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    Dog Fucking Lady


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    woman fucking a male dog

    Uploaded by bozzo01 · Rating: 3.9 (253 votes) · 65143 views


    Real nice pussy. Clear fucking sound makes me horny. Thanks for sharing

    librarian, posted


    JONEES, posted

    The knot should've been inside.

    Themontu, posted

    hú de megdugnám én is!

    bagira61, posted

    Bestiality is hilarious and the best thing that ever happened to mankind. It is the collaboration of rednecks and hippys artistically having sex with each other or animals (or interspecies dating) as others may put it. It is sort of like being a furry, only the animals are real, alive, and, chances are, don't want you shoving your penis in the ass of their fine fuzzy fundament. Although it seems disturbing at first, bestiality can actually be fuck funny. Many debates around the subject center on whether animals can consent to sex? Most normal people believe that no, animals cannot consent to sex. Is that correct? Some say no because even though the sick bastards knew the dog wasn't smart enough to recognize the fact that the peanut butter was on your balls, it still licked the peanut butter off by its own free will. Okay that means a two year old human just raped this dog! Video no longer exists. Apparently Youtube Isn't cool enough to host porn. Contents [hide] * 1 The Difference Between Zoophilia & Bestiality * 2 Drama Llamas * 3 Legal status * 4 Watching Horse Sex * 5 ζ * 6 YouTube videos dedicated to animal fuckers * 7 Gallery * 8 See Also * 9 External Links The Difference Between Zoophilia & Bestiality Since 1504 Nothing. Some argue zoophiles are simply people who liek animals a lot - often developing romantic relationships with them. People who actually have sex with animals however practice bestiality. This is of course bullshit - in every sense of the word. Because their relationship is not just about fucking, Zoos often feel a deep spiritual connection to the animals of their choice - most likely because they lust for their thick knotted cocks in place of their own tiny wart-covered dicks. Since zoos claim not to have sex with animals the issue of consent is not a problem - most zoos just rape their pets. Unlike the bestiality crowd they aren't stupid enough to brag about it. Not surprisingly this page isn't as popular as the other pages because zoos claim they don't liek teh sex. The knot makes them bleed. Sorry readers, you'll have to lurk moar for material to fap to.

    King_Cross, posted

    very good clip

    woodyt, posted

    zoek iemand in belgie die dit doet en zou dit wel eens samen willen uitproberen mail mij op kangeroe60@hotmail.com aub groetjes en likjes

    kangeroe, posted

    beautiful shaved pussy getting fucked. wish i could get my wife to do that. great movie. would have loved to seen her face i know she wa beautiful

    larjan, posted

    Did that dog cum in her?


    MGD!! nice movie!!!hermosa pija mine cock estoy mojada,alguien para compartir?

    veronica21, posted

    Absolutely wonderful and ever-so delightful! Totally hot!

    dirk20200, posted

    One of the prettiest and tightest pussies I've seen...love to suck those folds until she tries to push me off...

    abl72lok, posted

    this woman has a gorgeous moan!

    perelandra, posted

    Great, lovely shots of cock going in and out of a very lovelywe pussy,sound added to how horny it was, yes i am wet and veryhorny now.

    bitch29, posted

    woman's moaning and dog panting made me hot and seeing the wetness took me to he next level...

    domedoggies, posted

    amazzzing....luved every second of it....

    fredog51M, posted

    young hot female from florida looking for fun. message me if interested in hooking up ;)

    fuckmehardbaby, posted

    I think the lady is fucking the dog... Nice pussy anyway

    Hammurab, posted


    hbjst, posted

    Damn, one hot vid. Nice shaved puss and a beautiful cock. Good fucking too. I"m sooo playing with myself. damn.

    Jillnjewels, posted

    very nice pussy and dog cock in love that dog cock in side me and wants to suck that dog juicey pussey

    cuntslave, posted

    OH MY fucking.... That is one hot cunt. Way to milk his balls.

    boylans, posted

    This is one of the best I've seen That is a very sexy pussy. I want to eat it until you can't cum any more then Fuck you and then let the dog eat my load and then finish you off with another fuck like that. Ummmmmm

    boylans, posted

    so nice i am feeling for me this dog.

    shonal, posted

    this was a very nice video.. good sound. It had me wanting to lick that pussy and they have it myself,, after the dog finished pumping his load inside. Dog cum is nice lube.

    freakie, posted

    great movie love to find a dog like that

    attala200, posted

    great movie love to find a dog like that

    attala200, posted

    great sound!

    Flowerhunter, posted

    ich liebe es so wen Jacks schwanz in mir ist und dann in mir absprist

    sinni, posted

    nice vidneed help training my pup johns56ford@yahoo.com in Maine near Bangor

    johns56ford, posted


    bigpony09, posted

    wasent all dat good she should have fuck him doggy style that would have been hot

    countrygirl1935, posted

    i love watchin this it makes me so horny i so want that cock fuckin me hard n deep fillin me up

    merlyn1, posted

    That was awesome i got a major hard on thanks!

    Yiffs, posted

    nice vid

    aminals, posted

    great penetration shot! sounds like she (and he) are loving it!

    senture, posted

    love this clip she needs to turn him around and let him f her and put his seed deep inside that sweet pussy! But he does get to be inside her

    mehoff, posted

    that's not fucking, poor dog is just a dildo

    popmcherry, posted

    thats a greedy hungry pussy!

    jayko, posted

    would have liked to see her take his knot

    somprs, posted

    wow that was such a sexy ass video. i bet her throbbing pussy feels so good!

    gangbangwhore, posted


    geoff, posted

    What a lucky woman! Wish it was me!

    hot2suckgbgirl, posted

    between the panting of the dog (stressed?) and moans of the woman i'd say someone had fun! thanks.

    Donkeyo-t, posted

    wunderful! :)

    stars, posted

    i wonder what kind of dog that was...it has a pretty coat

    gotanyketchup, posted

    thats rape

    andresan, posted

    that was fuckin awsome, shot really well too :)

    merlyn1, posted

    that was gorgeous

    bitch29, posted


    K9SEX, posted

    bravo...very nice and what a excellent angle.

    bbc4yourpuss, posted

    that was a good fuck, I always like to see a cunt take a cock. If you are a woman you know what I mean, taking that rock hard Doggy cock feeling it's firmness sliding in and out while taking his cum in your Bitch hole. yea, I like this video.

    moresa44c, posted

    the lady was awesome soo luscious erotic sexy & very seductive WOMAN tom xx irish6925@yahoo.com

    fun, posted

    Very nice.Im very jealous of the fact that your dog seems to be quite good at ''doing the do'' heh.You seem to be enjoying it very much and i hope that you got what you wanted during this video.I'm guessing it must of been fun to do it with your dog and film it all at once.Your dog sure seemed to be having alot of fun.Very nice.Im very jealous of the fact that your dog seems to be quite good at ''doing the do'' heh.You seem to be enjoying it very much and i hope that you got what you wanted during this video.I'm guessing it must of been fun to do it with your dog and film it all at once.Your dog sure seemed to be having alot of fun.

    Balls2u, posted

    Here we see good angle and clear sound of woman being fucked by male dog. Can see the beginins of knot,only wished had provided the follow thru ending.The sound of womans moans were clear and could tell she was enjoyin such. There is only the one angle for the short film.But was clear shot no grainy or pixelated frames and no sound distorian.Would have added lil better arousal factor if we could have seen her face as it sounded like she did in fact enjoy the sex.SO based on others with no sound or bad angle i give this one a 4 out of 5

    evapunk4, posted
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