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    Dog Kiss


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    Girl kissing Dog

    Uploaded by icebear21 · Rating: 4.2 (256 votes) · 93258 views


    i love it when she took in his whole snout, would love to see what else can he take deep in her mouth from the dog ;)

    love_mature88, posted

    Loved it , I would like to watch her kiss my Basset that way while he fucks her in the misioniary position

    houndog69, posted

    good for the dog, but i wouldn't kiss that girl after seeing that :I

    thecritic, posted

    That's the wrong hole !!! Love to see it licking another set of lips...

    1robert, posted

    Calgary, Canada, anyone? I'm horny for a cock, any cock, to fill my wet, wanting pussy. I have a camcorder, let's make a video!

    tamlou, posted

    this gal is so hot and genuine,,the end is especially fantastic when he has his entire snout deep in her mouth:-)!!

    shaker69, posted

    la amo me encanta besarloas asi!!!!!!!!!

    julylove, posted

    15/m/scotland msg me!!

    dogfuckshorse, posted

    I love it when my dogs french kisses me. I love dog tongue in my mouth, I also love dog cock in my mouth too.

    tgirlwhore, posted

    rolling with a taco dog... esta chica es crazy!!! LOL

    browneyedog, posted

    This is a nice clip. I like it that way too. Is really nice. The dog kissed her deep at the end, would have seen more of it. Are their more movies like this?

    angela-36-bi, posted

    Great party!!

    tito311981, posted

    hey kitten2 realy liked ur profile i think that was the best thing ive ever read i felt like i was there wish i can find me a women who lives in fl who loves this nature of beast loving

    pussylover86, posted

    very nice is there any other vids with this girl??

    drchub, posted

    Hot Hot Hot

    Chainsaw30, posted


    blackguy45, posted

    I'd love to be sucking on that dog's hot cock while he's french-kissing his hot chick....yummmy....tnx for posting.

    fredog51M, posted

    Love when he is down yuor throat. Love to se a longer wideo when i licks your moth even more :D hot hot hot!!!!!!

    kjolan, posted

    I lock mouths with my doggy lover. We have half of our faces inside each other as he digs his tongue down my throat, rythmically, endlessly. We are looking ito each other's eyes, crossmouthed. Sometimes I hawk up a big lunger, because we are total bodily fluid exchangers-- saliva, sperm, piss, shit, snot-- and he loves the salty taste of my mucus, loves to slurp it right out of my mouth, and off my penis and hand while I masturbate. I go from tonguing his butthole to locking mouths seamlessly, because he loves to taste his own butthole in my mouth. Zoo life all started for me with making out, like this girl, and others here, are doing. Doggy LOVEMAKING is based upon the deep soul kiss, no matter which genders are involved.

    boyoboyo, posted

    Holy Fucking shit. I wish I was there to see that.

    drtongue, posted

    my pants are breathing after watching that

    tom438, posted

    i just came this is the sexiest dog kiss ive ever seen.

    sadistic420, posted

    wow.. that got me excited! :) i love how she started letting herself go even though she was surrounded by other people.. i know shes into her dog more than shes letting people see, lol!

    kitten2, posted

    so sexy

    claymates, posted

    two words: really hott

    lk2thefuture, posted

    reallly hot video <3

    zeebler, posted

    love the vid love to see more of this girl sames she was in to it so much ..fucking ugly dog hey ! but what she's cool anyone know if there is anymore vids of this girls pls love to see her more .... thanks !

    sweetbaldy, posted

    MMMMM...I love kissing my k9. This is very hotttt

    sweetk9girll, posted

    What is it about a woman sucking a dog's tongue that grabs me just as if she were sucking his cock? I would love to see it actually happening. My girlfriends and I, on occasion, enjoy the flavor a big dog's hard cock, and we perform for one another. We have to train him to settle down and let his tongue be sucked.

    sucez, posted

    hot but the dog is fucking ugly

    nate252, posted

    all i can say is yummy

    lapdog1984, posted


    stevengt1234, posted

    thats fucking hot!!!

    Cranedenny, posted

    Far & away the best K9-girl DFK I've ever seen. I'd love to see her try this w/ a larger dog, or suck one until it cums in that highly sensual mouth of hers.

    apuleius055, posted

    wow!!! Isn't she something??? Are there any other vidds with her??? Does anyone know?

    alex_cur, posted

    I love tongue jacks

    sinni, posted

    watcherman its not wrong ;)

    icebear21, posted


    jeetendra, posted

    Absolutely AWESOME clip!!! Fantastic!!

    Prince777, posted

    Very nice! Did she suck that dog?

    drug145, posted

    where can i get this clip?

    mareman48, posted


    klondike42, posted

    Now this is really HOT

    autumnvixen, posted

    damn that was hot

    viper22595, posted

    damn i love that. dunno why really

    acabadra, posted

    no its not

    ytrewq12345, posted

    i found that really hot is that wrong?

    watcherman, posted

    that is very nice i loved it, how can i download it? i want more of those videos. I like this website, its so cool and hot. i need more of those videos, and this girl is hot, with this dog. i love dogs and cats too. and i love lamp (haha, that doesn't give any sense, its only for fun i wrote it.). btw have a nice day everyone and i would say goodbye :D btw 2: i am from the norhtern part of denmark, my name is johnny, and im 32 years old. i live in sæby (you guys can see it on google maps: (type: Sæby Danmark)) Ok this time, goodbye :)

    harneolesen, posted

    It is a very rare video to see around the internet. there are many sites which do not have video that show a girl actually kissing a dog. At a certain moment the girl actually kisses the dog as it were a person, by that you can see that she is truly passionate. The kiss itself seems very passionate specially when both the dog and the girl share a good french kiss. Even the though the video is short its still pretty impressive. Anyone who can find more videos like this one should post them immediately since at least in my opinion they are truly impressive videos.

    juan523, posted
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