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    Dog Fuck Compilation

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    Dogs fuck women

    Uploaded by jfuentes · Rating: 4.1 (21 votes) · 752 views


    great video

    zoox, posted

    very nice video

    flirt, posted

    Lol, @ 1:26, I actually ''bought'' the DVD with that on, (from a mail order company) and that cumshot was the best one on the disc, it was called Furious uck and I still have it.. Great comp. :)

    Klozzcom, posted

    Would Have to be the best I have seen so far Love it

    aussie_puppy, posted

    lots of nice shots

    dogluvr, posted


    nothingleft0, posted

    This is one of the best compliation vids out there Thanks!

    maddmax56, posted
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