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    Amateur Black Lab


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    Amateur girl fucking black lab, husband/bf is a pretty funny guy.

    Uploaded by mangler510 · Rating: 4.4 (378 votes) · 86935 views


    i cannot believe that a longer version has never surfaced, this is a great movie ! i know that camera didn't stop after 1 minute.

    darkhorse2, posted

    This is one of the best vids I think. Could be a bit longer with closeups. Hopefully there is a large version...

    me.at, posted

    wow , i soooooooo wish that was my ass getting fucked mmmmmmmm , made my pussy drip with lust

    redamber, posted

    Very nice, probably my favorite

    hippopizza, posted

    WOW, this is why i joined this sight. This very beautiful girl is so hot, and the fact that the camera man did a pretty good job doesnt hurt eighter.Great looking dog and he seemed to know exactly how to mount up this little fox and give it to her young hot ass the way she liked it.We just know that the combination of the dog and the girl will post more, as when a dof fucks you like that she has to cum back for more.Well done on the camera

    monsterlove9, posted

    sehr guter leicht ├╝bergewichtiger hund auch sie ist nicht schlecht ;-)

    hebr63, posted

    she is one hot woman and she and her dog luvr really enjoy each other.

    luvembig, posted

    One of the hottest 'real' movies here. We need more of her! longer scene please with some sucking off of the dog. :)

    redbird, posted

    Nice young fresh Girl and she like this action, Thx.

    Mr.Lupara, posted

    tremendous best ameteur they all seem to be loving it wish i was there as a voyeur or better still to join in

    zooladylover, posted

    Lovelly bit of shagging.

    siouxe, posted

    Nice black dog. I wish I was actually there. But I just see my black dog pass by. I dont know what she does. She is worst than the cats

    Csmile, posted

    ohh thats i nice girl

    ktsquark, posted

    yeah she's so hot!!! i like it

    juanlee, posted

    She is hot. Man, I wish I was her boyfriend! Not sure what I would enjoy more, watching the dogs fucking her, or fucking her myself!

    ilovesthesex, posted

    d wish to be that girl

    lisa4k9, posted

    Very hot lady in person. Still haven't made a connection. She is gourgeous.

    sildolan, posted

    great movie!!!! And the girl is gorgeous!!!!

    edasman, posted

    I know this girl and she is as hot in person and a real sweetheart. Trying to introduce her to my yellow Lab.

    sildolan, posted

    need help to traain my pup johns56ford@yahoo.com bangor maine

    johns56ford, posted

    omg i love this one!! love it all! talk was great the dog the girl the man talking !! i love it!! plzzz more!! more!! love u all !! kisses!

    littlebit3860, posted

    this movies is outstanding. the sort of creativity and quality that wouyld make me sign up to a pay site. does anyone know if there is a full length cideo somewhere?

    vimy, posted

    i would like to take the lady place

    doggiedoer2, posted


    needtoknot, posted

    Nice & hot! How sweet & strong black lab..girl who will see will immediately hogged & play with him to enjoy

    KDL, posted

    Mmmmm wish I owned a doggy that nice....Would love to share!!!!

    missi35, posted

    me next!!

    Trinitysama, posted

    lol thats pretty funny actually, and pretty hot.

    crazybitch18, posted

    mmm, I wanna get fuked sooo bad. Please check my profile.

    Girl4doginSFL, posted

    if there is any more to this video please send it to my email...tassygirl1990@yahoo.com in subject please post big lab

    sweetwishness, posted

    He finally figured out what to do

    sledog63, posted

    excellent movie. pl. send this type of of movie on my e-mail : sompal_sehwarawat@yahoo.in

    sompal, posted

    i really wish i had your dog! ;)

    crazynight911, posted

    Nice, love it, easy to cum to this

    Lolwut111, posted

    was great would love to see more!!!! she sounded like she was enjoying it but guy shhhhh we want to hear her moaning!!!

    dahunted, posted

    that dude lovin' it, his cock inside her, then the dogs and so on fucking awesome lucky guy

    Burns2k, posted

    Very nice...Thx so much

    digdang, posted

    both have lots of practice, u can tell. that dog was rocking her pussy.

    knotsqueezr, posted

    i live in ohio and would love to have someone cum and let me and my gf barrow your dog normdryer@yahoo.com

    anel101, posted

    does any who have an golden member ship for this web site if they do can i borrow there account to watch long movies i wont give it out please im horney

    Wetwarm44, posted

    Would have been SO much nicer if the man just shut up !!!


    I LOVE watching women mate with male dogs!

    WomenAndDogSex, posted

    very good

    nagmamahal, posted

    Love his fucking , me next

    ErinLucy, posted

    so hot

    knockin, posted

    so cool

    xbgold, posted

    Great mount! Wish it were me! They both obviously have a lot of experience!

    hot2suckgbgirl, posted

    Wish i were there that makes me want to come back as a lab when i die,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    sgilley, posted


    peehaha, posted

    Yeah I would like to be that kind of BF eh BF?

    tycio, posted

    Very nice

    Kirya, posted

    i hope i can find a boyfriend who is just as supportive someday

    ButterFluff, posted

    Are there any chicks off any age in Sydney that does this. I would love to meet up and watch

    Steve_for_k9, posted

    she has a nice ass and a lovely smile love to see more of them 2

    thinkingaboutit, posted

    I am the one who has worked hard for the dogs and humans to have sex. Both will be happy having sex and, preserving the dog's genetic code at the same time. zoosexuality should be legal. physiologically humans are animals so it is actualy animals having sex with animals.You are a kind and, loving owner.

    kobidobidog, posted

    hot x

    merlyn1, posted

    Where is the South African beast lovers. Mail me at let_me_do_you@yahoo.co.uk

    let_me_do_you, posted


    bingj, posted

    would love to see more of this video...pretty girl & hot doggiestyle action! Don't really care for too much close ups or too long closeups. Like to watch the girls positions & facial expressions

    santi55, posted

    wow, very nice girlg , great body, e very big dog

    annande, posted

    boy did he enjoy that so did she, and he is a very good fuck

    gsp, posted

    mmmm very nice

    curious_chick, posted

    fuck that looked so sexy more more

    royme, posted

    where can i find a girl like this? oh yea!! in a dream !

    triblvr, posted

    Love to see more of sexy Roxy !!!!

    Rossovich1, posted

    Agree with alaskao1o1o1 ! Roxy has the drive and talant to be a brilliant dog toy

    Rossovich1, posted

    fuck i love to have a girl like her, she is a beauty.

    hipersex33, posted

    she has a very nice big mouth :)

    allsorts1950, posted

    This is as it should be everybody enjoying it. Very nice thanks.

    don, posted

    Horny Dog.

    daknot4u, posted


    zoox, posted


    roooly, posted

    Love the Amateur stuff, great vid!

    alaskao1o1o1, posted

    This is a really sexy video with a hot young woman, an excited big dog, clear video, and yummy voice-over from the cameraman/boyfriend. It's a big turn-on to see a dog going at it without needing direction or handling at all; he really wants to fuck her! He mounts and humps away as she moans and her boyfriend whispers encouragements. She grunts as she gets deep dicking from the dog, then sits with legs spread wide so he can lap at her wet pussy. Such hot noises! When her bf speaks for the dog, saying "Get on your knees, bitch, let me fuck ya!", they both laugh and she does. The dog mounts her and gets back to business, and her moans become more enthusiastic. You just know her bf can't want to get his cock in her juicy pussy too!

    NaughtyJane, posted

    Really sexy video we have here. Normaly I dont like all that foreign stuff. Just some fake animal sex but this one turns me on big time seeing the woman enjoying having sex with a nice dog like that. Love to hear her moan and scream for more. And I love the way she smiles when doggy enjoys the ladies perfect and hot body. Its nice to see her letting her wet pussy licked by that monster. Wonder if she likes it too to have that big doggy cock deep down in her wet cunt. Hope to see much more of that hot and steaming animal sex.

    viewtoakill, posted

    wow she is so hot i love young girls getting fucked by dogs and beeing like a slut mmm l love it its a verry young girl getting fucking by a black lab and its so hot its realy hot she injoyed it so much as is the dog he enjoyed it alot to :) and the guy who filmed it say some stuff like fuck her and after u fucked her i fuck her and stuff and its soo hot realy freaking hot and made me cum alot and i bet the dog and the film guy cum to xD

    mrx-be, posted
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