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    Nice Octopus Moviescene


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    Octopus lick her with nice tongue

    Uploaded by animala · Rating: 1.9 (436 votes) · 68920 views


    so fucken retarded

    DoubleDude, posted

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    coryhogan, posted

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    iriebliss, posted

    huh, i only counted 5 legs on the octo...whatever, really???

    browneyedog, posted

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    animalfucker23, posted

    flesh gordon

    ivancito1975, posted


    cathydark, posted

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    lookinside, posted

    das war nix schade

    moklie, posted

    This is no animalpornmovie. This is not even a regular pornmovie. It is just a bs-movie. Actually a b-movie. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    name this film ???

    lovezoo_, posted

    Name of the movie?

    Estopita, posted

    My name is Ashley. Call me and get me in the mood and I'll reward you back ^.^ 314-808-0749 I'll moan and do whatever you want.

    analbeast123, posted

    "Octopussy eater!!!" "Aahhhh!" I'm sorry, but I loled.

    12ofTwelve, posted

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    elcia251, posted


    DanishMale, posted


    akaxora, posted

    Good example of pure 'aminturism'

    LuLuLouise, posted

    It was funny!!!

    jackf9, posted

    What a stupid video..............

    tonyyoung, posted

    the only thing good about this was it was funny as hell

    inuyasha86, posted

    •Aluzky• Is this porn? Lmao.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Classic FAIL...

    ozwanderer, posted


    NastyGirl66, posted

    I think this is the worst video I have ever watched,what the hell?

    Shygirl3, posted

    What the hell????

    poesjeloesje, posted

    loooooooooooooooool was ein müll aber gut zum lachen

    K9Hentai, posted

    what the f@#k is this

    raw2010, posted

    what the fuck

    Kodowolf, posted

    So the title sugests that there's some Not nice octopus movie scenes outh there ?

    Tyler, posted


    upyours123, posted

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    leek2009, posted

    nice one

    petba, posted

    very lame :(

    Bun122, posted

    man that is sick

    jojolon, posted

    Another sick guys again

    suckbigdick, posted

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    BeastyFriends, posted

    Wish I had A tounge like that for the girls.

    ralhper, posted


    hamilton2, posted

    this was a wast of time

    me1myself2and3i, posted


    heyheywhatwhat, posted

    Know that video was poor .. poor .. poor ..

    ray_0007, posted

    it's good for a laugh but nothing more

    yamakaza, posted

    Very stupid.

    olderbi, posted

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    gutnichtschnell, posted

    was für ein schwachmatenfilm *tzzzzzzzzz

    ColdestBlood, posted

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    BeastyFriends, posted

    Why? Maybe the two babes could have played and sucked her tits or something

    Scarletslut, posted

    ha yes the great Flesh Gordon movie lol I remember it well, with this lovely assistant taking all the thrills of this spoof movie and yes it is as old as HR Puffnstuff. I wondered what happened to Professor Jerkoff and crew.

    whiteheartwolf, posted

    i was gonna say that maybe this was all done to be a parody or a comedy...but uhh...after that dood said that the title was what it was then i figured it was just some bunch of porn hungry people's attempt at a funny haha semi erotic B-movie knock off.

    ex-88, posted

    I giggled XD

    bibutterflik9, posted

    es tan ficticioooo

    lunitaperrita, posted


    DKLA, posted

    Looked kind of lame to me...only change "kinda lame" to "mega lame."

    dogweener, posted

    ROFL ... that was hilarious.

    maxguevarra, posted

    Don't bother: high video quality but low in any erotica. This clip apparently comes from a soft core porn film. . . the creature that makes this possible to post in this forum is chessy plastic Cephalopod with a flicking tongue. . .

    morgan_faye, posted


    xxwillzxx, posted

    I keep hearing Ringo sing "Octopus's Garden" in my head. LOL! Different.. I'll give it that

    par_tgirl, posted

    This was terrible. Absolutely horrible. Seriously, wtf is up with whoever posted this. L-A-M-E! Not really even funny, more annoying than anything.

    itsjustme1990, posted

    Ha Ha made me laugh

    inboardsonicx, posted

    Geez, this is so stup[id, it doesn`t even warrant a comment.

    jayko, posted

    stupid video

    anyhothot, posted


    wobuzhidaoy, posted

    it would have been better if he got his tounge in her pussy.

    billyum0123, posted

    funny :-)

    slizounbulda, posted

    I Lol'ed at this..

    tsumex, posted

    LMAO they actually censored the words.

    Decemberist, posted


    NaughtyJane, posted

    are you fucking kidding me

    cuntlovesdogs, posted

    the fact you can still see she has her panties on makes it even more dire lol

    slimjono, posted

    No wonder its in the free section. Yikes

    Okfarmgal, posted

    fcking lame

    crabpot, posted


    ezk99, posted

    thanks for sharing.

    digitallover, posted


    rcf, posted

    wow - that's pretty different

    Jazzguy55, posted

    Is from Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders

    animala, posted

    Strange - what movie is this clip from?

    geoff, posted

    it is nor real so not amused by the fake octopus and i don't like it because of that and the octopus was ugly like shit not funny. so don,t watch it. and what kind of movie is this any way . why would people put this up any way. i do not like it one bit because weird ass octopus and why would this be a movie not good so don't watch it and i don't know what else to say. this take longer then i thought i only do it fro the credits and why this movie is weird

    987423, posted

    i was laughing through this hole movie. i mean really an octopus licker. there was no real nudity or sex. just some PG-13 rated feel me up over clothing. you couldn't even see the green pus thing licking the girls pussy because it was still covered by clothing. the end part was rather weak with more talk then action and it left me with this Frankenstein feeling with the girl being bound to a table. Not hard core at all but all in all a good laugh and that is about it i would rate it a 4 for good attempt next time though more nudity for sure.

    lillolita, posted

    I was cracking up during the entire film. The effects were similar to the 70's children's show, "HR PuffnStuff". While it is listed on a sex site, and there are sexual implications in it, I found it to be very dry and "R" rated at best. It showed no real nudity. The only sex shown is of an octopus-like creature, which in itself was completely comical, licking on a woman's genitals. Additionally, the woman's genitals were still covered in panties, so nothing real could be seen. Overall, the film is not really worth watching, unless you want a good laugh!

    soliloquy, posted
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