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    Girl Friend Vs. Dog 2


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    Chick get shaven pussy licked some more

    Uploaded by okgo · Rating: 4.1 (262 votes) · 80113 views


    bin there done that great!!

    aaaaah, posted


    bigpete1111, posted

    great! my ex loved my female boxer eating her! who knows what happened when i was not there. she loved beastiality!!!

    bornin73, posted

    Exquisite! 5 Stars! *****

    dirk20200, posted

    This is one damn enjoyable video. A beautiful, gorgeous pussy, a dog that is thoroughly enjoying this tasty meal. Watching these dogs lovingly eating their owners pussy has made me have my pussy licked clean and my swollen clit wanting it several times a day and having a dog gives me that option whenever I want it.

    clitorliscious, posted

    Mmmmmmmmm now that was hot! Great looking pussy.....

    yack129j, posted

    makes me wanna go buy a big dog to lick my pussy right now!

    lons, posted

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    Chrispotts, posted

    excellent movie, really nice pussy

    hotprincess, posted

    great movie really really great

    1995theracer, posted

    i want to eat her pussy while the dog eats mine.

    xsecretthoughtx, posted

    nice tonge job 1

    moryak, posted

    nice movie pretty pussy good looking dog

    gwright, posted

    so sensual and dang

    gwright, posted

    so sensual

    gwright, posted

    that pussy was perfect!!

    danir1904, posted

    Nice. Loved hearing the moans but especially like hearing the dog lick your sweet pussy. would love to get licked and fucked by your dog.

    shy90210, posted

    that was really hot. the girls pussy looked tasty

    naughtyv69, posted

    that dog really love to licks the pussy and she moans to the best , the girl was crazy were the dog lick her vagina ,may be she don't want dog to fuck her, she want me to fuck her.

    jokersam, posted

    nice pussy

    reddude2123, posted

    had to mute it with those horrible... hyped up moans. other than that... the way the dog liked right in between her lips with the upstrokes, having his tongue pressed so perfectly... just.. wow. that was fucking hot.

    havik82, posted

    yeah, she was enjoying that, as was i!

    browneyedog, posted

    que delicia....como ele lambe direitinho...

    fofa123, posted

    very good

    khnhgos, posted

    Don't know how this works fully but looking for a woman in the brisbane area to give me my first experience with either a female dog or horse...leave me a message here and ill check it and get back to u will then exchange emails...i dont need to have sex with u if u dont want that just ur dog or horse...must b female animal and person completely straight guy...happy to b filmed for u too...looking for a trainer

    omgwoothehe, posted

    fantastic video

    kaameela.banu, posted

    I would love to eat her pussy

    callmetrouble, posted

    Good boy, eat that pussy, yummy! She friggin loves it. nice to hear her moans of pleasure.

    jayko, posted

    why do they make those fake ass moaning sounds god..

    RegisteredUser, posted

    dam girl looking cute hit me up if you need more then dog dick

    trynna_smash01, posted

    young hot female from florida looking for fun. message me if interested in hooking up ;)

    fuckmehardbaby, posted

    yes yes yes.. oh yes!! :)

    kitten2, posted

    This dog is just so focused on eating that pussy and he does it sooooooooooo well. That girl's pussy looked good to...would have liked another shot to see her lips spread open and see the dog's tongue licking that pussy and clit

    Sondie, posted

    Nice. She looks like a pretty girl. The dog does it's part, licking steadily away. Love her moans and sighs. That's an important part of these canine cuntlapping videos. I just wish it were a longer video.

    Viking25, posted

    Looks just like my Samoyed....loves to lick like him too. Any women who would like to help train him? ;-)

    knottysammy4u, posted

    du din kvinna verkar underbar

    zanoj_7, posted

    now i'm all wet!

    pussydeluxe, posted

    was hoping to see some thing else

    x_pac6969, posted

    When the dog is done I want a go at that pussy. I want to make her howl like a dog

    boylans, posted

    hotness. i would love to help him lick, then let him have my pussy after ;)

    Trinitysama, posted

    wow.... some dogs are just sooooooo lucky!!! I wish I was there too...

    alex_cur, posted

    perfect pussy i want some of it

    josh234, posted

    what a good cunt .... now its the dogs turn to take that cunt for himself!

    cuntlovesdogs, posted

    go doggie go, like it RAW

    JOO2621, posted

    so sweet- I like to lick too- love to join that party

    curious_chick, posted

    would like to do her and have the dog do that to me :)

    gloree, posted

    there's nothing like it :)

    gloree, posted

    hot pussy, that boy loves licking her, I would too.

    tan69, posted

    very hot! :D

    vortexxx, posted

    very sexy, nice puppy and a very nice pussy!

    ozanimallvr, posted

    that is a nice samoyed.and he is up for her pussy,fucking hot.

    smint123, posted

    Nice licking! Hot pussy!!!

    sjacker, posted

    Absolutely incredible! Cute little dog loves to please and he clearly enjoys the taste of what he's eating. Love the way the he does it like it's no big deal, like licking an ice cream cone. The woman has a beautiful pussy. You can tell she really wants to be pleased and her little friend is doing all he can to help her. In this case clearly size doesn't matter. His little tongue is hitting the spot just right. It's so hot to hear the woman moaning. The only thing that would have made this movie better would have been if it was a little longer and he licked her until she had a screaming orgasm.

    doggonedizzy, posted
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