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    The clip starts with the wife trying to get the dog ready, what takes about the half of the 4:28 minutes the clip lasts. After that she takes the dogs cock in missionary position. Trying to get taken by the dog in doggy style she gets later in position, but the dog doesn't look that interested. All in all, the clip is quite interesting but nothing special. The sound is good, despite not understanding the language, the picture has an acceptable quality, but it's pretty often frozen and that takes a bit of the quality. The willingness of the wife adds a huge amount to the quality of the video.

    Uploaded by _raven · Rating: 3.3 (813 votes) · 127609 views



    sameer2664, posted

    any1 interested in c2c on skype or yahoo i would prefer it to be a girl and it would be even better if you have a animal with you ;) but i am a lil younger though so you would have to be ok with that

    glowstick25, posted

    Hey, I love your video! I was contacting yo because thought you may want to Skype chat/hook up or whatever you like as i am really into this stuff but I don't know ANYONE who is hehe, I am a male, 19, tall, blonde with blue eyes and 8inch penis hehe :) Hope to speak to you soon! Skype: Jackjones807

    jackjoneshere, posted

    fat 17 year old in bellefontaine ohio looking for a guy to shove his dick up my ass or a fat girl to sit on my face. message me. The bigger the dick the better but size really doesnt matter as i am only 4 inchs. age also doesnt matter. prefer 35+

    SilentFreak, posted

    the very fact that it was so amature and therefor so real turnd me on no end . bouth the girl and the dog will get better with practiace , hope they send us more

    houndog69, posted

    Hi ^_^ im a male, (il say age through message) and 100% bisexual, so maybe message me, and we can talk, or maybe even trade pics ;)

    young_one_65, posted

    17 yo bi guy looking for a realationship text me if interested 9362296838

    coryhogan, posted


    animalka_66, posted

    orale que bien son de españa o algo asi ojala y alguien me escriba pepefett@hotmail.com mexico df

    pepetoni34, posted

    at 1:55 you can here a video in the background playing thats even on this site lol

    love_mature88, posted

    Beautiful breed of dog and a beautiful woman to breed.

    1billy4unow, posted

    Love this girl's amazing fucking abilities and the dog is beautiful.

    1billy4unow, posted

    •Aluzky• Fake moaning are annoying. This video is just filler, nothing good. :/

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    not to be blunt, but anyone in or around sunderland that has a pet i can put my dick in ? :)

    woofsexx, posted

    The clip was too short and it was obvious that the pretty girl was never schooled in the proper techniques of dog fucking. But she was enthusiastic. Enjoyed it even though it could have been better handled and longer.

    motorcycleguy, posted

    Nice. Would be better if the dog actually got in her. She seemed to enjoy what she got.

    driver1967, posted

    movie loading prob

    gdlpsw, posted

    The woman does about everything wrong, that could be done wrong with the dog. First she plays with his dick. Dogs don't like that too much. Do you think, the dog might think: 'Hey, I can't play with my dick, do you want to play with my dick for me?' Then she's gonna lie under him, lifting her body up to meet his dick. She grabs hold of his dick, the dog feels her hand, gets horny and starts humping her hand, she can't handle that and lets go of his dick. Is she a fuck-up or what? Then she rubs his dick on her cunt, gets horny and starts sighing, the dog feels her cunt, gets horny again and starts humping again, she feels his dick growing in her cunt, can't handle it and out comes the dick again. Then she turns around, on all 4s on her elbows, ass on her knees. She looks like a big toad. Does she really want the dog to fuck her like that? Or does she know, since she doesn't want the dog to fuck her, the dog can't fuck her like that? Or maybe she does want the dog to fuck her, but she's just scared. L A T E R ! ! ! 15@animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    Chicago guys with big male dogs inbox me. Female here that loves dog cock!

    conniechung, posted

    any girls masturbating? inbox me

    oocumoo, posted

    You don't have to understand the language, to hear the excitement in the voice of this lustfilled hot ravenhaired beauty, when she started getting horny. then when he started humping, she tried putting that thing in her cunt, which was really pathetic, even if she is just a beginner and 'dose' it for the first time, which I do not believe. She was totally turned on. See, that's the difference between a man and a dog. You take a man's dick, make it hard and shove it into a woman's cunt and he will like it. But if you do the same with a dog's dick, the dog won't like it. Take a perfectly good piece of meat, beafsteak, grind it, give it some strange colours, like yellow, green, blue and purple, give it to a man to eat and he won't like it. Give it to a dog to eat, the dog will smell it and eat it. A man likes things by sight. A dog by scent. @animalpsychologist12.

    cleclego, posted

    Good looking Giant Schnauzer, its a shame he didnt mount her, would have loved to see his knot. but it looks as though they both were still learning... so tis all good...

    FlickLickMyClit, posted

    Here is K9 penetration of an obviously lust filled hot raven haired beauty beyond compare. I can fully understand her aprehension about a full mount and locking knot. Give her and the dog a chance to learn. This is a BIG dog. I don't speak the language but you don't need words to understand her straining for more penetration without any support to get her up or to see the way she offered a mount at the end. This was a sexy movie, not some dog licking something off a crotch that may or may not even be attached to a woman. I thought it was hot.

    watchindirty, posted

    lets see pussy showing ass showng and wearing that stupid top...let the dog do what come natuarla

    lilcock1, posted

    vorrei provare sesso con cane..qualcuno puo' aiutarmi? simona

    pidocchio11, posted

    nice missionary

    akaxora, posted

    great movie she really love it

    pumpman, posted

    first post-ding something they all missed you dont have to understand the language to hear her excitement when he started being aroused then when he started cumming she climbed on that thing and really got excited to what she was doing to him satisfying him you could here it in the voice you couldnt understand she was totally turned on and ready for more she odviously got hers by pleasing him

    shaggabut, posted

    It is good thing, that they don't speak english. If you want to understand, go learn other languages. It's too stupid for words to call the clip bad, because they're not speaking english. In other words: you're too stupid to dance for the devil. If you'd looked further than your nose is long, you'd have seen, that raven uploaded three clips. All three about this woman and this dog. And he 'dose' not know, what's on the other 2 clips (neither do I). But give her the benefit of the doubt. To tell you the truth: I doubt it, that the other 2 are better than this 1. Because in 1 thing, you're right. And that 1 thing is all the rest, you said. So... EYE am full of Shit. I know! I know! I've got a big mouth. The woman is 'vary' attractive. I think, she's scared of letting the dog, a bouvier, a big dog, mount her and fuck her and knot her. But she did want to feel his dick in her cunt. That's why, she tried it this way. It's hard for me to believe, that this is her first time. So What has she done, all the other times? animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    this is very good sex movie. i can't saw this movies so plz send more

    godavari, posted

    They are most likely Argentinians.....

    ashleytakahama, posted


    Anil3874, posted

    this chick is super hot! hopefully, next time she'll treat her puppy to a nice blow job.

    deexx, posted

    im looking for loder guys in uk to take pics of me as i fuck a dog i will do it with moor than 1 guy watching me

    pinkcunt, posted

    what a video she was beautiful, her pussy was so exciting tight .the dog cock can not fully go in side her vagina too.may with my special side first.

    samsonsam123, posted

    Great video!!! brings back old memories

    jacob8986, posted

    Such a good video! Mmmm....love that dog's hard cock!

    HorseFucker123, posted

    Reminds me of my former neighbor's dog only it was a light gray in color.

    medicrescue, posted

    anyone wanna fuck my pussy with their hard cock? message me im horny!

    cousinit789, posted

    hmmm intresting type dog i wanna do him

    ilovedogs24, posted

    So good videoclip , I like the way they talk, they're speaking spanish and she sounds so horny...

    Zooman_1980, posted

    hot sexy woman! wish I could have been the dog! :)

    south2, posted

    if she wasn't going to let him mount her she could have suck him!!!!!!

    fredpotts, posted

    what's with the women covering their breast? your doing a dog. Your dignity is pretty much out the door.

    Odd_Thomas, posted

    That is a lucky dog. She can jerk me off any time.

    tinymut, posted

    learn how to fuck your dog before posting

    twister123, posted

    How do I get credits? I've waited a day and I still dont have any. :[ I cant pay for it, I wish I could. Could someone help me out?

    Nikky_F, posted

    I bet she'd have enjoyed it more if she knelt for him first off.

    pats69, posted

    I live in warroad Minnesota im 21 my name is Jesse and im looking for other people that are into animals if you are inserted get back to me on here or email me at gaydeadlover@yaho o.com

    rjjuggalo, posted

    goeie neukbeurt leuk

    kangeroe, posted

    She is HOT! Good action. Lets see more.

    beastnutone, posted

    modelo gostosa...muito bom

    legislador1, posted

    True. The dog does look a little board. Maybe the wife is a bit to big for him.


    Amazingly hot!

    dirk20200, posted

    she's ok not bad but the dog doesn't want it

    Pir8pete, posted

    good video i like it to see women wanking dogs tool. :)

    KnigvonDeutschl, posted

    This wife can fuck the dog. Hubby may have warmed and oozed her up just before. Love the petite heels!


    very good she want it bad he won't help

    annacool, posted

    auch ich hatte zuerst scwrig aber wenn du so geil weiter machs dann brauchs du kein kerle,und er kanns stundenlang..ebru1978@gmx.de nur für frauen

    ebrusch, posted

    Give the dog som viagra.

    cincinnati_bi, posted


    lillyfrench, posted

    amazing woman. loved her staggered breathing while working with that big cock. she was really wanting it.

    maschng, posted

    hi,my name is eko.from turkey-antalya. gizlitemiz@hotmail.com

    hotman1969, posted

    great video

    1981jpr, posted

    Great video...lovely connection between the two

    polarize, posted

    That's a great clip, train the dog some more, and then just let her have at him----the results would be great, and you could probably make money with it if you wanted too !

    ncwildlife, posted

    amazing vid hey if anyone wants free pics or clips send me an email at zach8892@gmail.com

    Micka8892, posted


    james200, posted

    My wife loves to be on all fours and totally give herself to a stud dog! She loves a hard pounding and loves being tied to him for ten min. or so. The amount of cum is amazing and very warm!

    Bigeightincher, posted

    Sexy dog nice pussy. If anyone wants free pics and clips just send me an email at zach8892@gmail.com and let me know what you want.

    Micka8892, posted

    they are spanish speakers. She is fantastic, she does the best she can do, she seems to be beginner. wonderful woman. Felicitaciones.

    nogueira, posted

    Me encantó este. video, el mejor, por que hablan en argentino como yo. sunner.alex@gmail.com

    sidlinjohn, posted

    she has a nice pussy that the dog fucked...but i wish she had taken the dog's dick in her mouth after it fucked her...then i could cum too

    gfnme, posted

    the sound was off while I was watching it. i could hear her moaning while the dog was standing off to the side. not good

    mochamilkmaid, posted

    Nice clip, the audio is great, and she clearly loves and is hot for that big dogcock.

    jayko, posted

    The woman was so turned on by his precum shooting on her and the went wild when she felt that hot stuff shot up her pussy and wanted more of it deep in her

    mehoff, posted

    I agree with knotlikker above. It appeared in the very early footage that she was getting down and under him and was surely going to suck it, then the camera got off her. She SEEMED to be young and attractive and it would have been some great footage to watch that pretty face suck a nice load out. I loved the heavy breathing! Bijou

    sucez, posted

    Very good

    Jcao, posted

    this is the real " the beauty and the beast " anything else is just a low quality photocopy

    nogueira, posted

    suck him to get him ready

    knotlikker, posted


    hundefan, posted

    women must learn to just lay back and let the dog do his thing. stop being on all 4's

    edwardc, posted

    It is very hot and I love moaned his. Very good video. I adore the Spanish women .......

    transbordador, posted

    she is hot. love her moaning, wish to see again. love to fuck her

    coq949, posted

    i feel bad for the bitch, she wants it so bad and the dog just won't help out. maybe if she showed her tits?

    marelover2000, posted

    She is so hot. I love her sound, it turns me on.....

    raxcool, posted

    hola bonito video me calento mucho me moje todita si eres de argentina por favor contactame lola_ksm@hotmail.com bechios!!!

    LOLA_KSM, posted

    nice video! god, i love her sounds and how much she wants and loves it! she got some good fucking from him, i hope it gets better for her! pretty damned hot, thanks!

    dogluvr, posted

    train dog and try again

    tarrajane123, posted

    Wow, this was hot... and the director cooled it down! dAMN.

    jayko, posted

    amazing fucking... i'd be game for some of his naughty cummmm n knot in me:P

    luvs2sqrt4u, posted

    hola sos de a rgentina verdad mmmmmmm menuda dios de veras porfavor si os va la zoofi agregarme porfavor todosjuntitos22@ hot mail . com porfavor agregarme

    porro, posted

    First of all the girl is beautiful & very eager/horny! But Fabian is interfering with her HOT good time....WOW(^_^).... the way she moans & becomes short of breath just adds intensity to the clip!! She tells him to wait because she can enjoy her lover better in that position,but he wants her to get on all 4's! Dude don't interfere (she had the SITUATION under control) that's between HER & the fuzzy lover!! So inpatience Fabian,she was upset! Good Clip......more please

    santi55, posted

    I am new to this dog sex fetish but it seems to me that this lady wasn't very experienced It started out her jacking off the dog and I don't think she knew what to do when he started thrusting back. I would give this movie a 5 out of 10 because she still got it in their... Eventually That dog had a very nice cock though if I may say so myself, I just wished it would of showed more, oral from the dog as well I don't know, it wasn't my favorite video . As a man I enjoy close ups on the pussy and also she didn't give the dog oral, she looked like a beginner at this & needs far more practice .

    shaggydog75, posted

    At last a movie that appears to have a good looking girl with a decent figure and nice hair. Althouhg she never shows her face at least she isnt the usual tattoed blowsy overweight blond. Looks to be in her 30's, euro but not too trash with nice black hair. She jerks the dog off for the first half of the film finally getting him to unsheath but the stupid bitch never takes it in her mouth... that would have really made it something. Finally she gets in an awkward position and dildogs him by bending and getting it in a modified missionary position with her supporting herself on her hands and feet while bending backwards. Idiot..should have gotten into a doggy position on all fors for some real deep penetration and holding in the knot. Ah well she does get in some good thrusts and holds him in for a bit. Starts to moan nicely. Just could have been so much more if they thought it out. Suck it and do it doogy style. Duh

    boa582, posted

    The clip starts with the wife trying to get the dog ready, what takes about the half of the 4:28 minutes the clip lasts. After that she takes the dogs cock in missionary position. Trying to get taken by the dog in doggy style she gets later in position, but the dog doesn't look that interested. All in all, the clip is quite interesting but nothing special. The sound is good, despite not understanding the language, the picture has an acceptable quality, but it's pretty often frozen and that takes a bit of the quality. The willingness of the wife adds a huge amount to the quality of the video.

    fpcl, posted

    this movie is super to bad that they aren't speaking english i would really like to know what they are saying. the movie is good though lots of jerking and u can tell that she is enjoying her self how ever unfortunately she dose seem to use the dog as a dildo rather then as a lover and let him have his way with her. even though she is vary attractive and i would not mind being used as a sex toy by her i think that the dog should have a chance to make a few thrusts and sink his knot deep in the girl and make her really his

    norcalskimmer, posted

    i am new this animal and women sites. i would love to be a person in the shooting of this film. she is a gr8 looking womaan that i would love to meet. love to see her get knoted.want to she her deep throat the dog? never seen a women fuck an amimal! wish somebody would let me know how i could be there to watch ? is there some way that i could be there to watch her getting fuckede by a dog? i live in w.v., where are you located? is it possible to to be there to wtch as a guess?

    lew1953, posted
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