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    Girl Friend Vs. Dog


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    White dog energetically licks hot chicks shaven pussy!

    Uploaded by okgo · Rating: 4.0 (262 votes) · 77017 views


    i just met a girl that wants to try this. she never has amd i'm not sure how to go about it. where can i read up about it to do it right

    RayKing, posted

    That pussy sure is sweet looking but the dog just proved how sweet it is,he is non stop licking that fine pussy,it must be delicious!

    breeder09, posted

    good vid! my ex was into dogs. i would have sex with her while my boxer ate her out. we even had another dog join in. she told me two dogs are the best. I miss cumming in her mouth while she is getting eating out. i bet she tasted dog cock

    bornin73, posted

    Ladies..if you want a dog to lick you deep inside...insert something the dog likes into your pussy...a small dog biscuit or a treat...he'll nuzzle and lick trying to get it out and you'll have multiple orgasms.

    beastieboy99, posted

    Exquisite! 5 Stars! ***** More, please!

    dirk20200, posted

    Holy fuck! Super hot angle, great licking sounds and gorgeous pussy.

    luvsdoggies4170, posted

    WOW! this puppy does a perfect job! and this gal really seems to enjoy the job being done!

    deexx, posted

    lookn for a married cpl seeking another male into this scene...i'm a top and shoot HUGE loads... dig k9 and couples... discreet... So Cal area

    LosAngelesGuy, posted

    she got it good

    mefirst, posted


    xxxnhincaigi, posted

    best licking

    petba, posted

    grade A pussy licking

    wolflover123, posted

    very good, the dog just wouldnt stop licking that horny pussy!

    browneyedog, posted

    A girl's best friend!

    Viking25, posted

    I hate it when my dog licks anywhere but my pussy, lol pet peeve of mine (pun)? Anyway great vid.

    caninehoney, posted

    great movie!!!

    longjohn123, posted

    Perfect movie! She sounds so hot! If only she'd have reached under and spread her cheeks so he could lick her pretty asshole as well!

    dawg_pawz, posted

    Perfect movie!

    dawg_pawz, posted

    This video has my panties soaked. the angle is amazing, i love that you can see the dog getting all the way in at the end, seeking out that delicious sweet cunt juice. the darkness and muffled noises remind me of when i was young and letting my dog eat me out under the covers at night. amazing video, thanks for sharing!

    kurtbaby21, posted

    hey if you guys would like to chat with a pretty gurl and have vids to share prettyyoungthing0809@yahoo.com no scam please.

    creamgurl, posted

    I love this one. That dog licks her so good. I'd love to be licked right now by that dog. This one makes me cum! My pussy's so wet now. Yummy.....

    snowtlc, posted

    That girl isnt more then 12 yrs old thats a sweet little yummy pussy see her inner labia isnt even showing yet she is very young wow i love it so much i watch this vid all the time

    imkelly, posted

    nice dog

    hokuto, posted

    I came back to watch this again. It makes my pussy throb....best licking job ever. I love the camera angle and the beat in the background. The soft moans from the girl turns me on so much

    gdlyckn, posted

    are you kidding me. that is hands the best cunnilingus performed by a doggies tongue ever. he lapped at those cunt lips so masterfully. cleaning every crevice of her cunt. so fucking hot,,,so fucking excellent.....

    gdlyckn, posted

    is there anyone in canberra whos horny like me coz i want anything i can get. and please someone actually reply

    tim7222, posted

    awesome!.. anyone know where i can find a girl licking a female dogs pussy ? please message me!!

    zeebler, posted

    want. that. now!

    Trinitysama, posted

    OMG where do I sign up .. Fuck that was yummy

    relentlessbella, posted


    u91110, posted

    would love to fuck her while her dog is licking her

    tjohnson362000, posted

    Very nice

    VERMILLION, posted

    oh man that was so hot

    curious_chick, posted

    My Turn, My turn!!!! all I needed to see was his tongue go deep in her puss and my panties would have been off and my fingers bring me to a hard climax!

    KnotBlkTemptres, posted

    Man now that is nice

    Yiffs, posted

    that dog let me tell you is very lucky.i was drooling on my keyboard wishing i was him licking that nice juicy puddy pooh.

    crazyboy420, posted

    thats soooooo hot..hmmm

    bbc4yourpuss, posted

    id be likin dat pussy too!!!

    brian9746, posted

    WOW...nice pussy. Id be licking it like that tooo

    dldoglover000, posted

    I so want a dog. lol I love this stuff...

    sinfulgemini, posted

    hehe i live in sweden and here it is legal !!!!!!! as long as the animal dont suffer

    darkd6, posted

    GREAT VID!!!

    sjacker, posted

    Dogs are great sexual partners. They are uninhibited and, have strong soft tongues.Yes this dog is lucky. zoosexuality should be able to be done with out fear. all of nature is sexual so are we.We are part of nature. \Demand the legalization of zoosexuality and, have zoosexuality taught to anyone who wants to learn!

    kobidobidog, posted

    i agree with the first comment...hard already!

    allinboy, posted

    If that don't make you Hot! Nothing on this earth will.

    don, posted

    lucky dog

    sparks630, posted

    i see that this girl is having so so much fun,i would love to add some of my own movies,but,as of yet,,this has to be my all time fav. the way the dog licks is,is just gr8.,long ,long licks,,the girl friend has to be enjoying it a lot.as i watched this i was so turned on by the extra long licks. i just wish it could have been longer,say 20 minutes or so.but over all i thought it was super ,bravo ,to the girl and the dog thank you for letting me write about this,and i hope you publish it again ,thank you so much fan 1

    papawcecil, posted

    this is what im looking for!! is very hot to watch a clean woman with a nice pussy been eaten or fucked by a dog. i am a married with a clean and super hot looking wife, i am tring to get her into this, but for that i need to find videos with this kinds of woman, i am quite sure that i she (my wife) will love fucking with dogs in the future. i have fucked her in front of my computer while we watch some of the Stray-X movies, once she even licked the dog's cook thru the computer screen while yelling I WANT IT..I WANT IT!! it was fucking hot!! but i am running of videos with hot looking woman, that's why i love this video, because i know my wife is going to love it and is going to help me to turn her into a dog's cook crazy woman, and that is going to make me literaly the happiest man arownd!

    bagre, posted
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