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    Amateur Suck Dog


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    Girl like suck dog cock

    Uploaded by manodedios · Rating: 3.6 (161 votes) · 77097 views


    Any women near Louisiana E. TX who want to feel a hard knot message me on here. I have a handsome yellow lab that will breed you over and over.

    blueyedcwby69, posted

    clean it up honey clean it up

    sn00ze, posted

    need to get it in her mouth, really suck him off and taste all that hot juicy cock and cum

    katierez, posted

    this is great and there are like 8 more clips of her , ya just have to find them

    ballsblue, posted

    i wanna taste on- I am in Ohio

    eager, posted

    Deepthroat him!!! don't play suck...pretend its a guy or something idk...lol.

    hitithardsoft23, posted

    OMG, listen to her, she is sopping as she does this, AWESOOME!!!

    gwenwalker69, posted

    Wrap your lips around that cock and don't let that squirt go to waste!! That is THE best part feeling the pulse of the cum as he squirts in your mouth....it tastes very nice too.....nothing quite like dog cum (a true treat).

    yummydoggycock, posted

    Teenage male willing to cum on cam ( females only please!) add lovestounload@hotmail.com

    ilovetocum, posted

    this isn`t terrible... nice audio.

    jayko, posted

    This was a very very hot clip. Watching that beautiful hard dog cock sliding in and out of that hot wet pussy will turn you on immediatly. I got hard in the first two seconds of the clip. I would have loved to been there to lick that dog cum off of her pussy and any where else it landed on her body. I know the clip did not show the dog cumming, but sliding in and out of a pussy like that with that hard cock he can not hold out to much longer.I do not understand why they called this dildoing the dog, i did not see any of that. The only one getting fucked with any thing was the woman with the very wet pussy getting pumped by that wonderful dog cock. I bet she was on cloud nine,lol.

    gjlzww, posted

    tease. she needs to actually suck it. i mean, how could she keep it out of her mouth? i know i wouldn't be able to!

    concave_scream, posted

    A near miss! Even so, damn, she heated me up! Great tongue work along the shaft. If the camera moves out and still gives her a shot, and making those nice litle sounds she takes that cock in her mouth and down her throat.........Oouuuuuu....... Bijou Sucez

    sucez, posted

    would have loved to have seen it squirt

    lisayaya, posted

    cool vid but it's a bit too close to the action (I was getting dizzy from it being so close) but its an excellent clip.. I still liked and enjoyed it.. : ) I would have liked to see more of the dog.. what breed is he??

    intokniners, posted

    Love sucking dogs and guys and girls

    JessiMom, posted


    cuntslave, posted

    we want to do that !!!!!

    LoveCouple2, posted

    wow i want to be forced by a dominant woman to take that cock in my mouth mmm

    grotsoppa, posted

    nice! I d like the same!

    wrack, posted

    Mmmmm she need to quit teasing that poor dog and suck hime off.

    candi69, posted

    amateur suck dog ?

    puffaman, posted

    Like to see more of this girl.

    bigdogdick, posted

    Sweet! I think she was getting warmed up to take his knot down her throat!

    harleypoor, posted

    wrong title. no sucking whatsoever

    buffermister, posted

    like to see more of you and in a longer clip

    jimmy77, posted

    very short....

    pepegotera, posted

    Same shit ever and ever to get points!!!!!!!!!

    Lalala, posted

    a amateur person sucks a dog dick elegantly , such a fine video here, would love to see move of this i jizzed over it without touching my nob 0ooo0o0ooo0hhh i love watching videos where girls suck dog nobs it turns me on so much , if only more of the videos on this website were free:( oh well i guess i have to watch amateur videos insted :( might just go on porn hub... naa no dog dicks on there , dont you just love it when it starts to come out then there is that red bit then the dog just cum's all over the place

    griyt, posted

    Charming and youthful, the young star of this video is wearing a demure blue pinstriped top. Though we never get a clear look at her face, her light brown hair and gentle manner is appealing. We never get a good look at her dog, unfortunately, though he's clearly a boy! This brief video is shaky and a bit grainy. Most of the clip is centered on her dog's hefty, square erect penis, which she cradles gently in her right hand while running her open mouth and tongue along its shiny red length. We catch a flash of the girl's smooth thigh, but that's all. No clue is given by the glance at her neck as to the size and firmness of her breasts. One can only imagine that she soon eagerly pulled down her skirt and panties, spread her thighs, and plunged her dog's fat, square, turgid wiener repeatedly into her open cunt! Sadly, we may never know. Hopefully, we will someday view more of this dog-penis licking charmer!

    nickles, posted
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