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    Uploaded by dippie · Rating: 4.0 (374 votes) · 63635 views


    lov those thick femine thighs sexy tummy and wild sex drive! lov the 2 loptops for porn! This is one hot mom.

    beastsexbill, posted

    Please send me a message telling me how you got your wife to perform my gf of a year and a half is not into it but I like watching.However me and her were on skype the other day about to have webcam sex and she had her little dog next to her with no top or bra on and he kept licking her neck and she kept giggling and lifting her neck like she liked it I wanted to ask her to let him eat her out but I lost the nerve I think she might be opening up to the idea but I'm to nervous to ask her I'm afraid she might freak out on me please any advice?

    JoSweet, posted


    mandy20, posted

    delete me

    mandy20, posted

    Funny but I find it sweet how encouraging she is; almost like a mother. Creepy, I know but she displays patients above frustration and that heightens the video (she is this way in all of her films). Again, I do wish that she produced more films because her, along with many others, renders a high quality, no bullshit video. Im very aware of the time put into producing said clips so i understand why there are limited videos but I enjoy them very much. Many times I wish I could be her husband to participate in the act but alas the fates dealt me a different hand which I love.

    dswayed24, posted

    short but nice

    yefimia, posted

    she has a nice ass but i think she would be better searved by a german sheaperd

    likesitwetbaby, posted

    the many additions this gal has put on here wish she was my neighbor lol have a larger lab lol but shes in dc very very hot hope she shares more all i can say is the man whos married to her is got to be the luckiest man around the beltway lol play the lottery guy you hit the big time with ber so cute

    rileydog, posted

    Booty! :)

    llan, posted

    that is a great ass and that dog really gives it to her great job

    freakee, posted

    nice woman isn it?

    pets30, posted

    schön als anfängervideo

    hebr63, posted

    cute nice ass has that woman

    pets30, posted

    woman and their animals. so sexy.. it just makes sex more complete when you add the animal kingdom. where is the perfect woman that should have rescued me years ago?

    freakie, posted

    she was geting into it

    horniedog, posted

    She is 'babe' class.

    Johnson007, posted

    too good

    janamani, posted

    I love how her voice gets higher and higher as he pumps away.

    Sliggy3000, posted

    lovely clip. she seemed to enjoy.

    westland, posted

    loved the video wish i could be in her place ;)

    Hondenmeisje, posted

    awesome video

    anubas69, posted

    Your a lucky women thank you so much for shareing

    bigarse, posted

    Love hearing her talk

    talon67, posted

    exelente video amigo nada mas falta un acercamientopara ver como la penetra todita

    elfenix, posted

    that is how i belong on my hands and knees servicing my K9 Master

    slavetok9, posted

    that was good! i am next plzz!

    littlebit3860, posted

    I would love to do her as well

    Stan1960, posted

    Yea for the dog he finally got some of that hot pussy. I'd sure would love to play dog with her.

    boylans, posted

    I'd love to be pounding your wife from below while the dog taps from above..fuckin hot!!

    DogGone09, posted

    Not bad.....love anyhting where there is insertion.

    blackcockslut, posted

    gorgeous ass and thighs, wow! She got me off!

    marelover78, posted

    canu guys tell me how to delete this account!!!!!!!!!! this is a prank from my buddy, hes a bitch lol the username is joanna and im not even a girl!!! someone help me please...

    Joannak9, posted

    This is very very nice girl and her play is perfect

    salli99, posted

    I need a husband who would let me fuck the dog so far no luck

    interested4life, posted

    her wedding ring makes me envious of her hubby. i'd marry her in a heartbeat and she could have all the huge dog dick she wanted!!!

    richard1949, posted

    sexy thighs

    beastsexbill, posted

    hi nice video need help training my pup johns56ford@yahoo.com ty

    johns56ford, posted


    love4u, posted

    it seemed as if the dog was afraid of hurting her, at first. or maybe he just feared to go where so many other doggies had probably gone before. but alls well that ends well.

    lilgia, posted

    Just widen your legs when you squat. They can find it better. Then we'll hear more of you!!!

    junette, posted

    I bet she is so proud of her little doggy lover, he found out here to stuff his red rocket! I'd love to do her after the doggy did her!

    amazingd77, posted

    I have to say the sound of her sweet pain/pleasure made the video Awesome! Thanks sharing!

    KnotBlkTemptres, posted


    WomenAndDogSex, posted

    hot how he finally got hold of her sweet hips and gave her what she wanted

    thinkso, posted

    That bitch was made for dog dick.

    bitchboy, posted


    ikkke2, posted

    Very nice!!!!!!

    vaeast, posted

    sweet ass very sweet

    luckyboy7, posted

    hi loved it anyone else like it plz message me in auckland nz

    stud666, posted

    Just stay there on all fours like a true bitch. Let the dog mount you properly.

    bitchboy, posted

    Oh, such a lovely voice. I would love to hear her screaming like that on my bed.

    FemmeExotica, posted

    She has such a lovely ass, and I love how she always whines at pull-out time!

    jayko, posted

    this girl is ready, her dog needs more incentive though. when she figures out to be a more reluctant Bitch moving and wiggling that hot spot not letting him mount right away, working her dog into a frenzy,instead of just sitting still hoping her dog will mount her, then that Bitch will get a good pounding. that I want to see I can feel it right now. it is making me wet and horny thinking about it, also would like to see her body and those breasts, girls if you are willing to take on a dog on video do it nude show us all your goodies even a female like me admires a nice set of breasts and your doggy hole,too.

    moresa44c, posted

    Sweet! Now that he has that figured out thing will only get better!

    harleypoor, posted

    a good start for this very nice girl,

    frany1953, posted

    Nice video nice to have a girl willing to wait for the proper pounding

    jagger06, posted

    lovely body,dogs seems more to be just fulfilling a duty dosent seem interested or passionate about it jus doin wut she wants done type thing.

    cashronin, posted

    Thanks for sharing it was so Hot!!!!

    don, posted

    lovely pair, very hot

    flash100, posted


    valentina, posted

    Oh god! That reminded me of my old pitbull. He was a great lay, and just feeling his cum run down my legs got me even hornier!

    shadowolf_sera, posted

    great shots please lets see more of her and top of so we can see her tits as well.

    mick111, posted

    That was hot!

    fillyboy, posted

    please take more and post them...

    dogneed30, posted

    who is the girl, she has many moovies. how knos you name

    ricar22, posted

    notice how the dog started when the MNF theme began? LOL

    matches16, posted

    the world needs more women like this....

    matches16, posted

    nice woman and black labrador.i wish i could meet a woman that was like her hope to see more.

    smint123, posted

    I like the effort she has to be patient. More, please.

    petag2, posted

    I love this girl. I wish she had her own web site.

    casty123, posted

    This is a great movie of a dog and woman having sex and the woman really enjoying it! It took the dog a few tries to hit home but once he found his mark went to town on her and she seemed to really be into it. This may have been her first try but she is learning quickly how to help her satisfy her dog as well as herself. The dog is very good and never seems to lose interest just gets frustrated and needs to regain himself before he finally gives her his seed. Once inside of her the dog most definitely knows what to do and starts to pound away at her even though she says ouch a time or two. One thing for sure is that we can expect more from this fantastic duo and many great videos will come!

    burco, posted

    Was a good video looked like they had trouble trying to get things to work at first. Then they finally get his cock in at the end and was great. She looked like she liked it a lot. They need to work more on training the dog it seems. But overall was a good video lucky girl. So in this case i would have someone to help the girl out too the dog in her right away. She has the right idea but needs a little more experience with the dog and the dog needs to be trained better. But the passion was there.

    zoolinksfrie, posted

    That was a very good show of some one just learning how a K9 screws,,,,she needed to lower her upper body and put her ass higher so he could reach her pussy,,,I think she sounded very suprised when he finally got his cock in to her,,,maybe they should have used a tri-pod and her husband or who ever was filming could have helped guide the dog's cock into her pussy,,I wonder if they gave it another try after the initial trial,,,as this really looked like the first time she had tried this. I would like to see her give it another try and maybe show us a close up next time.

    jeffwilldo69, posted
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