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    Dog Fucking


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    dog fucking women

    Uploaded by anthony12 · Rating: 3.3 (252 votes) · 153271 views


    a nice one,

    tgirlwhore, posted

    Ugh lucky woman......

    xmrsxlecterx, posted

    hmm... Wish they made a dating site for this

    superbitch101, posted

    |The tapping on her ass was pathetic. If you want to entice a dog, just crawl around like a bitch in heat. The dog will smell your cunt and will try to mount you. Even if you just washed your cunt, he will smell it. Better is to not wash it. And best is to not wash it for a week. Or when having your period, refrain from washing your cunt and just walk around like that. See if he picks up the scent. And leaning backwards like that while fucking a dog is BAD. B A D ! L A T E R ! ! ! 0602 animalpsychologist 6.

    cleclego, posted

    The tapping on her ass was pathetic. If you want to entice a dog, crawl around, like a bitch. Bitches don't tap on their ass either. They just prance around and the he-dog does the rest. He will smell your cunt and go for it. Even if you just washed your cunt, he will smell it. Better is though to not wash it. And even better, to not wash it for a week. He will like the scent then. And the woman was also leaning backwards on her legs too much. Her legs wide were good. But the leaning backwards was soo-oo bad. L A T E R ! ! ! 0602 animalpsychologist 5.

    cleclego, posted

    Exquisite! 5 Stars! *****

    dirk20200, posted

    Down and hot they both were into it great video. do you have more you can send by email? Hehe,I wish!

    jepcsp50, posted

    A decent video, you could tell she loved it but some moaning would have been great (:

    misskateee, posted

    muy buena

    gallopolveador, posted


    djdarke15, posted

    good time watchin this

    wolfie420, posted


    beastsexbill, posted

    This damn clip freezes up at the best part!

    jayko, posted

    The movie was good in it was a good attempt to get fucked by her dog

    Ernest65, posted


    Shadowss, posted

    She likes that but no moaning

    dakota300, posted

    this lady really loves her lab, good job

    mailman12, posted

    not working

    Liz6969, posted

    This is what I'm talking about....now this dog really wanted to fuck that sweet pussy. Too bad we couldn't see more close ups of his cock in her.

    2lvdogcock, posted

    As a True Dog Shut if your dog come's to your face he asking you to SUCK his DICK! SO suck it Bitch! Love Peggy

    MsPeg, posted

    not working

    craft__, posted

    Very good

    mrchicken, posted

    I enjoy seeing a dog pound pussy on his own; but if he's on the wrong end maybe, she should do him with her mouth

    Imwhtim, posted

    Very hot lady! Looks like she was really into it! My wife loves to fuck dogs like this too! Very hot to watch!!

    Bigeightincher, posted

    very good

    junks, posted

    Humping puppy! looked like both were extremely excited. I was thanks for your show!

    denfo, posted


    ragazzorm, posted

    wow, this one made me squirt!!

    Girl4doginSFL, posted

    good eager boy!! Mmmm too bad he didn't get into her really good but i'm sure it still felt nice!!

    dogluvr, posted

    Dog has big cock

    DogGirl29, posted

    ok i dont get it how do you get a dog to fuck you lol

    dannibowers22, posted

    this movie is very good

    fp252, posted

    Any cock beats no cock. Just ask the Bitch.

    Jean88, posted

    She humps her back? Is it to bounce is knot inside?

    Gentleman, posted

    very nice but would like to have seen him knot with her

    cincinnati_bi, posted

    Sweet! Just a little more practice is all he needs!

    harleypoor, posted

    dog looks confused needs more training. nice ass on that Bitch,tell her to put socks on the dog and then she does not have to put that big thick coat on. I would have liked to see that Bitches body that turns me on,too.

    moresa44c, posted

    Without anybody's guidance, the black dog used to fuck the woman naturally, which is quite interesting.

    daisyphilips, posted

    The scene is setup in an average house, with a naive young girl who is trying so desperately to arouse her pet a very big and frightening Black Lab. An the scene changes to a frolicaning sight in the living room. A Pretty young lady who frequently plays with herself to get her Black lab to violate her and have a goodtime. After several attempts she finally gets her wish and is satisfied but still she keeps hoping her Black lover will continue more to satisfy her lust. However the saga continues with no satisfaction in sight. The short video was enjoyable and exciting, especially the black coat used for protection from the Black Lab nails. I hope the adventure returns for another round or too.

    Trick1234, posted
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