sinni, posted


    wrack, posted

    This is from beastforum, were the whole film is. This is just 1 of more. Pictures are also there. Were I uploaded them!!!! So pete, it would be nice if you ask before you upload others homemade stuff when ou have the possibility. Would only take a mail. And for the record for those who are in doubt, it is a girl. Its my wife and yes iam a happy man :) Minma

    Minma, posted

    Pretty serious dog cock lover by the looks of it. Nice.

    maryantonucci, posted

    Hot vidio,super cocksucker

    janusz, posted

    great suck! love how she teases the endwith her tongue. my pussy is SO wet now

    concave_scream, posted

    whats the best dog to do this to?

    petsex789, posted

    Would like to try it myself

    xavierconrad, posted

    guy,girl who cares,just enjoy

    lookerlooking, posted

    that's a guy

    SuperMeMN, posted

    i wish that was me!

    eager, posted

    Lucky dog, Great suck!!!

    sportman, posted

    Oh my. This is exactly what I'm looking for; once I find a woman like this, my life will be complete, heh.

    Deeke, posted

    mmm girl you suck that dick so good

    gangbangwhore, posted

    I like watch.

    zhanghua2533, posted

    Hermosa, con que delicadeza y gusto lo hace¬°¬°

    gra2081, posted

    Wow she made my dick hard!

    don, posted

    man, audio would make this a thing of beauty!

    jayko, posted

    Hot!!!! Boy is that a huge dog!

    auto736, posted

    One of the best blowjob clips, showing a woman giving head to a dog in such a hot and arousing way, I have ever seen. The video clip is filmed from a very close angle and let the viewer watch all kind of small details. The woman plays so skillfully with her tongue and gives a great blowjob to the dog, which on the other hand seems to enjoy it pretty much since it is squirting into her mouth non stop and she eagerly swallows everything without hesitation or inhibition whatsoever. This is indeed a video clip warth watching; a video clip that will make rock hard or wet yourself instantly!

    sexmaster_dom, posted

    It takes a while but you can make out her lips sliding up and down the dogs cock.She gives great head and the dogs cock looks a reasonable size. As it becomes more clear what is actually going on you will find that you are amazed that you did not see the woman's lips and mouth in action on the horny dog cock earlier.It is filmed in such a way that you can eventually make out what is going on and it is quite clever as any one could agree to pose for a dog cock sucking being filmed and never have to worry about being identified.

    woofukinwoof, posted
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