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    Our Dog Licks Me Good


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    Our dog licks me good

    Uploaded by icebear21 · Rating: 4.0 (686 votes) · 89157 views


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    conniechung, posted

    very good and intensive licking. would like to lick her as well :-)

    rberger, posted

    hello my name is mike and I love to play with dogs and horses male or female and I think there is nothing sexier then a BBW i would do absolutely anything you want for even just the pleasure of only sitting in the corner watching or filming you please ill be going on vacation sometime in the next few months and really really really need to find someone who is willing to have me come pamper and spoil them as long as we are together i don't care about your age or looks please please please im me at michaellj1972@yahoo i promise you won't be disappointed

    michaellj1972, posted

    oh my gawd....... I'm so hot right now!

    neita78, posted

    Oh yes, it feels sooooo good getting licked....nothing quite matches that feeling!

    lilbud200, posted

    What an amazing video!

    GSD777, posted

    da wird meine muschi sehr nass...will auch geleckt werden

    geilemuschi65, posted

    anyone here from Maryland with a nice fat dog cock? message me!

    CassieBear2007, posted

    wow my pussy is wet watching this I need a big dog cock now

    xts3000, posted

    que rico masturbarse mientras el perro la chupa ahhhhh me hace mojarme solo falta quien le mame los pechos ............ (mi fantasia)

    dam0555, posted

    01:37 the knight rider song!!

    thecritic, posted

    someone from central florida please msg me i need something

    054083, posted

    she really needs it

    pan_66, posted

    anyone near Maple grove MN willing to let me fuck thier female dog plaese message me 21 straight male

    cold12345, posted

    i want the milf and the dog, im so fucking wet right now

    montrealteen, posted

    Audio stoped i love hearing a woman cum

    Rex69069, posted

    Anyone have a dog to do this to me mmmmm

    luvthebeast07, posted

    I'll eat her out until the cows cum home. Large dick for ladies that want orgasms, contaxt me here or realmande@yahoo.com

    realmande, posted

    anyone in San Diego

    wma53ca, posted

    Horny girl, who is lesbian :) Message me if you want to talk dirty ;)

    ilovedogs7517, posted

    19male straight massage me or email me famreaper@live.com

    reaper93, posted


    madcyril, posted

    any one in San Diego

    wma53ca, posted

    get rid of the dog, I'll do it better

    tartisdriver, posted

    good lick ---somebody mail me pepefett@hotmail.com mexico df

    pepetoni34, posted

    15/m/scotland msg me!!

    dogfuckshorse, posted

    She is sooo sexxy I woud lick her too !!!

    litka, posted

    Oh is she ever beautiful with one killer body,I can only imagine how wonderful that long tongue feels licking those beautiful folds of her pussy,she is gorgeous!

    breeder09, posted


    galinla, posted

    can someone send this video to me i think i know the woman in it

    rooney265, posted

    Training makes perfect! Lovely woman. Good clip all around. The video quality was good, the sound quality was good. The climax on the end was iceing on the cake.

    bluedestiny, posted

    Beautiful woman you wouldn't think she would need to coax the dog with anything other than her sweet flowing juices

    fidos_ladi, posted

    jolie pussy dommage qu'il ne lippe pas sans gourmandise complementaire

    akaxora, posted

    oh, this girl is almost perfect....

    jayko, posted

    Awesome video!! i came rite with her!!

    renita18, posted

    Hi. Where are all the South African beast lovers? mail me at george_herman@ymail.com

    NowOrNever, posted

    Nothing special but nice anyway.

    HeikkiIlmari, posted

    I always love to see my favorite breed (Aussie Shepherd) as the star of a porno...they are the best....especially the bitches :-> It is just too bad that she feels the need to resort to butter to get him to lick her. My girls will double team me without any of that. I bet they could give this lady a climax with their little hot tongues like she has never had in her LIFE!

    TZwolf, posted

    j'ai mouiléé la mienne

    a_lodie, posted

    •Aluzky• I find annoying that she always has to use food to trick his dog to lick, anyways they do good videos, there are many of this dog over this site. :)

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Wonder woman theme music playin in the background...wow

    dell470, posted

    Awesome video made me very wet, hope to see more!

    makeitwet, posted

    Nice pussy and dog

    whatsupdonkey, posted


    short757, posted


    JONEES, posted

    good movie wish i was the dog

    caddilacs, posted

    Very very nice video!!

    andreasstrondl, posted

    great video

    twa311, posted

    Nice body, great looking pussy,I wouldn't need much inticement to replace the good looking dog.Quality of video is good

    great2bfree, posted

    Great video! If you're willing todo a one on one show with myself. 'female' or any of use reading this then email you're MSN adress and ile add you! :)

    tammymcm, posted

    nice looking woman lovely tits and pussy sounds like she enjoys, god knows what it would be like if dog fucked her.

    ralhper, posted

    I love the Knight Rider music in the back ground in the living room scene.... other than that, she was not very attractive and the video wasn't interesting.

    tiberious, posted

    it made my pussy all wet so igot my doggy to lick me off

    hurk123, posted

    hey iemand in belgie die dit ook doet?zou dit ook willen proberen mijn e-mail is kangeroe60@hotmail.com contakteer mij aub?

    kangeroe, posted


    stuzzi56, posted

    It's good, just think about it if you were spying on your mom, aunt, sister, neighbor, friend, ect doing this, it would make your year!

    browneyedog, posted

    OK, normal/standard movie! What we see ist the beginn with bad Quality, than better Quality but, we see only a Dog from backside and a Hand for creaming the pussy - nothing more! The dog works good but only with Cream, not the best edication.

    sadfuck, posted

    This is a really good movie, especially if you watch it the small screen. Unfortunately it is too grainy for the large screen mode. She seems to be enjoying her morning? I wish that she could also allow the poor dog to do some penetrating. He does all the work and doesn't get much of a reward! :)

    phadeus, posted

    Good movie great cumming

    cowboy1951, posted

    Can I have her after he is done/ Or maybe it is a female dog which is why there was no penetration.....But I fuck her after she was licked to climax so the dog can clean me out of her.

    becauseican, posted

    I think she is one hot chick, & the dog is good too.

    rick4545, posted

    Don't know how this works fully but looking for a woman in the brisbane area to give me my first experience with either a female dog or horse...leave me a message here and ill check it and get back to u will then exchange emails...i dont need to have sex with u if u dont want that just ur dog or horse...must b female animal and person completely straight guy...happy to b filmed for u too

    omgwoothehe, posted

    oh yeah!

    slut4dogs, posted

    very nice one, thanks for uploading this video.

    torrogrande, posted

    hot clip 2nd half better than 1st love to come home and find this sort of action in my bed

    twigg49, posted

    Oooooowwwww!!!! HOTTT!

    k9ho, posted

    My 1st time viewing and it really blew me away I never realised this was on the net so I will have to do more searching How can any clown post anything critical Keep updating please

    ginge21, posted

    great movie!!! Wish I was there to help her or to replace her... :)

    mefirstime, posted

    Great video....but isn't that the knight rider music in the background? lol

    knottygirl, posted

    butter i believe.

    serensnipe, posted

    Wow, I wish I could get my boxer to eat me out like that! No complaints about mounting but he could learn something about licking from this dog. I wonder what she's using to tempt him?

    boxergirl, posted

    superb movie

    hrithikkaushal, posted

    mmmm sexy girl

    utito69, posted

    He eats her out like a pro. Love it.

    Cmmshot, posted

    Wonderfull movie...really enjoyed the slow build-up to her climax...wonderfull woman...terrific pet

    polarize, posted

    the title is perfect, the dog does lick her good, made my pussy drip just watching it!

    kcfucd, posted

    Super!!! Mehr davon!

    edi321, posted

    soooo hot watching her cum! my pussy was instantly soaked

    concave_scream, posted

    Beautiful woman who sounds like she was enjoying it.

    cincinnati_bi, posted


    smooth11, posted

    looked good here,,,love the heels too

    mwm4, posted

    anyone in NC that i could try this with?

    kcfucd, posted

    doggy seemed only interested in the food, not as much about her taste

    sweetlips2, posted

    fuck... that was hott... nice visual... u know that shit felt good by the way she was spreading her legs on the bed jus taking in all that tongue in her pussy... bouncing that ass ... wish i could of seen more....

    sexygirl209, posted

    pena q ele nao enfiou o pau nela....

    legislador1, posted

    Lol Good Tunes!

    sfled, posted

    MMM nice....i had a pup that would lick me anytime i wanted. Didnt have to put anything on it......I was the happiest 10 yr old ever! Man i miss him. anone in the sc area that has a pup that we could share?

    wanda09, posted

    lol wonder woman theme song

    al33t, posted

    I would love have her sit on my cock and lean back while I spread butter on her pussy for the dog to lick and feel her cum again and again.

    BiJack55, posted


    shecocky, posted

    WOW. what a babe, my me so fucking wet. I wanna see more of her. mmmmmmmmmmmm

    pandora1964, posted

    WOW. what a babe, my me so fucking wet. I wanna see more of her. mmmmmmmmmmmm

    pandora1964, posted

    nightrider for the win! nice vid btw worked for me.

    smoke, posted

    I'd eat that pussy and you wouldn't have to give me treats. ummmmmm

    dickweed1, posted

    The dog seems to be only interested in the food.. i know it feels awesome thou

    kitten2, posted

    She wouldn't have to put anything in her clit for me to eat that pussy.

    cincinnati_bi, posted

    WOW She is amazing.

    BiJack55, posted

    as thats going on i wank over her face and cum on her bulls eye

    madcyril, posted

    A wonderful DOG nice liker and could satisfie her tooo,. Nice leson on how to train a dog

    dolly51in, posted

    he really started to lick her as she came at the end it is one hot clip wish it was me he was licking

    doggiedoer2, posted

    I'm only 13 but when I see this movie I get really stiff on my willy :)so thankyou

    wilson101, posted

    that dog was doing some good eating

    billyum0123, posted

    my legs opened wide thinking of Him licking my cunt and i got very very wet

    slavetok9, posted

    great vid!

    lilkittie, posted

    Awsome Momma! I want to lick u both!

    Malepuppylips, posted

    thought it was a good movie with great visuals and all the Girl was hot as well as it was nice seeing her enjoying herself too :) think this was a great movie :)

    rickaa5o, posted

    A beautiful lady who knows what she wants. Such a turn on. I'd love to climb on top of her after the dog finished her off...

    skootah, posted

    lol knightrider in the background :D, good movie

    JOO2621, posted

    this vid is very hot, and I would cum too, if it doesn't FUCKING pause at 3:04, 20 fucking seconds lost!!!

    Doglovin39, posted


    cuntlovesdogs, posted

    So that is how you teach a dog how to lick a pussy?

    Hassie, posted

    VERY VERY GOOD I was fingering myself and i came when she did

    doggiedoer2, posted

    I liked watching her climax with the help of her dog. Very nice! Can't help but wonder how many housewives in my neighborhood enjoy their dogs the same way?

    knotty1973, posted

    very good vid cameraman/woman needs a little bit more practice,shame she had to bribe the dog ,yet overall pretty good

    bigarse, posted

    i love watching licking. nicely done!

    jeffropyle, posted

    very sensual... LOVED it!!!

    Intriqued, posted

    totally awesome nice to see the ladies know how to enjoy their pets i am in alberta , a trans girl that loves to play , no limits contactme

    ginatg, posted

    supper hot girl and great cum at the end

    farkman, posted

    Very good video, the girl was certainlly enjoying the licking which lead up to a great come shot.

    b77a77, posted

    Hunny, i'd lick you out and make you climax like you would not believe !!!!!!

    dogsnr, posted

    I love this video. The woman is sexy with a fantastic body, and the dog is totally engaged in her pussy. I dont mind that she is using butter to "lure" the dog to eat her out...it is just simply awesome. The woman slowly get aroused and begins to thrust her pelvis in the air. Just at the time the woman is about to come, the dog stops and you can tell the woman is frantic to get the dog to continue licking her. She gets the dog to commence the cunnilingus...and WOW...what a beautiful REAL orgasm. Awesome Vid

    jakeman1963, posted

    This video was amazing. I loved the slurping the dog did on that extavagently think juicy pussy. The masterbating was good but a camera view coulod have been better. It also would have been nicer oon a bed. But i loved the moaning and the applying of desserts on her vagina. It got me going.I loved loved loved looooooved the gog. It would have been a lot nicer if the dog would have inserted in her vagina.; I would have loved it very very much but i got very horny from this good video i rate it four stars, it would have been 5 stars but the camera view was not good it was actually pretty bad.

    bigdoglovegirl, posted

    Good video with more frontal female exposure than most. The dog loves helping this woman enjoy her body, which is great to see. Very well edited, with smooth cuts which strike a good balance, not skipping too much, but keeping the action going. Nice progression as the woman becomes more and more stimulated -- you can see her progressing. It's always good to see a video where there's no force used on the dog. This dog is very cooperative -- with the help of some tastiness -- and seems like he's enjoying every minute of it just as much as the woman. There's no leash, restraint, or other protection on the dog (or the woman) which makes for a good sense of realism and happiness for woman and pet. Very nice!

    1111dogsex1111, posted

    As a first time viewer of animal porn and through my own curiosity. I found myself mesmerized by the intermingling of animal with animal. I found my own animalistic desires calling the wild within by watching the black dog and the woman sharing a beautiful moment. Beast meets woman. The flood gates to my curiosity is wide open, and I find myself wanting more. The mating ritual of the woman placing a dildo in her pussy, and then the dog coming in for the treat. The moaning of the woman as the black dog came back to lick the juices flowing from her vagina. My own cock began to rise and I could feel myself in the scene. By the time the movies was completed, I had cummed all over my pants. I never knew that beastiality could be a huge turn on. I look forward to seeing more in the future. Thank you!!! JT

    Curious777777, posted

    Now this is definitely one of the better clips: good visuals (static cam, not to grainy), sound included (the background music stops when it gets interesting) and a very hot blonde girl. What I really like about this video is that the whole girl is shown - not just her back like in most other clips. The action is not bad either: the girl rubs herself to climax while being assisted by her doggy. Hearing her moan is a real turn on. Hopefully, we'll see more of her and her cute dog in the future! Nice tits and pussy by the way!

    jimdavis, posted
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