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    Dog Fucks And Licks Woman


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    Dog licks and fucks a woman

    Uploaded by barqs9999 · Rating: 3.6 (255 votes) · 331182 views



    BGoodall, posted

    one less free move today

    Humboldt, posted

    i just met a girl that wants to try this. she never has amd i'm not sure how to go about it. where can i read up about it to do it right

    RayKing, posted

    My wife likes to do this too, but she really loves it when the dog knots with her, and pumps her full of doggy sperm!

    Bigeightincher, posted

    Hey Tits r Sexii(:

    PurpleNinja, posted

    I hope that I'm with this lady

    ka_nn, posted

    Anyone in cumbria, England have a male dog/horse that they would allow to fuck me? I'm a petsex virgin but would love to get all hot for your pet as this shit turns me on sooo bad! Email me at narutosanctuary@yaho-o.co.-uk

    lilino, posted

    Exquisite! 5 Stars! *****

    dirk20200, posted

    what a great body, a 'real' woman

    steve_mids_uk, posted

    Not a bad amateur video. Sound would have enhanced the action, but I still liked the way that Sheppard mounted that chubby assed bitch and worked his magic on her pussy. I couldn’t tell if he knotted up with her but from the licking action at the end of the clip, I’m guessing her pussy was full of cum. I would have loved hubby to reposition the camera and show us the dogs swollen knot buried in her pussy. Wondering if the hubby ever lets the Sheppard mount him? Thanks for sharing!

    LongIslandBTM, posted

    love it

    emma1983, posted

    now im ten i love my dog

    ginagirl, posted

    hte licking is what i like love licking pussy

    fredpotts, posted

    love her thick body

    jb443, posted

    my cousin loves my shepard also, would liked to have seem loger period of fucking

    mailman12, posted

    I would love to see the Mrs. on her back with legs spread wide; while the Mr. on his knees eating her pussy. Let the dog come from behind, mount and fuck the man while he eats his wife...yeah! The perfect doggie style threesome...Mmmm

    PleaseNow, posted

    Sweet mature well known Mrs Arkhan.

    digitallover, posted

    sehr schön anzusehen

    leidenschaft, posted

    nice lick afterwards,mmm

    diamond68, posted

    Well, at least shes got a nice tight ass, but for the dog I don't know? Altho, the dog was smiling.


    Not bad but without the sound it just losing everything

    mailman12, posted

    Nice! But, Wheres the sandals or heels and or stockings, fishnets & garterbelt?


    I like watching her ass move as the dog thrusts home, but the lighting could have been better over all not bad for an amateur film.

    gliderman, posted

    Nice clip, audio would have made it awesome. Great hanging jugs there... and thats dog stool looks even bigger then my gsd`s cock.

    jayko, posted

    After getting that tongue and dick she's not gonna want a guy anymore. Would've liked to seen more of her body, big butt, big tits, and apprently no problem fucking a dog.

    pineman, posted

    After the dog pulls out of this lady, she seems really curious about seeing what she's just had inside her. Sound tracts make a real difference in these sorts of vids, too bad we couldn't hear how this woman was receiving her dog treat, she seemed to be somewhat familiar with what to do with her dog and I suspect they have had many encounters prior to this one. Nice bum on the girl getting screwed though

    kaaty, posted

    love her big tits haging down

    fishlover, posted

    very very good

    doggiedoer2, posted

    damn, nice doggie fucking video! looked like the good boy had two pussies to choose from! their tongues are SO good

    dogluvr, posted

    I like the body on that lady. Thanks for sharing.

    D_Spirit, posted

    enjoyed the show

    xavierconrad, posted

    Nice video

    VERMILLION, posted

    tang ina nyo!!!!

    joubs, posted

    fuck shit fuck GOG right fellas

    DollAndTheKicks, posted

    I love to see a women fuck a dog

    bllyprkr, posted

    love to see girls with animals

    winston3, posted

    definately beautful all around nice dog nice body on the woman nice thick round brown ass,kinda distracting when the gay guy in the back ground tried to get ten seconds of fame by attacking the dogs genitals though with a fine ass bitch like that all he could think off is dog dick? WUTS THE WORLD CUMMING TO!

    cashronin, posted

    Real fuck and nice lick. Rather than Animal to Animal mating, Dog mating with women is very much interesting to watch.

    daisyphilips, posted

    simple hump but who was that second Bitch having her bitch hole licked clean. she seemed to enjoy being knotted and having cum pumped in by her doggy lover.

    moresa44c, posted

    This is a movie of a 'Mature" woman, and a German Sheperd. This woman seems to like all the aspects of K-9 sex, the licking, the mounting, and the "tieing", or "knotting" aspect of it. The dog, though well trained, is still like a dog...Mounts for a while, dismounts, sniffs, or smells where his cock has been...Makes sure the female is still in "Heat", mounts again, pumps some more cum into her, and repeats. I would have liked to see the woman and dog kissing. That is always a turn on, to know she is tasting her own juices from the dog licking her pussy.

    BornondaBayou, posted

    it was good wish their was sound nice ass video a bit poor but all in all gd it was good wish their was sound nice ass video a bit poor but all in all gd it was good wish their was sound nice ass video a bit poor but all in all gd it was good wish their was sound nice ass video a bit poor but all in all gd it was good wish their was sound nice ass video a bit poor but all in all gd it was good wish their was sound nice ass video a bit poor but all in all gd it was good wish their was sound nice ass video a bit poor but all in all gd it was good wish their was sound nice ass video a bit poor but all in all gd

    bangbangkittie, posted

    This is just a short clip from a movie made a couple years ago. This couple is British if I'm not mistaken, the original video is about 40 minutes long and is really good. This video is just a taste of what these two do with this dog. The lack of sound does take away from this video though. You can tell this dog has been fucking this bitch for a while and is very good at it and she seems to be able to handle him without any problems. When the dogs pulls out and starts to lick her pussy you can tell he is doing it right because her ass raises a little bit and her knees quiver. This lady has nice tits and an ass for her age and the dog is very lucky to be able to fuck her on a regular basis, hopefully this couple will post more!!!!!

    username_1234, posted

    This clip is not bad, not bad at all, enjoyable to say the least. The dog seemed to be enjoying himself as much as the woman. This could have been better if there was sound as well, it would have added a certain element. I love hearing the sounds made by women getting fucked by a dog. Her tits hanging down in are a plus for sure, and when she is being licked out notice the slight quiver in her legs. She is nicely shaped, I hope to see more videos of her uploaded to this site! Again, overall, this is a nice clip.

    jimmy012, posted
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