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    Short Dog Clip


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    All the elements of a great k9 sex clip, great audio, good lighting, mounting, tieing, and pulling out!

    Uploaded by colkingsley · Rating: 4.5 (275 votes) · 47838 views


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    rfcedx, posted

    Nice. You really opened up your pussy for a well-endowed K9, and you took his load, too. A pussy full of cum was a nice reward for you, and he nailed a nice fat cunt. Awesome!

    vonCaldwell, posted

    nice vidoes. perfect better. huh!! gud luck sweety love that impressive. well i have k9, german, pit bull, spider and snake . im fucking them every day afternnon or in the morning really fuckign and have fun with my pets also. sorry if i wasnt able to upload them here coz its for my private porpuses. u can get my vidoes or watch me in yahoo if u want just message me up jennybrown2002 @ yahoo . com thanks. nice videos if u swear!!

    maria123, posted

    This is so hot. I'm wet. Someone cum here.

    sweetpussums, posted

    I like this because I would be twirling my clit while a dog fucked me, beleive it. I do wish some cum came out of her at the same time though when the dog finished and she could rub a wetter clit, yes.

    Sonora, posted

    Love the sounds. I would pound that so hard right after.

    Serukai, posted

    what agreat clip it needed to be longer and it would of been nice to see the dog entering her the sucking really turn me on ed04de

    ed04de, posted

    I seriously need a dog!!!!

    koolslayergirl, posted

    I want this so bad!

    jennylonglegs, posted

    one of my favorites a true knot and the bitch loved every minute of it

    stretch199, posted

    Great job fucking that pussy. Knot deep fucking

    booboodewe, posted

    Nice horny K9 who, from the sounds of things, it sounds like the he got sloppy seconds. It's obvious that she loves taking him deep inside her. Her moves shows how much she's enjoying her!! Keep them cuming!!

    fredgold, posted

    Me too...i never get tired of watching this video.....deliciousssssssssssssssssssssss

    Mandica, posted

    OMG yes. Can I come over and fuck your dog... and your girl?

    kat022, posted

    I cannot get enough of this little clip, Every single time I gasp as the huge cock comes slipping out. wishing it was my pussy getting fucked.

    essexxx, posted

    short but so hot!!

    lars123lars, posted

    nice doggy

    mudang, posted

    nice doggy in wet snatch fuck *itstohoooooooorny*

    viancaro, posted

    Very hot

    maxxr, posted

    loved it!!

    sylara302, posted

    any guys in FL want to hook up for some fun? would love to have a knot in my tight little pussy... message me ;) 20yr old female hottie Not in FL? message me for a lil cyber fun...

    fuckmehardbaby, posted

    mm, this is so hot if anyone wants to cyber with me, im a 18 year old femail tuckerton296@gmail.com ;)

    ilikecows, posted

    mmm.. good

    kitten2, posted

    another successfully bred bitch

    dutiful9, posted

    short but sweet; her moaning tells the story

    julie_g333, posted

    I CAME back for more... ooooooo..... wish the video lasted longer! My pussy's ready for more when I see this!!

    Lassiepussie, posted

    mmmm i want some doggy cock :D

    Hondenmeisje, posted

    C'mon... who wants to climb on? I'm ready!

    Lassiepussie, posted


    hbjst, posted


    hbjst, posted


    hbjst, posted

    he owns her and he knows it

    kevf09, posted

    very hot

    anubas69, posted


    ccho12345, posted


    hbjst, posted


    hbjst, posted


    hbjst, posted

    Crazy hot, that

    curious_chick, posted

    megageil ! bei sowas wäre ich gerne mal dabei ! würde auch gerne mal meinen Hinten hinhalten wollen :-)

    Mitras_Ffm, posted

    i cum to this vid every time.. my sweet lll cunt just love it.. i wish it was me that dog was fucking!!

    niobestarr, posted


    colquhoun, posted

    Great clip. The dog obviously knows what he is doing and the girl obviously enjoys what the dog is doing. Bringing both together makes a great clip.

    lunalupo, posted

    If you want to know why I love dogs inside me just watch. The cock the pumping the cum the sounds, hell I'm going to do it right now

    ErinLucy, posted

    lucky lucky girl!!

    littlelover, posted

    i like this clip very very good fucking by the dog how's feeling after the dog fucking

    shahismailsyed, posted

    a very good job , a very good female for a very good stallion!

    frany1953, posted

    superb sound,great ass,but u cant see the beastiality action after the begining and the very end u can,but majority of show all u c is close up of a pussy & fingers hell i can see that i a playboy photo minus the sound efects.

    cashronin, posted

    great video

    jennyboo, posted

    Hot, hot, hot ....i keep coming back to watch this over and over again! Great sound, beautiful wet cunt and a thick throbbing dick! That must have felt super .... wish I were there.

    kiki29, posted

    great vid. nice sound

    sjacker, posted

    juicy, she got more than she bargained for plus some more

    mangler510, posted

    mm - god that makes me hot, wish was longer.

    fungirl12, posted

    Great clip but a little to short

    hotdog4u, posted

    you said "All the elements of a great k9 sex clip, great audio, good lighting, mounting, tieing, and pulling out!" witch are all true but i dont think it counts as a "great k9 sex clip" if its over in under a minute /sigh disapointing now maybe if she keep the knot in for like 10 mins and then he pulled out with a river of cum (what i do) thatd be much better

    ami_ore, posted

    it's an hungarian video. And very nice!

    amorpheus, posted


    romulo2542, posted

    I never get tired of viewing this video. Our K9 friend is horney as hell, and shows it with an angy-looking huge cock that knots him into the bitch, and doesn't want to let go of her juicy cunt. He pummels the bitch very well for such a short clip, as she moans...in obvious submission to him while he uses her for a cum bucket as he empties his K9 balls into her. The best part is when he pulls his engorged cock out and spills his ball juice out of the bitch's cunt. Fantastic! Lucky bitch!

    different, posted
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