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    Woman And Her Dog


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    woman get humped by her dog

    Uploaded by kaldo · Rating: 3.9 (270 votes) · 66422 views


    wow this is Hot!

    petsex63, posted

    the gsd is a hottie! i want him!

    lou44, posted

    Love the sounds she makes when he takes her. I've added this to my favorites. Nice hot German Shepherd fucking like he knows what he's doing..Damn...I wish that was me taking his cock!

    sweetk9girll, posted

    love the sound of her wet pussy geting fucked.

    fishlover, posted

    interested in trying out something like this... anyone in FL want to see a young hot girl get fucked by their dog, message me ;)

    fuckmehardbaby, posted

    how uninteresting can one get - boring

    petesfolly, posted

    good vid,, wouldnt mind seeing the full lot

    stee_met, posted

    Love the sounds of her moans and him sloshing around. But there was nothing to SEE. A straight audio tape would have given me as much as this video.

    Ayame, posted

    love her tits hanging down like that. also loved how he treated her like a bitch in heat

    kitty90, posted

    Jealous of her. good & excellant fucking. The dog is lucky.

    chinna55, posted

    very nice clip

    doggiedoer2, posted


    hbjst, posted

    sweet mature wife. great couple.

    digitallover, posted

    another lucky dog wish i was inside that sexy pussy

    donniehearl, posted

    i would love to be slave to this K9

    slavetok9, posted

    Truely hot & sexi.........

    KDL, posted

    Man O man where have i been all theses years I wish I know someone in so fl to go and join in tks

    fivftnine, posted

    i wished i were there, that was a sexy movie, the woman made it even better with her natual sounds coming from getting pleasured! love to her after getting knotted too!!

    sefriendlyguy, posted

    I want to fuck her next! What a women!!

    mialfetu, posted


    jeetendra, posted

    luv the sound of the dog panting, her moaning, and her wet pussy being pounded

    littlelover, posted

    What a good boy!! Well done!

    zero-gravity, posted

    nice vid need help to train my pup johns56ford@yahoo.com Bangor Maine

    johns56ford, posted

    That's great, and you could tell she was enjoying being humped by her dog.

    gandrol, posted

    i wish it too

    dakota11, posted

    i would have liked to see her knotted

    jamesx, posted

    lindo corto

    gra2081, posted

    sounds like she enjoyed herself. too bad he didn't knot her

    somprs, posted

    Wow some very good capture. longer would be nice but it's my fault i can't cum that quick oops sorry! my bad. :)

    Donkeyo-t, posted


    K9SEX, posted

    LOVE IT!! I can't wait to see her get fucked again

    brinks54, posted

    wow she's got a great butt =)

    gothicVI, posted

    she love to be fucked by k9 great video many thanks lets see more

    mick111, posted

    Love the sound of moaning & wet pussy...YUMMY!

    santi55, posted

    Even though this is a shorter clip, it is very well made. The video quality is good, as is the sound. The woman in the video sounds genuinely into what is going on, and that makes it even better. None of it seems forced, her sounds of pleasure are very natural. As for the dog in the video, he seems very much into what he is pursuing. None of this "dildogging" stuff and the dog looking bored. I absolutely love that you can hear the wetness in the clip; either from her naturally being wet, or from his lubrication. It makes it even more real. And when he pulls out to clean her up, she sounds disappointed that it is over. All in all this clip is great!

    thickisbetter, posted
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