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    Dog Licking Pussy


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    dog licking pussy

    Uploaded by vicciyes · Rating: 4.4 (276 votes) · 50797 views


    Looks so delicious.

    lionlicker, posted

    Hot looking clit...loved her moans, too

    luvsdoggies4170, posted

    Eine so gro├če Klitoris, fasst wie ein Penis. Der Hund hat sicher Freude darann eine nass Fotze zu lecken.

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    This is by far my favorite one yet

    mysticnova, posted

    im so wet watching this

    mysticnova, posted

    that huge clit likes to be flicked ... and her loudy moaning unveals her soaked pussy ;)

    mintful, posted

    Nice fucking clit, sticks out so good. Made me want to lick her clit too, yummy! And the dog licks her so good. I need licked like that right now.

    snowtlc, posted

    OMG That was so lovely. I totally love being licked like that.

    jonniekay, posted

    my dog loves doing that! orange county ca. hosting

    saggy123, posted

    If that's a fat chick I'm loving it! Beautiful pussy and an talented Well trained Dog! The moans Omg!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

    KnotBlkTemptres, posted

    Yet ANOTHER fat chick. Dog does a great job and the girl's moans, groans and talking are excellent. I'd enjoy it more if the girl were 16 and weighed 110 lbs. Well, how about if she were 18. If she were 16 it would illegal. (I'd sure like to see jailbait getting licked by dogs!)

    Viking25, posted

    Great movie...very sexy

    polarize, posted

    she's lucky girl with a with an awesome pussylicker like that, i'm jealous

    sweetlips2, posted

    one of the hottest vids. the dogs knows what its doing, and must feel great with its nose pressing against her clit while its tongue is inside her pussy. Love seeing it lick her arse too

    annejames, posted

    I woild trade places with the dog and the girl....love it!!

    lickmeplease, posted

    wow! i wish i was that dog! i would fly to the UK and become yours forever, lovely hotpussy28

    esparzascc, posted

    i love that with my dog just need a male one to fuck me now any offers ov help x

    hotpussy28, posted

    That made me wet as fuckk. i loved it.

    ilovedoggyknots, posted

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! The gold standard for which all dog licking movies should aspire to! Wonderful job with the video! and the moaning and talking..WOW ! This is one GREAT video. On the scale of 1-5, it get's an 8 from me ! Truly one of THE all-time best videos I've seen on here !! MORE PLEASE !!

    beingstrange, posted

    she trained him so well LUCKY LUCKY i was real wet after watchin i say bravo, ive never done this but im really tempted and her clit was amazing ive never been with a women but id lick her up good too wanna see more from this pair!!!

    junkinthetrunck, posted

    Thats what I love...seeing both enjoying themselves

    jonniekay, posted

    NOW, that is more like it, not only is the dog doing a good job - but you hear moans of pleasure from the woman. Thats how these vids should be made. No sound from the woman, its like wtf?? but this is good.

    baldwin29w, posted


    pelanariz, posted

    love that clit would love to play with it

    cinny, posted

    makes me wet to watch this!!

    lickmeplease, posted

    Without a doubt, one of the best I have ever seen!

    pornogod98, posted

    wow that was soo fuckin hot made my pussy all wet i wachted it about 4 time and got off with my puppy teehee

    sexylilbitch, posted

    Gotta agree...what an AWESOME clit

    Bashing_bishop, posted

    simply beautiful

    krishnasalini, posted


    ccho12345, posted

    nice clit

    cornbread1954, posted

    very, very nice! nice size clit. great dog.

    philip121659, posted

    Wow i just came :)

    Mmmnice, posted

    Lucky dog and girl! ;-)

    sexyjenny16, posted


    lillyfrench, posted

    was hott!! wish i was her.

    trouty12, posted

    OMG I'd love to be in this girl's place! Made me all wet...

    pussydeluxe, posted

    again, it ia my favorit, make me all wet and just wish to have a good dog like this one !

    Lalouve, posted

    this is the best dog licking clip i have seen yet, good sound from the dog and lovely moans and groans from the lucky girl, too bad she didn't cun while the lucky dog was licking!!!!!!

    sefriendlyguy, posted

    Love the clit...

    Sondie, posted

    were can i get a dog like that he licked that big pussy unitl i cumed

    sexred, posted

    love that big clit mmmmmmmmmm

    fishlover, posted

    this one is geart i love it that dog licked that pussy good wish it was me.

    sexred, posted

    excellent video! she has that boy well trained and he loves her sweet juices! loved her encouraging him and her moans as he got her nice clit Mmmm very nice!

    dogluvr, posted

    hottness. nice clit. i wouldnt mind gettnig my face into there ;)

    Zinex, posted

    mmmmmmmm i love this video ! she is great ! lovely like ! i want one to lick me like that!! i have a big clit too ! i am glad!! kisses baby! i wan to eat u too!mmmm

    littlebit3860, posted

    Hey Nice Dog! your deep licking made me hot & wet, I like u sweety!

    KDL, posted

    makes me cum every time I see this video

    8crazyemotions, posted

    mmm your moaning and the doggy licking noises got me instantly wet.

    xivoryx, posted

    that was awesome!!!! The dog licking that clit was so hot!

    8crazyemotions, posted

    Super Hot!

    pamela33569, posted

    mmm moaning is makin me wet!

    whocares1234, posted

    damn u look so fuckin fine u make me horny i want my dog to do that love the moaning more!

    whocares1234, posted

    LOVE your hot clit!!

    missk9babe, posted

    luv the voice, luv your massive clit, 1 lucky dog, wanna see more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    numbnuts, posted

    wow, my firts comment it for you ! Really love your little movie ! you seem to really enjoy ! Have more fun with your dog ! ;)

    Lalouve, posted

    Ain't nothing better than a long hot tongue, licking while i cream

    junette, posted

    YES more more more

    frosty555, posted

    loved the encouragement, very nice view and very hot

    ozanimallvr, posted

    your pussy looks so delicious, i would have loved to be sucking on that that big plump clit of yours, while the doggy eas deep tongueing your juicy cunt.yummy!

    tonguering, posted

    More please more, maybe longer and cam out some. Would love to see more of you. Also LOVE the talking!!

    lovebbw4life, posted

    looks like puppy loves his momma very much and sounds like his momma loves her puppys tongue very much :) I know the feeling no better tongue than a dogs :)

    pupeluver72, posted

    never done it and dont have a dog but i really want one.

    pepperhot, posted

    gorgeous clip, beautiful clit, mmmmm right in there with him baby.....you blondey red pubes are just like me

    uncutbloke, posted

    Love hearing her praise him, makes me so wet. I wish i had a pooch just like him. Lucky girl...

    corrinb, posted

    makes me so horny because my dog would do that, i love your big clit too :)

    sexybeastchic86, posted

    i keep watching this vid over and over again you are so fucking hot i am female also and would love to get in touch with you mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    iwannafuckadog, posted

    I like to hear her moan

    yazzy1979, posted

    Damn when i die that makes me me want to Reincarnated as a Dog.......PS Love the post keep them cuming lol,,

    sgilley, posted

    Gets me wet to

    boababsa2, posted

    she is awful looking

    Burns2k, posted

    Beautyful clit. Let me lick you!

    KnigvonDeutschl, posted

    damn anyone know who this girl is? haha

    inferno_raven, posted

    OH fuck would I love to fuck that cunt while k9 slops on it... ohhhhh yeah.

    LosAngelesGuy, posted

    Very spread

    tycio, posted

    damn i cant stop watching this video everyday i get on here just to watch this one video gets me wet everytime! mmmm

    dogluver36, posted

    nice sound

    allsorts1950, posted

    damn girl i love masterbating to your video. you have such a pretty little pussy, and hearing you moan like that makes me cum every time

    gangbangwhore, posted

    AMAZING....your moaning made me cum bby....we should sooo get together..im prob the same age as you...really :)

    dogluver36, posted

    god damn I got horney just seeing this

    cowboy1056, posted


    BLACKSHEBA, posted

    nice clit =) Nice and full too, perfect!

    poopa, posted

    awesome clit..love this hot clip.more please.

    tan69, posted

    This is super Hot! The moaning, The fat clit and a dog that love's her juices. This is what it is all about. PS I would love to see Katefaurots legs spread moaning to her dogs soft tongue. Dreaming of you Kate (smile).

    don, posted

    Very hot. Nice big clit too! Good dog!!!

    philip121659, posted

    how nice movie's

    titanic, posted

    So I watched this video, and then got super curious, and now I am proud to say, I have finally experienced my dogs tongue, and I looooooove it! It was so amazing!!!! :)

    katefaurot, posted

    very nice! loved the sounds; just wanted to experience her orgasm

    sumpthindifrent, posted


    jaker51, posted

    Yup more of this! love the talking and sounds. That as really quite perfect.

    lovebbw4life, posted

    We need more of this please :)

    copx, posted

    AWESOME CLIT!!!! We need more from her!

    rickydo22, posted

    omg you are so dirty and sexy. wish i could lick that little wet pussy

    gangbangwhore, posted

    this shit is hot as it gets, makes my horney and hard, this chick knows what she is doing and is hot as can be, it makes it better becouse you hear her talking wich turns me on more and more, this video is byond hot, its just orgamic beyond all compare, all of her videos are hot and its just amazing to here her voise talk to the dog while the dog licks her pussy, just really hot is all i can say, makes me cum everytime i watch it no matter how many times ive watched it. cant get enough

    sebas123, posted

    This movie was very hot! The sounds of the girl moaning were extremely exciting! The sounds of the dog lapping at her pussy will drive you wild. Very good quality and the lighting is just right. Makes me want to go out and buy a dog so I can try this too!I think the movie would have been even better if it would have lasted long enough for us to be able to hear the girl cum. That would have been the icing on the cake so to speak. But all in all, I would definatly give this video a BIG thumbs up. Hope to see more from this user.

    madejulook, posted

    This is one hot video.. its just a shame its not longer! A woman videos her Corgi mix licking her plump pussy to the brink of orgasm. He goes into it solo with just a few redirecting slaps of her pussy, then she joins him and rubs her clit while he licks the cum seeping out of her slit. A nice mix of oral and masturbation. The camera work, though a little shaky at times, has a variety of angles and good distance. The pussy is nice and the dog clearly goes to town on it. The best part of this video? The sound. I'd venture to say that I've not found one with better narratives and moaning.. promises to get your pussy wet or cock hard.

    Jenners, posted
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