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    Knot And Lick


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    Very sweet Girl get lick than knot by a Dog

    Uploaded by Blackdog001001 · Rating: 3.0 (589 votes) · 114041 views


    This dog seems exasperatingly stupid.

    KennyCopafiel, posted

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    054083, posted

    Waste of time. Dildogging and licking. No knot. Untrained dog.

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    ray8110, posted

    The only thing I liked about this was Terminator 2 was playing in the background toward the beginning...

    Liode, posted

    knot where..?

    Humboldt, posted

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    oocumoo, posted

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    ghantry10, posted

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    doplzcuminmeg, posted

    let it fuck her , that's cruel

    lovemydogknot, posted

    The dog isn't a dilldow

    heod, posted

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    wirsuchen, posted

    War wohl das 1. mal für den hund? Lasst ihm doch mehr zeit zum lernen, wie es mit einer frau geht. Wenn der mann sich raushalten würde, wird es schon bald funktionieren. Ein hund ist kein dildo!

    capricornus, posted

    i love it when a good hubby. helps out.

    mydogsissy, posted

    I don't like when they dildo a dog. Either leg the dog do or leave the pup alone.

    poppidg1970, posted

    this is a true point of dog rape..or beastiality. I do not approve this vid at all,nor do I like it. it should be taken down

    DarkDawg, posted

    •Aluzky• Lame... why not let the dog fuck her? Why dildog her? Also, the girl is supposed to move in and out, you are not supposed to do that with the dog penis on another person as you don't know what the dog or the person is feeling, you could harm the dog or the person.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

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    wirsuchen, posted

    little boring

    DerekB1, posted

    Hmmmmm, strange!!! This dog was so horny he was even trying to fuck the girls foot--then suddenly the vid cuts to the guy dildogging her?? The dog had a nice big cock and all he needed was to be shown that pussy was for him and he'd have been in it!! Try again please.

    kaaty, posted

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    followdreams, posted

    I dont know about this one... too much help in this one...

    stud654321, posted

    Terminator 2 in the background was pretty great

    Jediknight001, posted

    i would love to climb on that ass and the dog could do me

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    kaka987, posted

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    suppehans, posted

    The movie would have been fine if it would have been shown as long as stated, it quit at almost a minute before finishing!

    napeolin, posted

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    kangeroe, posted

    Is good video and the girl was bended down so the dog lick and tire to fuck her but the man would not let the dog fuck her so fast she may stretch her chamber .she can't take the expanding so fast and stop.

    jokersam, posted

    lmao it tried to fuck her foot!!!

    cjrok, posted

    that is no I love this vid and how the man is helping his woman get fucked by the dog

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    fernanxxxd, posted

    one of the stupidest dogs in the business, or he has attention deficit disorder to the point where he has a boner and knows theres a pussy around there somewhere but he settles for trying to hump her calf... The scrawny, tweaker-looking flat-assed chick is so bored they have to leave the tv on...Tattoo-boy loses patience quickly with both of them. Again it's probably a case of trying to get the end of the month to pass so the new welfare check will arrive and they can get out of the doublewide for a night or two of heavy drinking. I know I could probably use a drink if I were part of that dismal scene.

    tonktaf, posted

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    gutnichtschnell, posted

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    kinkycoupleuk, posted

    wtf is wrong with these two?

    loki974, posted

    "Dildogging is disgusting." I agree so hard, dd214.

    roflcopter03, posted

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    creamgurl, posted

    Dildogging is disgusting.

    dd214, posted

    dog too small

    246748ajacs, posted

    lol at the dog fucking " mid-air"

    dj_2_dk, posted

    the guy was a jerk. He wasn't helping he was in the way.No way he was "training the dog. The dog was doing fine. The best place for that guy would have been the sidewalk.Oh and on your way out, turn off the damn TV.

    ellana, posted

    Whats with the guy. If it is done right, you don't need him. The dog was eager and so was girl. Just let happen natural.

    jardypop, posted

    There's really nothing special about this movie. The radio or television playing loudly in the background is annoying. The dog acts excited at first, but never mounts the girl. Then the clip skips to the man dildoing the dog's cock in the girl's pussy. She seems to moan a time or two, but we can't tell due to the background noise. When the man releases the dog, he goes to the end of the couch and lays down, licking himself. The girl moves around to the dog. For me, the action stopped after she moved to the dog. The audio continued and it sounded like she may have been sucking him. Not an appealing clip.

    likbrbvr, posted

    I love how cute and eager the pup was! He knew what he wanted. Would have been a lot better if the guy hadn't been directing him. The dog had the right idea.

    Decemberist, posted

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    leek2009, posted

    Shut the damn TV off, and get rid of the guy, and let her and puppy hava a little fun together.. too much distractions!!! ugh!

    kitten2, posted

    A nice video. I wish it was longer and had more of the dog inside the woman. She is very attractive, with nice long legs and a really nice ass. That just makes the video better. I liked how her husband was trying to help get the dog inside her. He probably enjoys it as much or more so than she does. The dog had trouble getting into her because she has those nice long legs. Maybe a box for him to stand on would make it easier.

    mrblacknhard, posted

    This is a truly piss poor video. A true waste of time.

    ellana, posted

    I really would like to know her

    nogueira, posted

    this man just needs to get the fuck out of the way

    cuntlovesdogs, posted

    Dildogging is for the birds.

    jayko, posted

    so kool

    billyum0123, posted

    that pussy makes me wish i was a dog

    billyum0123, posted

    oh echt geil

    petfrau, posted

    i don't think she likes it

    zakray, posted

    Too bad. I've seen better movies. To be a bonus to a better movie.

    Jcao, posted

    when you force a dog into it, thats animal cruelty, just let him go at his own pace.

    lovethatass99, posted

    I also agree dildodogging sucks. If you want a dog cock dildo buy one online. let the dog fuck you its alot hotter.

    doggielover1986, posted

    I agree, dildodogging is the pits.

    Darksidehntr, posted

    dildogging ... SUCKS!

    zndxxx, posted

    very nice how she sucked him off after a good fuck!

    tatarbey, posted

    Looks like the pooch needed alil training but I think he woulda did well. Just let the dog do what he does naturally. Decent looking chick for a change!

    Irishbull, posted

    very nice how she sucked him off after a good fuck!

    bob_saget_bitch, posted

    loved how eager the pup was lapping at her pussy! he wanted to mount, the guy should stay out of the way and let her enjoy that hot doggie cock! still a good video

    dogluvr, posted

    loved how eager the pup was lapping at her pussy! he wanted to mount, the guy should stay out of the way and let her enjoy that hot doggie cock!

    dogluvr, posted

    let him do his thing!

    doggy2255, posted

    Please show us the suck, thats the hottest part!

    matches16, posted

    Nice amateur work!

    matches16, posted

    not one of the best seen on pet sex but not that bad .but at least its a home made video not a professional one.home made are the best as you cannot predict whats going to happen.the only down side to this video was it was dog dill doll .but the liking bit was great and the woman looked very nice like how she was bent over the settee.and the way they tried to get the dog to fuck her was not to bad.the blow job bit was rather good as well.the video quality was good sound mot to bad.but again it was a free video.

    mick111, posted
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