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    The Knot


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    all the way in

    Uploaded by cowbellringer · Rating: 3.9 (1174 votes) · 152075 views



    Teaksun, posted

    Spectacular knot. I don't think i would want to pull out either if i fucked her. A magnificent KP fuck and knot. Thank you so much for sharing.

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    the money I'd pay to watch this in person, dayum

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    well she used her cunt muscels a little -but her ass is up to high!

    lilbeaver, posted

    So fucking hot

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    Need a big knob. Someone help me find the biggest. He's good but had bigger. But I do love it when that knot goes in.

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    guruguru, posted

    aww you wernt playing with his testicles when he was knotted

    hyperkilly, posted

    i can tell alot of you have not been with a dog because in the first part you could see the guy holding the dog on her and the dogs knot was not inside. I know because i have my dogs knot in me everyday and my dogs knot is bigger than that. If you are going to let the dog fuck you. You should let him tie with you. It is a great feeling. I have been getting knotted for over 35 yrs and have loved every minute of it.

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    marylasher122, posted

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    I felt the pain just it was my ass.

    philip2945, posted

    mhh did I notice using her Cunt Muscels ??

    lilbeaver, posted

    This is another cunt, ass, rear end of a dog, knot not being inside, that I recognize. Seen this before in another clip. I think, at 1 time the knot was inside her. Just not in this clip. That would mean, that the clip is part of a bigger picture (as most clips are). animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    Love it

    Dog3232, posted

    Very hot he's definately locked on and into her hot pussy ejaculating in her hot vagina.Loved her moans of pleasure as he releases into her warm welcoming womb,very hot lady!

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    kidpussy, posted

    This video is so hot.

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    shangjii, posted

    nice movie good close-up

    donuts05, posted

    Wow Exquisite! 5 Stars! ***** Wow! The best knot ever! Wow she's hot!

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    rolrex, posted

    This was a technical knock out, or home run hitter. Give me of this poster. Love the woman's ass though.

    VOND3, posted

    this is the best video honestly. i love the way she says his cum is hot when it shoots in her pussy. would love to see that cream pie after she was done milking that dick. i need to go jack off now this was to fuckin hot..

    spartan6996, posted

    The dog and this woman are both enjoying eachother in their love making and she isn't loosing a single drop of his cum as she milks his cock with her pussy ;)

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    ciombe, posted

    Wish i was taking this big dog cock up my male ass so bad!!!

    horselover192, posted

    oh god his nuts twitching makes my pussy pound

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    sissybutt, posted

    just awesome

    lovemydogknot, posted

    I've always had a fantasy about getting my pussy licked. A friend turned me on to this site. Watching this video made me so horny I know that he and I are going to try this soon. I had to go masterbate myself after watching this. Glad I'm not the only one with thoughts like these.

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    fantastic. so fucking hot watching the dog's balls pulsing and throbbing as he pumped her pussy with his dog cum. best vid i have seen of dog balls pumping like this.

    cwr703, posted

    Would have liked to see the knot inside her at first and slowly slip out at the end.

    themedicin3man, posted

    nice throbbing balls

    oocumoo, posted


    oocumoo, posted

    I love this! She is so lucky having that knot stretching her cunt like that... wish it were mine! I love how the dog's balls pulsed as he filled her with spunk! Just the thought of how she dripped after is driving me crazy with lust!

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    WoW! what a knock out of a female ! Nice pussy and tits ;) Very good boy making your btch cum while you pump your hot sperm into her awaiting womb! Very hot vid! Thank you!!

    mehoff, posted

    the movie was alright but it would have been nice to see the womans face. also it would have been cool if she would have said something nasty. :D

    beastmaster707, posted

    I had been trying to find a vid to get me off all afternoon. Normal sex and I finally found it with video. Well done.

    Sirene, posted

    wow, looks like she enjoyed it

    kitykat, posted

    This was good

    ThisMan, posted

    I rate this movie awesome. The sounds of pleasure from this woman are fantastic but it's the man stroking his dog and making sure that the woman and the dog are loving every cock filled minute that makes me want dog sex so much. Thanks to everyone involved! x

    Deelightful, posted

    th lucky woman in this video was convincing in her vocal enjoyment of that good dog of theirs . It encouraged me to try it w our dog last nite in th privacy of my bedroom nd some day may have the courage to make a video like this 1 I only hope it is as stimulating as this 1 was. I wud have loved 2 see her take th knott in her nd see how she handled that additional bulk deep in her coochie I wasnt prepared for th brutal pounding I recieved nor how much it wud fill me but it was awesome. I wud recomend this video to any lady considering trying a dog but warn that th climaxes are overpowering nd draining

    SheIsIntoIt, posted

    That was very very good. Trying to talk my wife into trying it. At times she seems interested but not ready yet.

    vickie, posted

    i wish i was her

    bi-doggy-girl, posted

    •Aluzky says• Lucky dog and lucky bitch. :3

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    that looked so good i need one of those

    brazen123, posted

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    hungrytotry, posted

    One of the hottest knot vids I've seen. That dog kept pumping his nuts dry, unloading into her ready and willing pussy.

    farmerdoug1957, posted

    outstanding. had he gotten the knot inside, she would have been off the wall in pain and pleasure.

    thongcladtommi, posted

    Oh is that ever hot,he is just resting on her back as she is totally savoring his knot.Love to see his balls twitching letting you know he is still injecting his seed and filling her welcoming cunt.Very nice Im as hard as a rock and dripping precum!

    breeder09, posted

    Totally awesome. Great knot and good audio.

    knotme222, posted

    Absolutly the best video on pet sex. This woman is so hot she almost will make you explode without the dog. She look like she is 8 or so months pregnant not fat. This is her first time with the dog and the husband or bf tries to tell her that the dog will be huge. The dog mounts her and starts to fuck her very well but the bf doesnt have the best camera skills so there is alot of stuff that you miss but you do get to see the doge tied in her pussy the you can hear his knot plop out and the girl starts saying you were right he is huge. Just an all around great video

    ladylab, posted

    we are a couple and we love it

    sarah8301, posted

    mmmmmmmmmm now she is one lucky sexy bitch I would love to have seen his cum drip out of her xx

    Belinda402007, posted

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    eatmypussydaddy, posted

    This is another one of the best clips on here,

    cincinnati_bi, posted

    really like the way she milks her puppy at the end to get all his doggy cum inside her. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    brittneyok, posted

    mmmmmmmmm, love to have that dogs cum inside my pussy too...

    vicky2078, posted

    loved watching his balls twitch. also loved how her husband was petting the dog .. telling him good boy :) damn what a lucky woman to have all that gooey puppy cum inside her!!!

    wednesday1, posted

    love the way those balls are pumping cum into that woman!

    mytreat1, posted

    she has a very nice shaved pussy too!!

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    cuddles2puddles, posted

    This video got my cock really hard. Starting at about 2:20, all I could think was how much I would love to lick that knot, and suck on those twitching balls.

    abcd1986, posted

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    schwanzimarsch, posted

    you got stacked.

    munevar800, posted

    look at his balls twitching. so HOT

    NeedsIT69, posted

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    maheshnagwan, posted

    It's great that at the end she just wants to pull him even deeeper inside. He must have felt so wonderful.

    pats69, posted

    I would liked to have seen the initial mount and short thrusts that led up this point....but the video and audio is great(til it dropped out) and seeing his swollen balls pulsing and filling her with his warm animal sperm is precious.

    jayko, posted


    Marelover64, posted

    good movie loved the sound but it needs more action

    aluien0714, posted

    Oh My...what an erotic movie, I can just imagine what wondeful feelings and sensations she is experiencing...for him to be in her so deep, hot, and throbbing....so sensual

    LonelyLady, posted

    lovely girl like to see and hear her when dogs in action beautiful tits and pussy.

    ralhper, posted

    Amazing clip.. starts out with the wide view showing her beautiful tits hanging down, moaning as the stud knotted up inside her pussy. Then as the camera came in for the close up, wathing the studs balls twitch, told you he was dumping his cum load nicely. Loved it.

    farmerdoug1957, posted

    Thank you!! Love watching a beautifull healthy female get knotted and bred by her animal lover !!;)

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    Wish there was some action in it but still very nice.. wish MY dog would knot me like dat too!!

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    iutoo69, posted

    damn I wish they'd show the dog doing more work, but shes hot. Good video

    duder123, posted

    Like to see him pull out the way his balls were pumping she had to have a full pussy.

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    johnny4389, posted

    sounds like she loves his cock.like the way his balls r pumping her full of cum.

    fishlover, posted

    this is kinda boring to me..

    tehjoker, posted

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    Sampik, posted

    Not bad and knott good. Anyway,bark-bark also must have a rubber on.


    Not bad. And no sticky mess!


    good clip be great to see the before and after

    twigg49, posted

    good movie loved the sound but it lacked action

    ryukai12, posted

    Seeing those balls pulsing - like the dog has gotten what it all along - well it just blows your mind! Great video! However it would of been much better seeing how they got to that stage ;)

    kazos, posted

    wow I wish I could see the movie the rest of you all saw... mine was missing the end

    tonktaf, posted

    I love this video.... she loves to milk the doggie stud...and you can tel she feels the load... watch her jump and enjoy the flood thanks, great vid

    fredericka, posted

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    moviep, posted

    What a great knot that is hung of in her pussy. She is definitely draining all the cum from that dog's balls. She sounds like she is enjoying every drop that is being drained.

    cherokee429, posted

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    kcfucd, posted

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    That's a great tie and thats how you can do it with some help.Would have been nice to see how they got there. See how he is holding her in and balancing the dog. Both enjoy it

    sildolan, posted

    a wonderful long tie, would have been nice to see the whole session, but beggars (me) can't be choosers....

    meli, posted

    awesome video ! would loved to see how full she was after all that pulsing

    1badboy64, posted

    This was the second Hottest video I have ever seen! Don

    don, posted

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    Wished I could have seen the mounting that led up to this, but this was a great tie. The woman is decent-looking, her helper kept the dog calm and extended the moment. Watching his balls pulse and pump his come into her while they were tied was so hot. It was even hotter to see her rock on his cock buried inside her, and milk it while he squirted inside her. Mmmmmm, delicious. I need a puppy pal like this one.

    Ayame, posted

    Great view! Woulda love to see the mounting before the knot. The broad looks decent too!! Thank you for the post.

    Irishbull, posted

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    doggiedoer2, posted

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    lazko, posted

    Hot but wanted to see the pull out! Maybe some of the thrusting too. I assume there's other parts of this video with those part. I'm sure there was a big gush of cum that came out after he pulls out! Lot's of moaning not much real action. Sound cuts out at the end. Must me off sync with the video. The dog is a true sex maniac as they probably do this every night. You can really see how much the wife loves the dog's cum and wants all of it for herself. The camera angle in the video is fantastic and so is the quality.

    Knotyj, posted

    In this videos we can see a dog tied to a sexy housewife, who is moaning like a true bitch on the dogs massive pecker as the dog pumps more and more cum into her. The woman is truly enjoying the tie her husband keeps stroking the dog and calming it so it wouldn't pull out of the housewife. The dog is a true sex maniac as they probably do this every night. You can really see how much the wife loves the dog's cum and wants all of it for herself. The camera angle in the video is fantastic and so is the quality. I would really love to see more videos like these, but they can be rare to cum by these days.

    ummi60, posted

    this video is amazing!wonderful camera view of the dog knot deep. would like to see the whole thing with the dog going in but still great! the way the girl moans is just wow and beautiful. love how you can see the dog pump cum into her. beautiful. i hope they make more videos. how the man pets the dog is great to.it shows major love.Not to mention that the dog was a beautiful thing! i paln on watching this again in very soon time. though there should have been more movement. that would really set it off. i really hope ot see more from them!

    crazy4candy131, posted

    this video is great! When the girl pants and moans it really made by dick hard! I was beating off until it ended, but sadly the video wasnt to long so i didnt reach a climax. The girl actually looks liek shes enjoying it. A lot of videos either the dog or chick dont seem into it at all. Well this video was great! MAKE MORE PLEASE!!! It was great when the dogs seamen was dripping out and of course like i said, this video turned me on!! I wish i had a dog to fuck, on my to do list ;)

    pornluver1234, posted

    The dog was hot! You could see his balls flexing while he came. I enjoined the husband helping and rubbing the dog. I wish the dog had a stool to get more average to pump her a disregarded. You could tell that the dog was enjoing himself and so was the women with the moaning. She should of rubbed her pussy while getting fucked. There wasn't any foreplay they were stair into the cum. The husband could of helped a little more by rubbing the dogs balls, maybe even licked them a bit. I bet he would of like that a lot! Good clip! I will watch it again!

    sage6900, posted

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