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    Woman Pounded And Knotted


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    Dog with Woman

    Uploaded by cherrykisses · Rating: 4.3 (1774 votes) · 182999 views


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    AMAZING! Great video from start to finish! Good audio and camera work. She is a moaner. Loved the assist by the camera man. Kudos!

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    One of the best videos I've seen, I have watched it multiple times.

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    Amazingly hot! Good angles, good moaning and definitely a good knotting that she sure as hell enjoyed.

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    Sounds to me like she is totally enjoying it!

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    I tell ya, fat girls ain't exactly pretty, but they got nice juicy pussies! Great video!

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    listen to her moan.....nice!!!

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    The women is just so nasty it rate this "nothing special" 2/5. EWW!

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    OH....forgot to ask....what breed is the dog? Anyone?

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    I've watched this clip over and over...so arousing. As the movie opens it's obvious that they have been fucking for awhile....her thighs and pussy are glistening and theres a patch of doggie/girl cum on the blanket. The idea of endless fucking....oh yum. As for the porn in the background...(think it is actually a tape of their previous sessions).....I imagine it's another slut nearby, being taken and bred just as we see on the screen....two men, a dog and her fantastic moaning. But in my imagination, the men speak very sternly to her, demanding she cum, one licking her clitty as she's pounded and knotted by the dog. Did you hear the one man say...."You should DP with the dog tie" ?? That's forever imprinted in my head........yes, yes, yes

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    Those sounds... that's what makes or breaks a vid... and this one was hot. Came as hard as she did watching it.

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    VEry nice video. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

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    Great clip - Great sound....Was she watching herself on time delay?? I could hear another woman cooing.... also...there were two right hands there at the same time...this girl had a whole "crew" there to help her. smile

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    not the fittest of women, but she was so into it could realy see her pussy swell round that cock... nice ;P

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    There she blows!! Captain, there be whales here! At least the dog enjoyed himself, that is what is important ...otherwise I would have could that animal cruelty for providing such a bad piece of tail. LOL

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    Dont really need to hear babies in the room

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    Beautiful and I loved it!

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    •Aluzky• Very good video, though the sound of the movie in the background are distracting from the real moaning of the girl.

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    I can't even see the movie. The screen is just blank. It makes me annoyed cos it sounds so god damn hot and I can't see it!

    rigo_29, posted

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