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    On Bedroom Floor


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    English speaking woman does black lab

    Uploaded by mangler510 · Rating: 3.9 (1516 votes) · 184832 views


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    OK movie, would have liked to have seen a closeup of her pussy afterward.

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    Bigjohn232323, posted

    Yes, the last 30 seconds or so make the whole video worthwhile!

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    The dog seems a little dopey though.

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    Yesilovedogs, posted

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    dude4mk9, posted

    To the couple, this is an awesome video and the wife is hot, great camera work from the hubby and congrats on the wife for allowing hubby to post on this site for other bestiality couples to enjoy

    ausbestjs, posted

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    fld40, posted

    I love this couple. I can only hope they continue to post clips of their wild adventures. Granted, I know this video is very old.

    dswayed24, posted

    This is good - in particular I liked the sound, the camera was nice and clear, and toward the end when they make good connection - I was smiling and watching very intently - loved her sounds of pleasure.

    ThisMan, posted

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    kaka987, posted

    One of the best I have seen, two very willing participants make a great team.

    doglover231, posted

    An excellent amateur video . for once it doesn't look like some welfare house and the female is good looking too . one of the best on site

    Tyler, posted

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    BinWillig, posted

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    beetle_monk, posted

    This is a good amature film the only thing that would make it better would be if the woman would have had on something that showed her titties. Love to watch them swing with the action. Otherwise good job on the part of the dog and the woman.

    skeeter1968, posted

    Aww, he just wanted to play :P What a sweet dog. With proper training he'll become one of the best though. I can tell.

    SkyFox, posted

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    looking22, posted

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    jman0730, posted

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    pbhorny, posted

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    jayko, posted

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    sssxxxsss, posted

    how unusual.. i noticed that her puppy every once in a while would nudge her nightgown up with his nose before he mounted her.. how cute! The other thing is, her demeanor is one of relaxed and in a pleased state that she is having sex with her dog. if thats her b/f or hobby filming them then he is a great guy for supporting and allowing her to be who she is. :)

    kitten2, posted

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    kitten2, posted

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    Pudgy_Dog, posted

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    anaalbasha2003, posted

    Definitely a movie worth watching...the two have a great rapport. Would have like to have seen more actual mounting but the sound and camera work were very good. As others have said, she moves well and attracts the dog as a bitch would do - but she is not a bitch she is very sexy! A few more closeup on the actual penetration would have been nice. That combined with her moaning would have made this a number one video. I love it when a woman comes into what I like to call the play room, talks to the dog then flips up her dress. You can tell the dog is happy to see her and it fascinates me how excited some dogs can get.

    willyb65, posted

    This is one of my favorite clips because both the woman and dog seem really into it without being over the top. The jovial conversation with the husband (filming) at the beginning of the clip makes it seem like you are in the bedroom with them. You can tell the wife is really excited that way she gets right down on the floor and the dog mounts her. The dog mounts her several times without getting it in. While you can tell she is disappointed, you never hear it in her voice as she sweetly talks to the dog and encourages him with positive reinforcement. She crawls around on her hands and knees for a while to get him to chase her, which he does and mounts her while she is moving. The dog finally gets it in towards the end of the clip and the woman rewards him with some excited moaning and more positive reinforcement. The dog only humps her for a few seconds, but she really enjoys it. I think it is a puppy because he is very energetic, does not have too large a penis, and while enthusiastic, is not overly dominant. A very loving mating and an enjoyable clip.

    likeitlikeit, posted

    This was a sweet video. The camera work was reasonable. Some of the better moments include the fact that the dog wasn't forced, the woman had enough sense to move around on all fours as a bitch would have done. There appeared to be genuine affection between the two of them. Even if they are both novices, I'm sure they'll improve with practice. I don't know which video the guy was watching who said there was no penetration and the dog didn't develop a knot. The last mounting definitely connected the little stud to his bitch. I'm very certain there wasn't a tie, but, take it from someone who knows, not every k9-human breeding gets a tie. Good job. It was a sweet, genuine, amateur breeding.

    Kymfur, posted
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