• dog licks black woman

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    sure felt tasty, let me at it ma dear benarditara@yahoo.com

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    Wish it was my pussy being licked...hot!

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    love how hes looking at her as he licks it

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    this really turned me on

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    id luv to have her rub her pussy and ass all over my face and then hump and fuck m y nose and tongue... i luv the smell of a black girls pussy, and if shes humping my nose with her clit and cumms it will be all over my tongue so i can suck it out.... fuck im so horny.

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    I love how he keeps going up to lick her clit then back down again! if anyone from the UK is looking for a hot teen willing to meet up for sex with our pets, message me! I'd be happy to lose my virginity with a beasty lover!

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    i enjoyed the close up view of the dog really getting that clit. i can almost omagine the amount of juice that was flowing. i am wet myself.

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    That is some fine licking, the dog's doing. And he really likes, what he's doing. She must have a juicy, goodsmelling cunt. It is a beautiful cunt. And I just so much LOVE beautiful, juicy, goodsmelling cunts. I can only wish, it was me smelling, licking and digging my nose in that beautiful, juicy, goodsmelling cunt, making her sigh like that, enjoying herself like that. animalpsychologist.

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    poor dog bet he's neutured and can only lick..he should have hit it by then. clear,decent vid. thou.

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    id love to taste hercocoa drops, yummy bronze pussy, gettinng licked by a nice lil pup

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    fuckin hot!

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    This bronze caramel pussy looks awfully tasty, mmm and look how the lil white doggie gouges his tongue plunging her creme` out and swallowing it slowly like a good little licker should. ;)

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    Very nice I hope he got to knot

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    look as if it was good, like to see more!

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    He was good got me horny would love to try it some day

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    Very nice, love the brown sugar.

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    Like how the snout was buried deep in there. He was tasting something he liked deep in there.

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    This is so enjoyable to watch. I am not a lesbian, but I would definitely love to lick every inch of this gorgeous pussy. I am starting to watch this video daily because it is so hot. Lucky woman :)

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    Takes me back to the first time I had puppies lick me to many orgasms when I was a teen. Had no idea when I sat down to play with them that it would turn into a licking, eating, sucking feast. OMG it was so pleasurable. Each puppy took a turn and went right to my clit bc they thought it was a nipple. They stayed on my clit nursing it and sucking on in. Their little tongues lapping up my juices. That was the beginning of many daily visits to the puppies.

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    My nickers are all wet from watching you! YUM

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    You go girl...nice sounds.

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    You go girl...I need a freaky sista like You :P

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    Thats one deep licking dog, it would have been great to hear her cum

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    He knew what to do and what he wanted. It had to be tasty. I need one to do that for me.

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    Yeaa, he is loooking for his own boner..!!

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    Is he looking for a lost bone??

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    Gibt es in Deutschland einen Hund der es mir genauso besorgt? Der Film ist megageil und erregend!

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    wonderfully erotic contrast!!

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    every time i see this my pussy twitches

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    great movie

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    good deeep licking

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    O'baby! :)

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    Omg I just came

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    I felt he was licking my pussy

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    I felt he was licking my pussy

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    wonderful job he cleans this pussy real good

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    Wow I want to go 69 with you. Me on bottom and dog fucking you from behind. OH Yea that would be sweet

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    Love it! That dog gets right down deep and hard into it!

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    loved this clip very nice thanks

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    nice :)

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    the best

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    Sweet! Little pup digs that brown sugar!

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    Hot clip.......luv it!!

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    watched this more than once...SO hot

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    The sound alone gets me off ....


    got me sooo wet just watching that

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    Beautiful black girl gets her pussy licked. On this website, you always see primarily white women having sex with dogs yet it is great to see other races getting down with this lifestyle. You can tell the dog is truly into licking her pussy and she enjoys each stroke she receives. Despite the video being only 43 seconds, you can let your imaginations run wild and figure out the happily ending. It would be nice to see more black women on here to show the different flavors that dogs love to enjoy. He surely was deep inside of her. Can't you hear how deep each stroke was? :)

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    The video starts off as a black cunt and a white dog, you can see the pussy juice in the pussy and the dog licking all of it, I really like how the dog puts its nose in the cunt to get the best licking going on. I've fingered myself plenty of times to this it is just so sexy, the dog is in for a tasty treat. The girl doesn't make sounds as if she is excited but you can hear the dogs tongue lapping all of the pussy juice inside. the dog is a fast licker and you can tell they share an intimate bond. I would love to see more of this cunt

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    Bwoy, when I saw how dedicated and focused the dog was Ifinaly drew the conclusion that that must be a fantastic tasting pussy. Most black girls have a nice size clit...but the dog just didnt give us a chace to see it as he was enjoying her pussy jusices so much it's like he just didn't have time to come up for a breather. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie and it really made me very wet and wishing that I had a dog so dedicated as he is at licking pussy....I would be so glad as I could get it licked at my convenience. Overall, it is a wonderful clip.

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    What a wonderful dog. This little fellow really really get in deep on this lucky lady. It appears that this is a natural licking, no evidence of anything being used to induce the licking fury. It also nice to see a black woman enjouying the dog side. There are not many clips that involve women of color. The clp was also of good quality, the lighting was good and shot from a great view point. You could almost fell the dog licking. If you are not hard ar wet after watching this clip maybe you should be looking at other subject matter.

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    You can hear small moans come out of the woman's mouth as she enjoys the tongue bath her white dog gives her. The camera angle so that you feel that your pussy is being licked is awesome! The sound of his slurping tongue as he licks her deep is enough to make you wet just by watching it! She has a pretty pussy that's near-shaven and the dog is enjoying himself as well. For those of you out there that only watches movies where the dog licks pussy then you're going either get hard or get wet over this one.

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