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    Girl Rubs Clit While Getting Licked


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    Girl rubs her clit while a dog licks her pussy.

    Uploaded by FreeStuff0114 · Rating: 4.5 (1380 votes) · 118589 views


    is that her MOMS hand???? WOW!

    Spinelli69, posted

    Definitely a reminder of the early days. Such sweet memories!

    s1zan, posted

    love this so much reminds me when I started doing it

    brittneyok, posted

    A purrrrrrrrrfect 10!

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    my favorite video!

    lillygee, posted

    love love love

    sarakale12, posted

    This is amazing. I cannot get enough of this video! She has an amazing body, hot voice, and she really loves what she is doing. We all need more of this beautiful dog lover!!!!

    chris01845, posted

    This is so great oh...

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    glowstick25, posted

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    deykan, posted

    .............ohhhhhh ,,..........yes yes I WANTO THIS TONGUE DEEP IN ME.......ohhhhh wonderful orgasm

    stuzzi56, posted

    I came the first time I saw this but I had to watch it a couple more times because it was so damn hot!

    GSD777, posted

    Great video! Love to watch her getting licked while one of my dogs licks my pussy. It is hot to watch her cum so hard that her body shakes.

    petlover8888, posted

    Oh my....my pussy is twitching so Fucking hard watching her get licked!!

    8n8n8kitty, posted

    wow i just jizzed so fuckin hard thanx!

    Xenosinn, posted

    The best licking video period, I came so hard

    noochie22, posted

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    bobbob, posted

    mmmmmmmmeraviglioso orgasmo

    stuzzi56, posted

    Great clip, and a beautiful cunt on this girl. She sounds incredible. Would love to see more of her!

    junglejohn, posted

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    ang01, posted

    best fucken video ever!!!!

    pangmvp, posted

    This is the most amazing video I've ever seen! LOVE IT!!!

    Mvc123, posted

    Awesome video but if you want to train him to lick you better you to let him know when he does it right. He needed a "good boy" and a pat on the head when he made you cum.

    doggiefriend, posted

    VERY hot video! Made me super wet - now if I could only find someone to play with! *efg*

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    likelikealot, posted

    I wish I could get my dog to do this to me!

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    GreenManDruid, posted

    Love masturbating to this one!

    newbeastieslut, posted

    this made me cum

    areiella, posted

    1 of my favorites, luv how her leg shakes as shes cummmming!

    ms.nasty, posted

    sexiest video i have ever seen!!

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    boatman6969, posted

    That's hot. I've played with animals ever since I was 14, I love the long tongues inside my cunt

    cheesecake96130, posted

    it started off real slow and i got bored and then she started shaking and i got rock hard again

    thundermoon99, posted

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    junglejohn, posted

    uuffff, I love this video. I cummmmmmm so hard.

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    animalfucker23, posted

    Love it! You could really tell she came.

    croke, posted

    I wish that she wasnt touching herself. Wished the dog did all of the work. Still hot though. :)

    Cawblen, posted

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    CJJJ, posted

    •Aluzky• Awesome video, good sound, good length, good quality, good doggy.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Beautiful, pops my cork everytime I watch it.........

    uncutwilly, posted

    This one is a classic of short clips. everything is good about this movie. Also helps that I am a fan of licking more then anything elese. :) Awesome as always!

    bluedestiny, posted

    2 girls + dog + orgasm = amazing! Made my pussy so wet and cumming.

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    fidos_ladi, posted

    I love this clip...it gets me there every time! Soon as she shake i start shaking

    ms.nasty, posted

    Fantástico! Quero ver outras gozando assim.

    marivaldo, posted

    WOW. Does anyone know where I can download this clip?

    clementine, posted

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    oh how frustrating when the dog stops licking as she cums. she must train the dog to not stop his work as che orgasms beautiful clip love it worth every bit of its rating and more.

    gramarg69, posted

    This is a beautiful cunt, that is being licked by an eager dog and fingered by its owner. It is so beautiful, I want to lick it myself. But she)s got the dog to lick it and she doesn't need me. Too bad for her, 'cause she doesn't know, what she's missing, for if she knew, she'd miss it. Jesus Christ, I'm getting a hardon, just looking at that beautiful cunt. Happy New Year05.@animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    1 of my favorite clips. good all around.

    bluedestiny, posted

    Her orgasmm is so genuine and lovely to see and hear her shudder.

    audreylovesson, posted

    I loved I used to do that was my dogs when I was a teenager and still do

    pet_lovers, posted

    Nice leg, great hand,cute clean snatch, loved the sound, and the dog is a favorite breed. How does a cute clip like this get a 4.6 rateing You see nothing of the woman. As Little Red Rideing Hood said,"Eat, Eat, Eat, Doesn't anyone ever think about fucking around here."

    watchindirty, posted

    very good movie she seem to enjoy very very much

    packwood1976, posted

    DesiBitch, Ik ben blij voor jou, dat je hebt kunnen komen. Dat deed het 'm ook voor mij. Het geluid van haar zuchten en klaarkomen. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

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    Ladyandtramp, posted

    dog abuse.this is a disgusting website.

    et6u74, posted

    Jesus Christ, that is 1 hell of a beautiful cunt. Too bad the dog didn't keep on licking her (without coaxing), till she cummed. And even then... just as she was cumming he stopped licking her again. Don't you, like the sound of a woman cumming? I LOVE the sounds they make, when they're cumming. As long as they don't scream and shout as they do in the pornmovies. I think, that is overdoing. They're doing it for the camera. Not because their bodies are compelling them to do it. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    I would agree, this is one of the best licking and cumming videos I have seen. It has length, major plus. It has great video quality, another major plus. Sound quality is fantastic, hey another major plus! And in the end the dog is being tender... I think so. I know the camera woman was mentioning something about the dog think he hurt the girl. Also the coaxing from the camera woman was hot! I want too see more from both.

    bluedestiny, posted

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    rolrex, posted

    Now this is how it's suppoost to be. The sound of her moans and cumming alone send me over the edge... and I'm still hot -.-

    DesiBitch, posted

    i would eat that girls pussy

    omglol91, posted

    Wow, fantastic orgasm!

    xphilxor, posted

    Absolutely Superlicious it looks like the girlfriend helper wanted to help out more than she did uuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm!!! Thanks for sharing

    fidos_ladi, posted

    wow got my cock so hard had to have dog lick me

    jjdeknotts, posted

    that was hott.. always nice to see an hear a chick orgasm... so hott an such a turn on.. ;)

    FlickLickMyClit, posted

    Nothing better than shaven pussy

    roviler, posted

    Loved it, there's nothing better than seeing nice birch enjoying herself

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    fakechand, posted

    2 women in this here clip folks

    Graffanino, posted

    Holy fuck! The things that women do. Watching a woman rub herself is hot enough. Throw a licking dog in and... Shit! Hot!

    flynewguy, posted

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    lockrey1, posted

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    This vid is my fav kind... lots of licking and a real female orgasm. I'm so hot now! -.-

    DesiBitch, posted

    I love how she shakes, squeals and gasps through her orgasm. Hot! goood Bo!

    jayko, posted

    I hate loose pussies.....

    freakhh99, posted

    That was very hot and there is no doubt in my mind that the pussy tastes just as sweet bas it looks,loved the sound and the real orgasm! Very nice.

    breeder09, posted

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    NeedsIT69, posted

    I love this movie so much, oh my god. Cannot stop watching. And the sounds she makes. <3 Always nice seeing another lady who enjoys dogs.

    cherryjuice, posted

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    my ex let our dogs lick her. She used to take her juices and rub them on my dick so i could enjoy. little did she know that i was having dogs enjoy me for a while. I jacked off a male and ate a female. my ex kicked me out of bed once so she could enjoy the licking. I take advantage of any dog and so does she.

    bornin73, posted

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    lovehotspam, posted

    I usually search out and watch licking movies, they are my favorite type of beast film. Although I think this was put on a bit, the girls may not do this if the camera weren't rolling, I still got very aroused by it, fake orgasm or not, the shaking was still hot and the pussy was fresh. Obviously very tasty too, as the pooch really didn't mind diving in and eating her young meat and lapping up her tasty juices. I do wish that the video continued, pay credits to see the other girl with the pink polished nails get her turn. Overall a very sexy and horny short clip, I'd watch another one by these two darlings anyday!

    browneyedog, posted

    I usually don't watch "licking only" videos, but this one was incredible! It was so real that it reminded me of myself when I was a teenager. I even recall that awful frustration when the tongue action stops, but my cat always came back for more when she heard me approaching climax. Best orgasms I ever had!

    peterperv23, posted

    great lovely well kept pussy love your groans as u enjoy pleasure

    aigleboy, posted

    I came twice while watching !!

    Armillis, posted

    I totally LOVE this movie- the dog is dedicated to licking herand she clearly is enjoying it, reminds me of my very first time, but she covers her pussy when the feeling is too intense, I rolled over and ket the dog lick my ass until I was ready to cum again, but the sounds are clear and like I said, One, if not the best licking vids I have ever seen, I came over and over again to this one~

    atlsee, posted

    Love it! If only a girl I know would be down for this!?

    spike8310, posted

    goathorse , that may be whatever you say , but not a fake orgasm , she run out of control, her body contract just like a female orgasm ...

    pswy2k, posted

    Nice licking reminds me of when the dogs done that to me yesterday and I loved it Jaz (Female)

    Jaz75, posted

    dont like fake orgasms...

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    this is totally "Awesome & Hot!" :)

    kitten2, posted

    that was so damn hot. The dog is obviously very experienced as even the girl playing with her clit didn't seem to stop him. The orgasm was absolutely amazing, i loved it. Got my pussy dripping wet

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    Wow my first video that I have watched LOVED it made me really wet

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    This video made me so hot I am thinking about lettin my doggie lick me over and over nowww!

    lilolme77, posted

    This video made me so hot I am thinking about lettin my doggie lick me over and over!

    lilolme77, posted

    This video made me so hot I am thinking about lettin my doggie lick me!

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    This video made me so hot!

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    It got my cock hard watching that one

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    Checkmate_fo0l, posted

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    dragonsgirl, posted

    I still love this clip, it rocks!

    jayko, posted

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    You know it's a good orgasm when you get to shaking.

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    wow,thats a great movie,

    goldengirl24, posted

    Very hot loved it

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    She's older than 15, I can vouch for that, because I'm a woman. Her voice is too deep for a 15-year-old. Guys, pay attention, this is a REAL female orgasm, the likes of which you won't see in any porn film. Lick the pussy and play with the clit, or let her play with her clit while you lick it; but best of all, suck on her clit the way you'd like her to suck your cock and I guarantee you'll get the same results!

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    shvdgapingpussy, posted

    She's like maybe 14 or 15. You can tell how young that pussy is. Needs a good fucking.

    vashthestampede, posted

    The feeling that tongue creates really is awesome. It seems to get absolutely everywhere and cretaes the deepest sensations. And having someone there watching while your climax is reached and videod must make the experience unforgetable.

    pats69, posted

    This is exceptionally good - the dog is a great licker and the woman has a lovely pussy, but most importantly there is no mistaking the evidence that she cums at least once and probably several times, unless those are aftershocks. Awesome! More women need to see and understand this video :)

    dogsrgreat, posted

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    i LOVE this video! By far the best on here. i barely touch my clit and cum. makes me miss my border collie i had. ooo he was so good at licking

    amalee215, posted

    Mmmmmm...that pussy looked so Dam good :P

    Freakypapi, posted

    I cant watch it :/ Any way someone can give me this video?

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    i luv this vid. that is how i do it, i am still training my dog, he doesnt lick my clit steady enough yet 2 make me cum, so i diddle my clitty, every once & a while pulling the hood back so he can lap @ it, then when i am ready 2 cum i take my hands away & he licks till i shake. fuck my clit is so hard now...,here puppy

    tweetypie, posted

    I could not stop rubbing my self ...

    jillj, posted

    omfg r u kidding me?!?

    nieceygirl82, posted

    still one of my all time favourites xx

    ravensley, posted

    That has to be one of the hottest clips on the site.

    petenw, posted

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    Xani123, posted

    I love her curled up pinky and ring finger. So intense!

    frefos, posted

    ...Holy shit that was the fastest masturbation I've ever had... Started the second the video started, came at 2:34... Fuck you, clit. >: ( Haha.

    cookiezz, posted

    this is my favorite licking video, I love that you can tell that she is really cumming and that her friend gets the dog to keep licking her so she keeps cumming....would love to have my pussy licked like this

    kcfucd, posted

    I agree with Geena, that's such a super clip, I think it's my favourite and I hope so much that they went 'all the way' it would have been the best end to a fabulous experience. Thanks to Freestuff for sharing x

    boxergirl, posted

    this is awesomely hot!

    jayko, posted

    WOW, that was by far one of the best,EVER,and that was truly a natual climax. I do agree, the dog wanted to fuck her at the end of the clip. I hope he did, and we get to see that clip too.

    geena2, posted

    This is SO hot. It turned me on sooo much. I got so wet. The moaning and shaking are amazing.

    bibutterflik9, posted

    Yes, I agree, she does seem very young but it's nice that there's someone older and experienced to help her. Let's hope it all ended happily for the dog too!!

    boxergirl, posted

    k9cc...I love you baby..And Kingston definitely LOVES that pussy.

    darkhawk181, posted

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    zizoxxx, posted

    this is one that i never get tired of watching.. it's so real and i find myself feeling things as i'm viewing it :)

    kitten2, posted

    My head(s) is boiling! So hot i cant get up from my chair for at least 2 hours - suppose if the colleagues see me!! :D

    anonymdansker, posted

    OMG...That was an amazing licking video...left me so hot, horny and wet...really amazing...I also wonder if the dog manage to fuck her...because I think she is really ready for it...

    mefirstime, posted

    that was the best licking video i've seen here....i wish that was my pussy that he was licking..i wonder if they let the dog fuck her?

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    fucking hot!! one of my absolute faves! wish i was there to participate!!!

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    FUCKING HOT!!!! Made me drip just watching it. How do you know it was her friend? Maybe it was her mom. You know what they say, don't you? The family that licks together sticks together!?! Or maybe it's the family that pets together, gets wet together?!? Whatever... its a fucking hot doggy lickin hottie little cunt video! Thanks for submitting it!

    puppypops, posted

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    Very Hot ! I like how she helps him go deep and asks for more .

    sirgolfdude, posted

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    a8592c, posted

    i think the dog is bored at the end lol

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    kitten2, posted

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    MasterRecruits, posted

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    MAN O MAN HOT THE ABOVE SUMS IT UP shaking quivering and two gals prove to be a very sexy combo wish we could see more of these two there ggrrrreat lol

    rileydog, posted

    there is nothing hotter than a lady making herself cum LOUDLY ------of course unless a dog or me is licking her----;) --very hot clip

    silverado53, posted

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    WOW!! I love her shaking n seizing the moment, just need a couple of secs n thats all.

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    ravensley, posted

    fantastic...loved every second.

    mixy, posted

    gotta love those quaking orgasms.

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    Mvc123, posted

    awesome!!! realy good stuff. superb

    buzzaldrin, posted

    seems a real orgasm! awesome!

    klodhal, posted

    i want to be that puppy. i'd licked that clit right off. nice pussy.

    crazyman23010, posted

    she is shaking all over her body, now she is in real extase

    dingdong222, posted

    "He's afraid he hurt you." "I'm sorry!" OMG, how sweet and genuine. One of the best films ever. Two hot girls and a cute dog. I just hope they returned the favor, he looked like he was wanting to mount at the end. thanks!~

    deepsix, posted

    Awesome! Less fingers next time. Want to see the orgasm entirely up to the dog.

    orangemailbag, posted

    mmm...hot damn that was hot. Note to self- cum quietly.

    curious_chick, posted

    WOW! Nice touch with the plaid skirt too

    doggdude, posted

    Thats the hottest thing Ive ever seen, more of those two lovlies please!

    matches16, posted

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